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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. K. Dayaram E-mail: ~ Mobile: 09440330321Professional Summary  A dynamic Professional with 7 years of experience in the field of Engineering Services. Has gained diversified experience in Design, Development and Analysis of Subsea Products related to Oil and Gas Industry and Industrail Appliances.  Strong knowledge in Finite Element Methods, Mechanics of Solids, Mechanical Vibrations, Surfacing, Assembly Design and Drafting.  Strong Knowledge in Ansys, CatiaV5 and Solid works.  Exposure in Ansys WB, RISA,AutoCad and MathCAD.  Involved in different Analytical Calculations like Padeye,Bolt ,Pin,Overturning and Impact load Calculations  Expertise in Linear/Non-linear Structural Static, Dynamic, Steady state Thermal analyses and Optimization techniques in Ansys.  Excellent communicate skills in group presentations and written work.  Presently responsible for Design activities in GE at Mahindra Satyam.Experience Summary Organization Designation Duration Mahindra Satyam Computers Team Lead Sep /2007--- Till Date Services Ltd. Concurrent Analysis Pvt Ltd Engineer July/2002 --- July/2005Achievements/Awards:1.Obtained Turnaround project of the year and Pat on back awards.Project Details:Project Name: Design and FE Analysis for Reel frame,and BasketClient OCEANEERING INTERNATIONAL INC,SSFDRole Team Member Software’s : Ansys 10.0,Solid works 2007Project DescriptionThe XT umbilical system is used to connect the WOCS HPU/MCP container to a Xmas Treeduring the Completion Tubing Hanger Installation and work over operations. XT Reel is used forstorage, transportation of the umbilical and facilitates the connections between the HPU unit andthe subsea equipments. Analyzed for Following Load cases as Per D.N.V 2.7.1: 1.Four PointLifting 2.Two Point Lifting 3.Fork Lifting 4.Horizotal Impact a) at Bottom side Rails b) atBottom end Rails c) at Corner post d) at Top side rails 5.Vertical impact a) at Bottom side rails
  • 2. Project Name: Design Verification of Woodside Seal ring Using FEAClient OCEANEERING INTERNATIONAL INC,GraylocRole Team Member Software’s : Ansys 10.0,Autocad 2007,Solidworks 2007Project DescriptionThe seal ring is installed between two mating hubs. When the connection is made up, the clampforce acts to prevent separation of the hubs due to pressure loads and any other external loads.Due to the way the Grayloc seal ring works, the lips of the seal ring deflect inward as theconnection is bolted together. This inward deflection of the lip creates a seal area between thering and the hub seat.FEA Modeling and analysis of 4” Subsea MEG hang-off hub for the given loading conditions.Calculation of Clamp forces as per FBD. Non-linear analysis of the seal for axial load, designpressure load and test pressure load applying the clamp force directly on the hub surfaceProject Name: Thermal/Structural Analysis of 24x10” Class 900 Temperature Compensated Smart FlangeClient OCEANEERING INTERNATIONAL INC,PRSRole Team Member Software’s : Ansys 10.0,Ansys WB,Auto cadProject DescriptionThe Smart Flange is a split mechanical fitting that provides a necessary flanged branch for hottapping an existing subsea pipeline and tying-in new lateral pipeline. Smart clamp is another splitmechanical fitting used to repair damages or leaking subsea pipeline (without tap). Thismechanism is intended to provide permanent high quality sealing integrity as one of its mainfunction. The desired seal pressure of 3440 psi was achieved by moving the Flange by 1.007 in.Project Name: Analysis of Vehicle Pressure Transducer AssemblyClient OCEANEERING INTERNATIONAL INC,ROVRole Team Member Software’s : Ansys 10.0,Ansys WB,SolidworksProject DescriptionThe Transducer Can is basically a Sea Depth Pressure & Hydraulic pressure feedback unit. Oneport on its end is "OPEN" to sea water to give the pressure feedback to the controlling computer;the sea water goes into the pressure transducer attached with that port. A feedback line from themotor is also attached to the transducer which gives an analog signal of the pressure beinggenerated from the motor. This is basically a back up mechanism.This would be tested with all four ports plugged & also the All Thread (The four threaded rodsthat hold the assembly together on all four sides). This assembly is to be tested for a depth of4000mtrs.
  • 3. Project Name: Analysis of Telemetry CanClient OCEANEERING INTERNATIONAL INC,ROVRole Team Member Software’s : Ansys 10.0,Ansys WB,SolidworksProject DescriptionTelemetry can houses the cage telemetry control system. It houses all the PCB’s & the cageprocessor necessary for cage control. Analysis was done considering individual parts i.e. Penetrator Cap, End Cap, and Housingseparately first and 2D- Axisymmetry assembly analysis was carried out later to compare thevalidity of the individual results. Analysis was carried out for a depth of 8500 ft and 10,500 ft.Project Name: Analysis of Subsea Umbilical Termination AssemblyClient OCEANEERING INTERNATIONAL INC,SSFDRole Team Member Software’s : Ansys 10.0,AutocadProject DescriptionThe Subsea Umbilical Termination Assembly (SUTA) is to supply the subsea distribution ofelectrical, optical, hydraulic and chemical lines from the main (dynamic) umbilical from theMarlin TLP to Subsea trees. The Subsea Umbilical Termination Assembly (SUTA) will bedesigned as per API RP 2A for BP Dorado project. The structure will be fabricated from carbonsteel and coated for subsea service per OIE standard specification SP-1201.There are three configurations for SUTA: SS3, SS4 or SS5 and SS3/SS4 or SS3/ SS5 SUTA.These three configurations have to be analyzed for given installation test loads.The structure has to be designed for Cathodic Protection as per DNV RP B401.Project Name: Analysis of LARSClient OCEANEERING INTERNATIONAL INC,SPGRole Team Member Software’s : Ansys 10.0,Autocad,SolidworksProject DescriptionDevelop and analyze DT-4400 and DTX-4000 LARS system . The load ratings are44,000 lbf and 40,000 at outboard and 24,000 lbf and 22000 at inboard respectively. TheDT-4400 and DTX-4000 is analyzed for following configurations:11) In Board configuration1a) ROV Hanging2b) ROV Latch3c) Factory acceptance test (FAT)22) Out Board configuration1a) ROV Hanging2b) ROV Latch3c) Factory acceptance test(FAT)
  • 4. 33) Lifting configuration1a) Hanging in Air2b) Tie down bolts fixedEducational Details Degree Specialization University Percentage Year of passing Post MECHANICAL-CAD/ OSMANIA 74.4 2007Graduation CAM UNIVERSITY, HyderabadGraduation MECHANICAL J.N.T.University 75.21 2002 HyderabadPersonal DetailsName Dayaram KarriPresent address Hyderabad, Andhra PradeshEmail id mailto:dayaram.k@gmail.comMobile: 09440330321