Help Your Teens be Better Drivers


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Help Your Teens be Better Drivers

  1. 1. Car crashes are the leading cause ofdeath for U.S. teenagers, claiming the lives of 3,000 each year.
  2. 2. But you can play an important rolein keeping your kids safer behind the wheel.
  3. 3. The State Farm® insurance company a variety of free tools and helpful resources:
  4. 4. Road Trips® and Road Aware®
  5. 5. at the State Farm®Teen Driver Safety Website.
  6. 6. Use these ideas to start the conversation
  7. 7. With your teen about risky driving behaviors:
  8. 8. Download the State Farm® Driver Feedback app to your smartphone.
  9. 9. Make sure the volume is off and the phone is placed where it will not distract the driver.
  10. 10. Let the driving fun—and education—begin.
  11. 11. As you travel, the app measures driving behaviors:
  12. 12.  acceleration braking and cornering  traffic congestion condition of the road
  13. 13. The app gives you a score for the trip, along with helpful suggestions on
  14. 14. how to improve your driving on your next trip.
  15. 15. Who will get the better score: you or your teen?
  16. 16. A teen who has completed a driver’seducation course knows the basics but lacks experience
  17. 17. and doesn’t necessarily understand the complexities of everyday driving.
  18. 18. Set written guidelines that both youand your teen can refer to, and sign the agreement.
  19. 19. Include goals for your teen, as well as penalties for violations.
  20. 20. When each goal is achieved—such as remaining incident-free for six months after getting the license
  21. 21. —offer positive feedback andincreased driving privileges.
  22. 22. The Centers for Disease Control and Preventionoffers this driving agreement as an example.
  23. 23. A teen will be quick to dismiss thedriving rules you put in place if you don’t follow the rules yourself.
  24. 24. Never talk on the phone or text while driving.
  25. 25. Obey the speed limit and keep your emotions in check when you’re behind the wheel.
  26. 26. In 2007, with the encouragement and support of State Farm,
  27. 27. Congress declared the third week of OctoberNational Teen Driver Safety Week.
  28. 28. Get your family, your teen’s schooland your community involved with
  29. 29. educating young drivers about safe driving practices.