One Deadly Mistake Most Job Hunters Make (And How You Can Avoid It)


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One Deadly Mistake Most Job Hunters Make (And How You Can Avoid It)

  1. 1. (And How You Can Avoid It)
  2. 2. Hunting for the right job can seem like a long and drawn-out process. Many people try their very best to get the job of their dreams, they spend years in college and then they seem to hit a wall when it comes to actually beginning a career.
  3. 3. One of the absolute deadliest mistakes that most job hunters make is that they are ill-prepared for what job hunting really requires of them.
  4. 4. Getting a degree or simply wanting to go back to work is just not enough for landing a good job that is worth your time and effort.
  5. 5. Being prepared for job hunting can mean the difference between not getting your dream job and getting the exact job you want.
  6. 6. Whether you're a financial advisor or someone who just graduated college with a medical degree, it is incredibly important that you know what is involved during the hunt.
  7. 7. One of the first things to prepare yourself for is the creation of a professional cover letter and resume.
  8. 8. Your cover letter and resume will be the first things that your potential employer is going to see regarding your abilities and skills.
  9. 9. Employers often do not see their potential employees until they contact them for an interview. Because of this, you need to have a great resume that outlines yourself, your skills, your education and your job history.
  10. 10. Creating a resume can actually be quite simple because there are many pre-made templates available online for you to follow.
  11. 11. Just download a few of these templates and customize them to fit your own individual needs.
  12. 12. ▪ Make sure that you proofread the resume several times to catch any mistakes that you might have made. ▪ There is absolutely nothing worse than having spelling errors on your resume that your potential employer will see. This mistake will most likely cost you the interview.
  13. 13. Once your resume is completely finished, you will need to begin the job hunt for yourself. You can do this in a variety of different ways, so make sure that you keep your options open.
  14. 14. One way to search for jobs is by looking online at job sites like, and
  15. 15. You will want to either email or fax your resume to these job listings so that you can see if you get a call back.
  16. 16. Another major problem that job hunters make is that they rely on one or two job listings to call them back.
  17. 17. Even with the absolute best degree and experience behind you, you should never assume that you're going to be hired right off the bat.
  18. 18. Giving yourself some time and options will help tremendously when you're looking for a new job.
  19. 19. Whether you're trying to get a job with financial advisor recruiters or something in a completely different field, you need to make sure that all of your options are open for you.
  20. 20. Don't be afraid to check to contact a recruiter that specializes in the industry you want to work in. They have access to the best jobs available.
  21. 21. The problem that most people have concerning hunting for a new job is that they do not know what goes into it.
  22. 22. They assume that getting a degree and making a few connections in college guarantees them a job later on.
  23. 23. This is simply not true for many graduates, so it is important to understand the process involved with finding a great job and potential career.
  24. 24. Looking for a job in the finance industry?
  25. 25. Check out our listing at Willis Consulting Inc.
  26. 26. Our finance industry recruiters are always ready to accommodate questions and applications.
  27. 27. View the listings here: