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Search Marketing - Still the killer app of online presence.

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  • Kant -
    Thanks for the feedback (and for downloading my paper)
    I believe you're looking at the presentation in Google instead of using a PDF reader like Adobe or Preview (mac). I actually tried emailing you back after seeing your download but the email bounced. On closer inspection I see why (your domain was in the email address twice). I will follow up via email and send you the whitepaper again.
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  • Forwarding your request to Ben at Amplify. Thanks!
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  • Thanks. I did look and listen to Ben presentation.

    BTW, I downloaded the white paper, but many parts of the paper are unreadable because those portions are overlaid by 'large' Amplify banners.

    Can please tell me how to get a 'clean' copy'?

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  • Thanks for viewing, Kant. I co-presented this deck with Ben Lloyd of Amplify Interactive. His section of this presentation (with audio!) is here: http://www.slideshare.net/benjaminlloyd/search-marketing-still-the-killer-app-audio
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  • It's interesting to note that this presentation is not listed under your company name - Amplify - in Slideshare, which has 3 other presenations.
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  • 1. SEARCH MARKETING STILL THE KILLER APP OF ONLINE PRESENCE Dayn Wilberding, Director of Digital Culture : Grady Britton Ben Lloyd, President : Amplify Interactive PRESENTED BY PORTLAND BUSINESS JOURNAL - 2010 BIZDEV SEMINAR SERIES #3
  • 2. Let’s review. Online Presence / Social Media / Search Marketing
  • 3. The Web is dead. Long live the Internet. Less about browsing and more about getting. BRA ND
  • 4. web visitor content browser
  • 5. internet visitor content browser
  • 6. BRAND Your Website
  • 7. Human view Your Website Your Online Presence
  • 8. Search Engine view Your Website Your Online Presence
  • 9. Identity has evolved.
  • 10. What does that mean for search marketing?
  • 11. Search Marketing: (Still) the Killer App of Marketing Your Business Online
  • 12. PAID RESULTS VS ORGANIC (SEO) “SEM” Refers to Both PPC - 20% of Clicks SEO 80% of Clicks Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • 13. WHY IS SEARCH SO CRITICAL? • Over 80% of all Internet traffic begins at a search engine • 63% of users research buying decisions online • 61% of users visit your brand Website before buying (even if buying offline) • Consumers turn to information sources that aren’t your Web site – Search is about “getting found” – You’ve got to extend your brand Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • 14. SPEND YOUR MONEY ON SEM In-House Marketers Compare ROI of Marketing Tactics Strongest Tactic Highly Variable Low Value Tactic Hard to Gauge Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 67% 18% 4% 11% House Email Marketing 63% 17% 11% 9% Paid Search Marketing (PPC) 53% 30% 11% 6% Direct Mail 28% 25% 34% 14% Public Relations 39% 24% 9% 28% Online Advertising 17% 31% 39% 14% Print Advertising 14% 27% 32% 27% 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% MarketingSherpa 2009-2010 Search Marketing Benchmark Report Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • 15. Traditional Keys to Search Marketing
  • 16. HOW (AND WHY?) DOES SEARCH WORK? Speak the same language as your target audience Keywords are like market research Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • 17. SEARCH ENGINES CAN DO 2 THINGS • Read Text and Follow Links • Rankings are based on those 2 cues alone • This is the past, present and future of search Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • 18. SEO PRIMER: OPTIMIZE YOUR SITE Influence Rankings •Title Tag - unique to every page •Body Copy - if you don’t say it, don’t expect to rank for it •Anchor Text •Categorized Content & Cross Links Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • 19. SEO PRIMER: WHAT SEARCH ENGINES SEE #1 SEO Take Home Tip: Turn Images and JavaScript off and review your site… This is how a search engine sees your site Same Page with Images Turned Off •Can Still Navigate •Can Still Read Copy •Image Links Replaced with Text Links If You CAN’T Get Around Your Site This Way - Neither Can a Search Engine Spider Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • 20. SEO PRIMER: WEBMASTER TOOLS Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • 21. On-Site Optimization is Absolutely Critical… …But How Do You Win? Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • 22. AUTHORITY MAKES SEARCH GO Authority: Links = Authority = Rankings 6% 5% Overall Ranking Algorithm 7% 24% Trust/Authority of Host Domain Link Popularity of Specific Page Anchor Text of External Links 15% On-Page Keyword Usage Traffic and Click Through Data 22% Social Graph Metrics 20% Registration and Hosting Data The takeaway? On-site optimization is critical, but links and other off-site factors are a tremendous part of the ranking algorithm -Source: 2009 SEOmoz study “Search Engine Ranking Factors” Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • 23. BUT SEARCH IS NOW BIGGER THAN YOUR SITE The Content and the Experience Matter - Not the Container Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • 24. FUTURE OF SEARCH SEM & Other Disciplines Need to Work Together to Build Authority Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • 25. SEARCH IS BIGGER THAN YOUR SITE A Practical Example LESSONS?: •Build and curate your presence •Own your reputation •Everything that goes online can be leveraged for search Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • 26. BUT YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL 3rd Party Site 3rd Party Site Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • 27. WHAT’S IT ALL MEAN? • Content is indeed still king • But content takes many different forms • Search engines are trying to present the most timely & relevant content • Marketers have got to become content generators • Content will beget links (authority) • Links will beget rankings • Social is an opportunity to create links with content • So, combine your SEO & social efforts Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • 28. Build Authority: Social Supports SEO Social Media Reaches the People With the Power to Link Appealing to the types of users who have the power to link will generate more links, which raises a site’s authority What Types of Users Link? • Website/Blog owners (ie – they have the ability to link!) • Participate in social media sites, forums & groups • Looking for great “stories” to share Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • 29. WHAT MAKES CONTENT SHAREABLE? Find relevance between your keywords and current trends & topics Tap into topics of discussion around a keyword Latch on to current topics - find a tie-in Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • 30. HEDGE YOUR BETS - KNOW THE PLAYING FIELD 7 Scientifically Proven Ways to Get Shared on Facebook - Dan Zarella, HubSpot, FastCompany - 2010 Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • 31. TAKEAWAYS FOR SEO & SOCIAL • Both SEO & Social thrive on content – Create timely content to increase the likelihood of sharing • Organizations & marketers must adapt – Marketing organizations must become publishers • Break down barriers to publishing – Timeliness is key – You need a blog – Does IT or Legal = business prevention? Fix it. • Learn to listen, engage Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • 32. So that’s what’s happening with search now But what’s in store for the future?
  • 33. Are Users Searching on Social Sites? • Only for people • “Lazy Web” or “Crowdsourcing” > Users ask for ideas & recommendations – Become part of the network – Join the conversation – Have a good reputation • Users fan/follow brands – Be findable • Users give opinions on brands – Monitor and engage • Users attend offline events / meet ups to connect over similar interests – Connect & win fans offline (engage/ sponsor/support/organize) Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • 34. Google’s Take - Social Circle • Integrating content from your connections • Impact: You’ve gotta be connected Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • 35. BONUS “FUTURE OF SEARCH” TIP MOBILE INCREASES IN IMPORTANCE  Mobile Internet usage is exploding with the adoption of smart phones  Mobile searchers are task-oriented, close to converting  You must consider the mobile experience for your visitors  Are content needs & conversion points different?  What about an App?  Many times mobile visits are a result of social apps - sharing is likely to result in mobile visits  Is your content mobile-friendly?  PPC can be targeted at mobile  SEO is about the same, but what do the results look like? Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • 36. SEM PUNCH LIST • Know your keywords & put your finger on the pulse • Optimize your site • Build authority – No social strategy? Get one. – Make sure SEM, PR, Social & Creative are talking – Content - remove barriers to nimble & frequent publishing • What’s your mobile strategy? Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • 37. THANKS! Get the paper: www.amplify-interactive.com/pbj Other links: http://www.delicious.com/Amplify.Interactive/pbj http://www.sempdx.org/
  • 38. TOP 6 BIZDEV SERIES TAKEAWAYS Go forth, and multiply your presence.
  • 39. TOP 6 BIZDEV TAKEAWAYS 1 Think beyond the browser.
  • 40. TOP 6 BIZDEV TAKEAWAYS 2 Become a content generator.
  • 41. TOP 6 BIZDEV TAKEAWAYS 2b Have a blog. (Become a content generator.)
  • 42. TOP 6 BIZDEV TAKEAWAYS 2c See also 2a. (Become a content generator.)
  • 43. TOP 6 BIZDEV TAKEAWAYS 3 Consider the context.
  • 44. TOP 6 BIZDEV TAKEAWAYS 4 Know your audience.
  • 45. TOP 6 BIZDEV TAKEAWAYS 5 Build authority, everywhere.
  • 46. TOP 6 BIZDEV TAKEAWAYS 6 Make your online presence a priority.
  • 47. Thank you. delicious.com / daynw / pbj1 delicious.com / daynw / pbj2 delicious.com / Amplify.Interactive / pbj GradyBritton.com Amplify-Interactive.com daynw@gradybritton.com ben@amplify-interactive.com GradyBritton AmplifySEM