Online Seller Sales Cardiff May 15th at Cardiff Digital


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Online Seller Wales event on May 15th in Cardiff.
- An eBay Seller’s Guide to Cassini Search
- Amazon Repricer Inside and Out
- How to Increase your Sales with Google Shopping Ads?
- 7 Trust Tweaks For Profitable Online Selling

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Online Seller Sales Cardiff May 15th at Cardiff Digital

  1. 1. Cardiff Digital, Cardiff County Hall Thursday, 15th May2014 6:30pm
  2. 2. About OSW • Aim to equip sellers with bite-size learning which can be implemented immediately. • Our topics include anything everything related with online selling; from eBay, Amazon, Rakuten Play to SEO, Email Marketing and Google Shopping Ads. • If you feel the need for one of our events in your area please get in touch 07518839629 or to PRABHAT SHAH @day2dayeBay
  3. 3. Topics / Speakers
  5. 5. Sorry Q & A only at the end Presentation to be Emailed Speakers: 25 Minutes Each
  6. 6. An eBay Seller’s Guide to Cassini Search Dan Burnham Head of Account Management
  7. 7. WHAT IS CASSINI? • eBay’s new(ish) search engine built to replace Voyager which was 10 years old. • 3 years in development. • Development led by Hugh Williams – previously of Microsoft’s Bing. • Biggest change to eBay search since 2008 – Time ending soonest to Best Match • Now released globally on all eBay sites.
  8. 8. WHAT IS BEST MATCH? Introduced in 2008, Best Match is eBay’s algorithm that determines the order in which products are displayed in search results. Voyager Best Match was focused on conversion rates. Products that sold most, relative to the number of times they were viewed, rose to the top. Conversion rate = Cassini considers many more parameters than Voyager. Impressions Sales >80% of eBay users enter a search query to find products.
  9. 9. SEARCH: MENS SHIRTS Step 2: Search Results 1 3 5 1 2 Description checkbox 3 Premium Listing 6 4 Price reduction Item Specifics5 7 6 8 Category filter Default search order 2 4 7 8 ~3.3 million results Listing type filter
  10. 10. WHERE ARE WE NOW? 50% drop in sales Cassini search engine! eBay VP Hugh Williams resigns eBay’s new Cassini search engine causes consternation amongst sellers eBay’s new search engine Cassini--Epic fail.
  11. 11. EBAY’S GOALS FOR CASSINI? Trust. Shoppers should see listings that they can trust, from sellers that are likely to serve them well and to generate return business for eBay and eBay sellers.
  12. 12. EBAY’S GOALS FOR CASSINI? Relevance. Shoppers should quickly see the results that they intend to see and/or want to see, rather than having to dig through results that don't matter to them.
  13. 13. EBAY’S GOALS FOR CASSINI? Value. Shoppers should always find that items in their eBay search results represent a good overall value.
  14. 14. EBAY’S GOALS FOR CASSINI? Convenience. Shoppers shouldn't have to work harder than is necessary for a pleasant and positive transaction, from the initial search all the way through to fulfilment.
  15. 15. TRUST
  16. 16. TRUST: PREMIUM SERVICE PowerSeller: •Registered as a business for at least 90 days •Positive Feedback of 98% or higher •Minimum sales of £1,000 per 12 months (UK and IE) •At least 4.6 average across all 4 detailed seller ratings (DSRs) •Less than 1% of transactions with low (1s or 2s) on Item as Described DSR •Less than 2% on Communication, Dispatch time and P&P cost DSRs •Less than 1% of transactions result in opened eBay and PayPal Buyer Protection cases and less 0.3% of transactions result in closed cases without seller resolution Premium Service: •A minimum returns period of 14 calendar days •1-day or same-day dispatch. •An express delivery option – offering delivery within 1 day. •A free domestic delivery option.
  17. 17. TRUST: PREMIUM SERVICE From August a new ‘Defect rate’ will be reflected in your evaluation cycle. *This isn't a new measurement
  18. 18. TRUST: PREMIUM SERVICE What is a Defect? •DSRs of 1, 2 or 3 for item as described •DSRs of 1 for dispatch time •Negative or Neutral Feedback •Returns for item not as described •Transaction cancelled due to lack of stock •eBay Money Back Guarantee or PayPal Buyer Protection cases for item not as described or item not received* * If an eBay Money Back Guarantee or PayPal Buyer Protection case opened for an item not as described or not received is resolved in your favour, this won’t count as a defect.
  19. 19. TRUST: PREMIUM SERVICE Premium Service listings drive Impressions Premium Service listings drive Clicks Premium Service listings drive Conversions Bad feedback now has an instant effect on all search placement Best Practice: •Respond to all negative feedback to try and get it removed. •Respond promptly to all buyer enquiries and deal with them quickly and efficiently. •Deal with all eBay Money Back Guarantee or PayPal Buyer Protection cases promptly. Listings that meet the new Premium Service listing requirements on average receive 85% more visibility than listings that don’t* * Based on an eBay study of listings carried out between January and June 2013.
  20. 20. RELEVANCE
  21. 21. RELEVANCE: TITLES Titles drive impressions Titles drive clicks Best Practice • Use all 80 characters using relevant keywords like brand name, size, colour, fabric, condition etc. • Avoid the over-use of capitals and using words like ‘unusual’ or ‘L@@K’ and symbols such as ‘£’ or ‘%’. • Make sure titles are coherent and not just a random set of keywords.
