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English4 Foreign On Line Education Student File
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English4 Foreign On Line Education Student File


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A comprehensive lesson for the modern innovative world.

A comprehensive lesson for the modern innovative world.

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  • 1. English4Foreign On Line Education A quality education for the key of success!
  • 2. Market research
  • 3. Basis of Communication
    • The cycle of communication always starts with the People and its language that we use.
    • Language for verbal is the primary form of communication.
    Language Technology Mass Media People
  • 4. English As The Global Communication
    • English is the Global language that is use to communicate. Globalization of English arose from England for the industrialization purposes till it reached the educational purposes and became a part of the basis of communication through out the globe.
    Education Industrialization Global Communication English
  • 5. English for Industrialization
    • English has played the major role for development of the global industrialization; from the simple presentations and meetings lead to investments that give jobs to many. With these, the industrialization has reached its optimal outcome. The global market inflates and produces the needs of everyone.
  • 6. English for Education
    • Education, in its broadest sense, refers to the ways in which people learn skills and gain knowledge; and understand about the world, and about themselves.
    • English as part of education, has reached its consistency in terms of classroom language in some nation, for without it, the language barrier will arise and there won’t be any development in the world, war will arise for there will be no understanding among people.
  • 7. English for Communication
    • Innovations, electronic devices, and mass media, these are some of the outcome of the developments that we did. Through these years, we tend to enhance the electronic devices and make constant communication through mass media where English plays its major role in making people understand the message that we are passing through.
  • 8. Modernization of Education
  • 9. What is E-Learning Solution???
    • E learning Solution is the program that people use in order to study thru online. The LMS (Learning method solution) is the software that we use in e-learning. E-learning is what we call the virtual classroom where people get interacted and study their lessons.
    • E learning is not just studying conversational Languages, It is also use in studying Language grammars, literature, math, music, and other special courses such as ESL, EFL, TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, GRE, TECHNICAL ENGLISH, and BUSINESS ENGLISH.
  • 10. The Virtual Classroom
    • TOOLS such as Live Meeting, Centra, and Elluminate, coupled with growing broadband Internet access, are revolutionizing the world of distance learning. New synchronous e-learning environments support projection of still, animated, and video images; instructor participant audio; sharing of desk-top applications; and interactions using instant polling, chat, and whiteboard marking tools.
    • Why spend travel money on a face-to-face learning sessions if your goals can be achieved virtually? ??
  • 11. English4foreign On Line Education Services
  • 12. Industry and Service Analysis
    • In this innovative world where people are busy, E-Learning (electronic learning) is as demanding as high technologies. Virtual classes are built for our convenience in order to save time and money.
    • One of the most demanding e-learning course is English, without it the language barrier will arise.
    • As technology arises, the industry of English e-learning is more demanding because people realize the importance of English. The English Online Schools are built, Freelance English teachers are visible everywhere, and English sites can be easily found on the internet because every one wants to learn English and have a good life ahead. Our English online service’s edge is the Quality Education. Our curriculum are packed with comprehensive lessons that will help the students to enhance their English. Each courses has a conversational English and grammar for daily usage. To ensure the quality of education, our teachers are also well trained and graduate in prestigious universities in the Philippines, they are very fluent in English and using American accent. Their teaching strategies are excellent and aim to teach with quality.
  • 13. About Us Mission Statements: The Mission of this English Online School is to provide high quality English education in a convenient way to lessen the language barrier.
  • 14. Goal Our goal is to educate people with high quality education.
  • 15. Vision We envision the future with broad competitiveness and developments as they connive with innovations.
  • 16. Curriculum (outline)
    • >> Basic English for Beginners
    • 1. Basic Grammar
    • 2. Daily conversational expressions 1 + conversations
    • 3. Pronunciation
    • 4. Reading
    • >>Essential English for Intermediates
    • 1. Essential grammar
    • 2. Daily conversational expression 2 + conversations
    • 3. standard English and non standard English
    • 4. Pronunciation + liaisons
    • 5. Confusing pair of words
    • 6. Vocabulary Inventory
    • >> Comprehensive English for Advanced
    • 1. Intensive Grammar
    • 2. Common mistakes in English
    • 3. Confusing pair of words
    • 4. Vocabulary Inventory
    • 5. Daily conversational expression 3 + conversations
    • 6. Pronunciation + liaisons
  • 17. Curriculum for Special Courses
    • >>Business English
    • 1. Business English Grammar
    • 2. Business English Expressions + Conversation
    • 3. Common Mistakes of English
    • 4. Confusing Pair Of words
    • 5. Business Vocabulary Inventory
    • 6. American accent
    • 1. Writing/Grammar
    • 2. Practice Speaking/Conversation
    • 3. Practice reading and its Comprehension.
  • 18. Modules
    • Basic English for Beginners
    • This is a step by step guidelines to English beginner level on how to express themselves in a Standard English way. The lessons are filled with grammar, daily conversational expressions, dialogs, pronunciation, and reading.
    • Essential English for Intermediate
    • The essential English for Intermediate is replete with essential English lessons to enhance students ability and capability.
    • Comprehensive English for advance
    • The comprehensive English for advance is packed of comprehensive lessons that tackle the daily conversational English, Advance English as Common mistake in English and confusing pair of words, Advance Vocabulary Inventory, and American Accent for Pronunciation.
    • Business English
    • The Business English is a comprehensive English for people who are in Business. The lessons are excellent for helping the students in enhancing their Business English Speaking and boost their vocabulary.
  • 19. Modules
    • TOEFL review/TOEIC review/IELTS review
    • This is a comprehensive course for speaking, listening, writing and reading. The course is full packed with both standard and non standard English.
    • OPIc review (Oral Proficiency Interview Computer)
    • This is a course for an interview preparation which helps the students boosting their confidence.
  • 20. English4foreign On Line Education Service Pricing
  • 21. Services
    • Courses:
    • 1. Conversational English
    • $7/session + free book
    • 2. Special Courses + Book
    • ($7 + $2<book>=$9/session)
    • A. Grammar Course
    • B. TOEFL
    • C. IELTS
    • D. TOEIC
    • E. OPIC
    • F. Business English
  • 22. Payment
    • Click the link and register. Then follow the instructions.
    • After that, send your tuition to my paypal account