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  • 1. Media A2 Daya Singh G324 – Advanced Portfolio in MediaBrief 2 - Promotional Package for a new film
  • 2. Contents1. Different genres of film.2. Types of film posters.3. Different Film posters.4. The horror genre.5. Conventions of a horror poster.6. Conventions of a horror poster cont.7. Film posters (general analysis)8. Film trailer research.9. Codes and conventions of a horror trailer.10. Codes and conventions cont.11. Coursework timeline.
  • 3. Poster Production. & Film Research
  • 4. Different Genres of film. There are many different genres of film. Some of these can include: Comedy Horror Action Sci - FiThere are also hybrids of genres which combine to or more genres togetherthese types of film can attract more then one type of audience.An example of these can include romcom, action comedy and sci – fi / horror.
  • 5. These are outline of most of the filmgenres used currently Action Films Biographical Films (or "Biopics") Animated Films Adventure Films Comedy Films Detective & Mystery Films Childrens - Kids - Family-Oriented Films Crime & Gangster Films Disaster Films Classic Films Drama Films Fantasy Films Cult Films Epics/Historical Films Documentary Films Horror Films Musicals (Dance) Films Science Fiction Films War (Anti-War) Films Romance Films Westerns
  • 6. Types of film Posters. For our portfolio we have to create a film poster which can be shown to attract all members of the public. Billboards Bus Cannot be missed on main roads. Bus stops Reaches above the busy high street to Give your film maximum standout. Located on busy roads and demand pedestrians attention and pedestrian areas. reach consumers on the move Target your customers when they are on the move. Target your customers when Instantly recognisable on the roads. they are in spending mode. Creates a high impact moving Raise the profile of your movie and Backlit for night time message to potential audiences. deliver impact and stature exposureFilm posters are accessed internationally so have to be concise and effective to portray the filmsmessage.
  • 7. Different Film PostersNotice how at least 5 of these posters have a house as the main image and also contains a manlooking at the house
  • 8. The Horror Genre A horror film is •This film genre dominated by incorporates a number of elements of sub-genres. horror. •Some horror films exhibit a substantial amount of cross-over •such as slasher themes, with other genres, vampire themes, particularly science zombie themes, fiction. demonic possession etc. Certain stories and themes have proven to be very successful and have inspired many sequels for instance Dracula, Frankenstein etcThe horror genre tends to have a larger market share (a larger total gross) than there percentage offilms released, this implies that the horror genre outperforms expectations.
  • 9. Conventions of a horror poster. Blood effect used. White and RedFilm title typography used.located atthe top. Main imageBlack background used in theused centre of the image. Main image emerges from black background
  • 10. Conventions of a horror posters cont. Film title located at Main image emerges from bottom. This black background. This again suggests gives the effect of suspense that the main and horror. image is the centrepiece of the poster.Blackbackground White and Redused this is typography used. Thisalso used on colour scheme has beenmore then one used in many posters Ioccasion for have researched.horror posters Mirror effect used to enhance the effect of the film.
  • 11. Conventions of a horror trailer cont. Film title located in the middle. This is done so it does not interrupt theMain images viewers attentionemerge from a from the mainblack images as they arebackground the usp for this particular film Bold concise text fancy and technical fonts are not used in Red and black this shows that colour scheme. the main aspect of this poster is Date of release is shown to the image. inform the audience of the opening date.
  • 12. Film Posters.These posters are a selectionwhich represents thedifferent type of structuresused in film trailers.All three of these posters are similar. They all use the same colour scheme andthe main image emerges from a black background.
  • 13. My Film Poster All the crows which can be seen in the image have been added by me I did this asI added the date of release to crows are scene as evilshow the audience when the creatures and a denotationfilm is coming out. I chose to death and death is a mainuse October 31st as the date as concept of my film.many horror films arereleased on this date. I added this image of a girl crying to give the viewers a sense of horror. I cut out my actor I created this font on Photoshop from a single image and gave it a red font colour so and placed him on it would compliment my red the background. black and white colour scheme.I added this knife to my I added this writing of theactors hand as it makes credits to make my posterhim look more sinister look more professional asand represents a factor of most posters have thishorror movies. feature.
  • 14. My magazine front cover
  • 15. My poster compared with other filmsof the same genre.