The Top Five Benefits of Summer Day Camp


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Maplewood Country Day Camp & Enrichment Center in Easton Ma is a fun and exciting place for preschool to 9th grade kids. Their mission is to create a warm, welcoming, creative environment year around that makes everyone feel like family. With caring counselors and specialists, children are guided as they take on new challenges in every step of the way. For further information visit:

150 Foundry St. (Route 106)
PO Box 88 (Mailing)
South Easton, MA 02375
Telephone: (508) 238-2387
FAX: (508) 238-1154

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The Top Five Benefits of Summer Day Camp

  1. 1. Across the country, thousands of happy kids flock to summer day camp to spend sunny hours swimming, boating, playing games and concocting colorful arts and crafts.
  2. 2. By creating a carefree, light-hearted atmosphere where everybody is included in the fun, day camps benefit kids in so many ways.
  3. 3. Day Camp Encourages Kids to Try New Things
  4. 4. Maybe your child always thought he was bad at sports or was afraid of the water or felt too shy to speak up in class.
  5. 5. After a while, kids get stuck on a particular image of themselves and become afraid to try anything new.
  6. 6. At camp, counselors are trained to encourage youngsters to take that courageous first step and try something new without fear of being ridiculed.
  7. 7. Maybe that shy little girl will turn out to be a big hit in a hilarious skit, or the kid who never got past wading in the water will have a blast diving into the deep end of the pool.
  8. 8. In a safe, encouraging environment, kids can learn new sports, develop new talents and at the same time, gain a lot of self-knowledge.
  9. 9. Making New Friends is Easier at Camp
  10. 10. Away from the cliques and preconceived expectations of school and neighborhood social systems, kids at day camp can feel free to strike up a conversation with someone new, whether it’s to compliment them on a great hit in softball or ask them to be a buddy on the climbing wall.
  11. 11. Reaching out to others can be intimating, and counselors are experts at helping kids treat each other nicely and generally just have fun as a group.
  12. 12. A popular child just may find that the geeky kid sitting behind him at school is actually wickedly funny and awesome to hang around with …
  13. 13. … while a more reticent child may discover that if she just puts herself out there a bit, there are plenty of friends to be found.
  14. 14. Campers Learn to Work as a Team
  15. 15. Being able to work well as a team is an important life-long skill.
  16. 16. Summer camp activities from high ropes courses to relay races and theatrical skits teach youngsters how to play, create and problem-solve as a group.
  17. 17. While having loads of active outdoor fun, kids will also be learning valuable lessons about their worth as an individual and as part of a group.
  18. 18. Summer-long color war competitions with all their rousing songs and cheers keep kids excited and involved and encourage bonding with teammates.
  19. 19. Kids Learn to Persevere
  20. 20. It’s sure not always easy to step out on the high ropes, go out in the deep water or mount a horse for the first time, and a lot of first efforts are not met with success.
  21. 21. However, with the right encouragement and a bit of cheering on, kids can achieve things they’d never dreamed of.
  22. 22. Overcoming a fear of heights to achieve a high ropes challenge …
  23. 23. … working hard to make it to the next level of swimming expertise or finally making a decent foul shot are all efforts that don’t come easily, making the achievement so much sweeter.
  24. 24. Campers Have a Lot of Fun
  25. 25. Really, when you get right down to it, fun is what summer day camp is all about.
  26. 26. Kids these days work hard at school, organized sports and extracurricular activities.
  27. 27. At camp, games, sports, arts and crafts, goofy songs and silly skits create a light-hearted alternate universe …
  28. 28. … where everyone can be appreciated for their own special selves, laugh ‘til they have the hiccups and create memories that will make them smile for years.
  29. 29. Summer camp not only make kids’ summer fun but it also help develop camaraderie and teamwork in them.
  30. 30. Let your kids enjoy the experience of summer day camp at Maplewood Summer Day Camp.
  31. 31. Experienced staff will keep your child both safe and busy with arts and crafts, games, water sports, gymnastics and more.
  32. 32. Visit the site at to see the fun your child will have at Maplewood Summer Day Camp.
  33. 33. MAPLEWOOD COUNTRY DAY CAMP & ENRICHMENT CENTER 150 Foundry St. (Route 106) PO Box 88 (Mailing) South Easton, MA 02375 Email: Telephone: (508) 238-2387 FAX: (508) 238-1154