Interactive tools wk4


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Interactive tools wk4

  1. 1. Welcome Back! Teacher: Mrs. Diamond Assistant: Ms. Coleman
  2. 2. Getting to know Mrs. Diamond…O Special Education teacher for 7 yearsO Taught H.S. Math for 4 yearsO Taught Technology for 2 yearsO Currently Self Contained teacherO Coaches Girls BasketballO Referee Women’s College BasketballO Consistent with rules, so BE NICE!
  3. 3. Classroom Motto
  4. 4. Classroom Procedures: Afternoon In the Morning DismissalO Come in quietly and put O Stay in class until bus is SIGNED point sheet in called tray. O Please return allO Fill out lunch form materials to teacher orO Stay in classroom designated locationsO Get breakfast with escort O Push in chairsO Stay with your escortO Eat Breakfast and discard all trash
  5. 5. Classroom Procedures:O You are expected to complete all assigned work.O Please don’t shout out questions or answers..O Remain in assigned areaO Talk to staff and peers with respectO Keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself
  6. 6. Student Handbook ReviewO Bus SafetyO Computer UsageO CurriculumO Grading PolicyO Harassment/Bullying/HazingO Dress CodeO Violations of Student Code
  7. 7. Lockdown ProceduresO Stay in classO Stay away from doorsO If you are in the hallway, get in a class immediately
  8. 8. Class ScheduleO 7:30 - 8:00 HomeroomO 8:03 - 8:48 ReadingO 8:51 - 9:36 Character EducationO 9:39 - 10:24 ELAO 10:27- 11:12 MathO 11:15 -12:00 LunchO 12:03 -12:48 ScienceO 12:51 -1:37 Shop/Career ExplorationO 1:39 - 2:23 Social Studies
  9. 9. DCAS TestingO Do your best!O Colleges look at your grades
  10. 10. Pre/Post TestO Learning Point NavigatorO Achieve 3000These are used to test your basicknowledge and see the growth in your skills.
  11. 11. Fire DrillsO Stay with staff memberO Walk in single file to designated location
  12. 12. Academic Success and Transition• We want you to transition out and go back to your home school.• Attendance is IMPERATIVE • Come to school & come on time • If your absent, bring a note (doctors note, parental, etc.)
  13. 13. Consequences for Poor AttendanceUnexcused Absences School Response3-5 days absent One Level Drop6-9 days absent Two Level Drop10 days or more Three Level Drop
  14. 14. Point SheetsO Point sheets MUST be signed by parent/guardianO Must be carried with you AT ALL TIMESO We will keep accurate records of your behavior, so do your best.
  15. 15. Dismissal Procedures Afternoon Dismissal O Stay in class until bus is called O Please return all materials to teacher or designated locations O Push in chairs O Retrieve your coat and only yours before you leave the building