Trailer Research


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Trailer Research

  1. 1. Film trailer researchThese are some of the horror film trailers I decided to research upon. (Hover over image for link to trailer)
  2. 2. Film trailer deconstruction. As dimension films is a coveted productionThe film title is company theyused throughout usually have theirthe trailer to get logo in thethe audience beginning of thefamiliar with the trailer to show thatfilm. the film is made by a well known company. This is a conventional shot used in a film trailer it shows which institution and production company it was created by.
  3. 3. Film trailer deconstruction.Mediumshot used toget theactors upperbody. Thiscouldmaybe bedone toattract maleviewers This is a typical aspect for a horror movie as attractive female actors are used this lures the male gaze. Stereotypically the females used in a horror movie are usually blonde and not very intelligent as represented by these 2 actors who are made to appear like this.
  4. 4. Film trailer deconstruction. This image shows a scary house this is a recurring image connectingThese are a with the horror genre. This image is shown throughout many differentfew examples horror film posters. A low angle shot is used this gives the viewers thewhere this type sense you are looking up at the house. This shot could be interpretedof image is as coming from the killers view ( a view point shot).used.
  5. 5. Film trailer deconstruction.This type of featureIs used widelythroughout thehorror genre. Thisshows a darksilhouette at thewindow this givesthe viewer the effectthat they are notalone. A long shot is used to get the whole room in the scene this takes the emphasis of the character behind the window this makes the audience look around the room and then discover the silhouette making it more spookier.
  6. 6. Film trailer deconstruction. A medium shot is used here, it shows the actress on the phone. This is a major part on the scream films. Blue lighting is used and this gives the shot a eerie feel to the scene.
  7. 7. Film trailer deconstruction. I felt that this shot was very powerful and created the best fright factor in the whole shot. This type of shot I would like to incorporate into my trailer so I could get a similar type of effect in my trailer.
  8. 8. Film trailer deconstruction. I think that the scream franchise has used the phone gag very well and this creates a more powerful and suspenseful shot when the character is on the phone
  9. 9. Film trailer deconstruction. Running scenes are always shown in horror movies. Sometimes different types are shown for example some running shots are show with a point of view shot.
  10. 10. Film trailer deconstruction. Movie name is essential at the end of the trailer to let your audience know the name of your film.
  11. 11. Film trailer deconstruction.The date is also as essential as the name of the movie. This will inform the public when yourfilm will be released.This film has a normal date however some films are release on a certain date to create more“hype” for instance Halloween was released on October 31st and the omen was released onJune 6th 2006 this was done because these dates were relevant to the film.
  12. 12. Codes and Conventions of a horror trailer Looking at these trailers these are the hypothesis I found when producing a trailer and I will try and incorporate these when making mines.•A trailer will attract an audience into watching the full film.•Sets the genre of the film and creates a feel for the setting•Suggestion of the storyline•Introduces some of the main characters•Draws the interest of the audience by displaying attention grabbing footage. Made up ofquickly paced clips•Slowly builds from beginning to an exciting end.•Usually contain graphics like the film title and opening dates production company etc.•May include music and voice over.
  13. 13. Coursework Timeline This is the rough timeline I will be working at to complete my brief. Start research Start research Start production Start on film genres on film of poster and production of Coursework and poster. trailers. film magazine trailer. completed (simultaneously) Oct - Jan 2011/2012 Jan – Apr 2012 Given brief for coursework. Dec – Feb 2011/2012Sept/Oct 2011