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Migration Intro Migration Intro Presentation Transcript

  • Australian Studies: Migration
    • About this presentation
    • Indigenous Australians
    • Sources of migration
    • Convicts
    • Free settlers
  • Australian Studies: Migration Where people came from
    • Indigenous people
    • Ancestors arrived 40,000 to 50,000 years ago
    • Probably from Malay archipelago
    • Spread across the continent
    • Created more than 300 cultures
  • Australian Studies: Migration Which people came
    • Prisoners
    • Free settlers
    • Gold seekers
    • Chinese
    • Pacific Islanders
    • from Europe after World War II
    • Vietnamese, Khmer
    • Refugees
    • Recent arrivals
  • Australian Studies: Migration Where people came from
    • United Kingdom, made up of…..
    • Scotland
    • Ireland
    • England
    • Wales
    • Cornwall
    • Note: Europe / Paris
  • Australian Studies: Migration Where people came from in…
    • … United Kingdom and Ireland
    • Scotland
    • Northern Ireland
    • Ireland
    • England
    • Wales
    • Cornwall
  • Australian Studies: Migration Why people came to Australia from
    • … United Kingdom and Ireland
    • Poverty
    • Famine
    • Harsh laws
    • Full gaols
    • US war of independence
    • Australia recently discovered
    • This is a prison ‘hulk’
  • Australian Studies: Migration Prison ‘Hulk’ in England
  • Australian Studies: Migration First settlers were prisoners
    • ‘ First Fleet’ contained convicts and guards
    • First Fleet arrived in Sydney in 1788
    • Long journey
    • Crowded conditions
    • Many died on the way
  • Australian Studies: Migration First fleet arrived in Sydney Cove
    • some 160 000 convicts were shipped to the Australian colonies
    • from early 1790s, free immigrants began coming
    • rapid growth of the wool industry in the 1820s created enormous demands for labour
    • increase in the migration of free people from the United Kingdom (UK).
    • industrialisation in Britain lead to many people emigrating to escape widespread poverty and unemployment
    Australian Studies: Migration Other settlers followed
  • Australian Studies: Migration Gold Rush
    • During the Golden Rush from 1851 to 1860, migration peaked at arrivals of around 50 000 people a year
  • Australian Studies: Migration Gold Rush – Chinese immigrants
    • Chinese immigrants were the largest non-British group during this period
    • In 1852 there was 400 Chinese immigrants and three years later there was over 4,000
    • Approximately 2,000 of these immigrants are buried here, in Beechworth Cemetery.
  • Australian Studies: Migration Other waves of migrants
    • 1840s: many Irish came to escape famine in their homeland
    • 1860s to the late 19 th c (century), labourers from Melanesia recruited to work on Queensland plantations
    • 1860s to the 1920s, concerns about population imbalance, so…
    • deliberate efforts to attract women to Australia
  • Australian Studies: Migration Other waves of migrants
    • second half of the 19 th c, Afghani, Pakistani and Turkish camel handlers worked on construction of telegraph and railway lines, and mining
    • Japanese fishers were instrumental in the pearling industry in the late nineteenth century.
  • Australian Studies: Migration Post-war migration
    • See separate slide show