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Evolved into powerhouses appealing to producers and wealthy clients, top bank programs offer bank advisors and clients the full array of investment choices.

Evolved into powerhouses appealing to producers and wealthy clients, top bank programs offer bank advisors and clients the full array of investment choices.

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  • 1. A growing number of wirehouse advisors are showing more interest in bank brokerage programs today.
  • 2. The primary appeal, of course, is access to clientsand the ability to grow assets under management.
  • 3. However, the culture in abank is certainly different than your standard wirehouse branch.
  • 4. The question becomes which is best suited for you?
  • 5. Platforms were often limited,and advisor/client relationships tended not to run deep.
  • 6. But in the last decade, manybank programs have evolvedinto powerhouses that appealto prominent producers and wealthy clients.
  • 7. Top bank programs nowoffer advisors and clientsthe full array of investment choices.
  • 8. Fully armed, they are encouraged to offer planningand holistic fee-based solutions.These are not your father’s bank programs.
  • 9. Successful bank programshelp their financial advisors to grow assets at warp speed.
  • 10. Advisors must constantly wage marketing campaigns toconnect with qualified prospectsand work to convert prospects to clients.
  • 11. Trust and the Marketing Advantage
  • 12. Marketing is time consuming, expensive and, for many, simply unpleasant.
  • 13. On the other hand, mostadvisors enjoy working withqualified prospects and aregenerally confident they can close their fair share.
  • 14. Successful bank advisors arereferred prospects by a varietyof their bank partners such as mortgage specialists, tellers,commercial lenders and private bankers.
  • 15. Successful bank advisors have taken the proper steps to becometrusted members of their bank team.
  • 16. Other Differences
  • 17. Banks tend to be morestructured environments than wirehouses.
  • 18. Bank-based advisors areusually expected to be on the job for specific hours each day.
  • 19. Banks have relatively heavyclient foot traffic, and advisorsneed to be ready to receive areferral or client on demand.
  • 20. It is important to be more conservative if you wish tothrive in a bank environment.
  • 21. Fancy cars and high fashion might be popular at your wirehouse, but suchextravagances tend to be a turn- off at the bank.
  • 22. A Path to Growth
  • 23. If your primary goal is to makemore money immediately, banks are probably not for you.
  • 24. However, if you are more interested in growing yourbusiness, then affiliating witha quality bank program might be a good path.
  • 25. If growth is not an issue, youmay be best served to stay at awirehouse, but those who needhelp growing should consider a bank program.
  • 26. If growing your business is more important than receiving the largest transitional package,then I encourage you to explore the bank brokerage space.
  • 27. Los Angeles Corporate Headquarters
  • 28. Scottsdale
  • 29. New York Office