  22. 22. RELEVANCE: DESCRIPTIONS Descriptions drive impressions Descriptions drive conversions Best Practice • Keep your descriptions simple. Avoid lots of code and strip out aspects such as your policies, cross-selling promotions, advertisements and widgets. • Do include a complete description of your item. Don’t repeat information already captured elsewhere. • Don’t include Flash or other code. It makes the pages slow and can compromise the display - particularly on mobile devices. In tests, modifying an html styled listing to include a short description at the top, resulted in a 29% increase in impressions.
  23. 23. RELEVANCE: IMAGES Images drive impressions Images drive conversions Best Practice • Use high quality images 1600 pixels on the longest side to make the most of zoom and enlarge. • Use a plain background and don’t add text, logos, borders or overlaid images to your pictures*. • Include detailed pictures taken from different angles and close-ups. *Based on an study (July 2012) that reviewed 6.8 million listings which resulted in 4.5% more sales over this period. **Watermarks can be used for copyright purposes. An eBay study showed on average that sellers who list with 2 pictures are 7% more likely to sell and are 3% more likely to sell with each additional picture added to a listing*.
  24. 24. RELEVANCE: CATEGORIES & ITEM SPECIFICS Well mapped attributes drive impressions Well mapped attributes drive clicks Well mapped attributes drive conversions Best Practice • Make sure you select the correct category to help make it easier for buyers to find your item. • Make sure you include the recommended item specifics. • Use the recommended values for Item Specifics not your own. eBay state that 33% of all purchases made on their platform are now ‘touched’ by mobile as part of the shopper journey.
  25. 25. RELEVANCE: LISTING DURATION Some sellers state that Cassini responds well to changes. Best Practice • Don’t use Good ‘til Cancelled. • Try ending and relisting items. Sellers have reported an uplift in traffic of up to 49% from simply revising old listings.
  26. 26. VALUE
  27. 27. VALUE: PRICE Price drive conversions Best Practice • Use features like the Seller Marketing Engine and Strike Through Pricing to draw attention to an item’s value. • Consider both an item’s price and the shipping costs. 80% of listings over £15 in the top 30 results for “Mens Shirts” were Premium Service listings.
  28. 28. VALUE: SUBTITLES Subtitles drive clicks Best Practice • Should call out additional sales information such as money off, free shipping etc. • Don’t repeat information from the title. *Based on an study (July 2012) that reviewed 6.8 million listings which resulted in 4.5% more sales over this period. **Watermarks can be used for copyright purposes. In tests, adding a subtitle to an existing listing showed an increase in page views of 26%
  30. 30. CONVENIENCE: SHIPPING Fast delivery drives clicks Fast delivery drives conversions Fast & Free Lets buyers know when a specific listing offers free postage and will likely arrive within 3 business days. • Icon visible in search results pages. • Buyers look at the total price. Click & Collect Buyers can have items shipped to an Argos store for collection. • Currently guaranteed by eBay against poor delivery DSRs. • Sellers see an average of a 17% uplift in sales. *Based on test on Feb-Mar 2013, in which 40% of buyers were exposed to listings with the FAST & FREE logo. Converting listings to FAST & FREE increases listing conversion by an average 3% with some sellers seeing an increase in sales of up to 14%*
  31. 31. CONVENIENCE: RETURNS Buyers are more comfortable shopping with sellers who offer returns and, from June 2014 a returns period of a minimum 14 days is required. Best Practice • State your returns policy clearly. • Offer a returns period of more than 14 days. • Ensure you are familiar with Returns and the Law. • Be familiar with eBay’s Structured Returns & Managed Returns policies. 63% of online shoppers check a seller’s returns policy before even considering a purchase.* *2013 UPS survey
  32. 32. 1. Compete on price where possible and draw attention to any savings. 2. Watch your Conversion rate and relist/revise where possible. 3. Strive for Premium listings wherever possible. SUMMARY
  33. 33. THANK YOU
  34. 34. Who’s talking? International Sales Deepak Goyal Let’s talk
  35. 35. Currencies Direct | All rights reserved 2014 © 2 TOP TIP: If you source products from overseas……… E-tailing Let’s talk $100 1.50 GBP/USD Exchange rate £66.67 Purchase price Cost price in GBP 1.54 £64.93 Cost price reduced by 2.6%!
  36. 36. Currencies Direct | All rights reserved 2014 © 3 E-tailing Let’s talk TOP TIP Ensure you achieve the best exchange rate for overseas stock purchases to lower your input costs ……..Don’t use your retail bank!
  37. 37. Currencies Direct | All rights reserved 2014 © 4 E-tailing Let’s talk You might specify payments to go to your GBP bank account in your Seller Central module Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers (ACCS) will charge a hidden 4%! TOP TIP: If you sell or plan to sell on Amazon international sites………….
  38. 38. Currencies Direct | All rights reserved 2014 © 5 E-tailing Let’s talk Use a EUR collection account instead Avoid Amazon’s exchange rate and save at least 2% TOP TIP: If you sell or plan to sell on Amazon international sites………….
  39. 39. Currencies Direct | All rights reserved 2014 © 6 E-tailing Let’s talk TOP TIP If you sell on Amazon overseas markets, use a € collection account to collect your funds ……..Don’t use Amazon to pay your Euros into your GBP account!
  40. 40. Currencies Direct | All rights reserved 2014 © 7 Thank you for listening…. Let’s talk.
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  42. 42. 28th June – Bristol SATURDAY, Bright Pearl Office, New Bond House Bond Street, BS2 9AG Click Here to To Register FREE Find Updates On
  43. 43. University of South Wales, City Campus