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td Technology targeting presentation 2012 (english)

  1. 1. Technology & Tradedoubler Targeting Solutions: How it will work?1
  2. 2. td Technology will release targeting functionality this year including our own retargeting solution. This presentation explains the different targeting options within TD Integral.2
  3. 3. Advanced targeting & Tradedoubler td Technology offers 5 different targeting solutions : Geo-targeting Device targeting ISP targeting IBA targeting Retargeting3
  4. 4. Geo-targeting The use Target your ads anywhere from a country or down to a block Decide the target areas based on your product Increase conversions online by fine tuning your targeting Find potential customers even when they access Internet from abroad The technology Use of latitude and longitude data Easy to use Google Maps interface Internet access point provided and updated monthly by MaxMind4
  5. 5. Geo-targeting setup “Target countries, cities, ISP points or specific regions. …”5
  6. 6. Target areas around stores in regions• With the Tradedoubler ISP-based geotargeting technology, you can easily define the target areas of the different stores.• You choose how big the target areas are for the different stores and you get a great overview of how many Internet connection points you have in the different areas. Targeting setup Target areas closest to the different IKEA stores with different ads. The different ads can promote the same product offers but can show the name/placement of the local store in the ad. 6
  7. 7. Increase conversions by targeting areas Studies have shown that conversions from e-commerce increases significantly when the ads are shown to users that don‟t live close to the physical stores where the product can be bought. With the TradeDoubler ISP-based geotargeting technology, you can now choose to target areas that are not close to the physical stores with specific messages promoting the online shop. Targeting setup Target areas that do not have a physical fashion store close by. Show no ads to the users that have a physical store in the city they live in or close to.7
  8. 8. Device targeting “Target consumers on a specific device, browser or operating system ” Platform / OS Device modelTarget mobile device based on Platform/OS Target mobile device based on brand or specific Model.Example: If you want to promote an iPhone app in order Example: Target only SonyEricsson with a campaign for ato increase downloads you want to make sure that new phone from SonyEricsson. Since it has proven thatthe campaign is only targeted to iOS devices. people are brand loyal this is a perfect way to move them up the value chain8
  9. 9. Web to shop opportunities (ROPO) Use geo-targeting and device targeting to simulate the ROPO-effect (Research Online, Purchase Offline) add location-based offers to mobile devices Create the willingness To stimulate offline to buy online purchase Today: batch tracking • Physical coupon • SMS on a mobile phone • Online lead & ID • Unique promotional code Tomorrow: direct tracking • Mobile phone transaction (2D Flashcode, NFC, …) • …9
  10. 10. ISP targeting “Target consumers on a specific Target users connected from a specific ISP internet service provider or mobile operator ” Target all users that connect to the Internet through a specific ISP provider. Anna belongs to a group named “Telia Sonera” and therefore we can target her with offers from Telia Sonera or their competitors Elisa. Operator / Carrier Show your banners only on to users on a specific carrier network. Example: Use the operators demographic strength to reach your target audience. The operators themselves can use this to target their existing users to reduce churn and increase ARPU10
  11. 11. Interest Based Targeting “Target consumers that show interest in a certain category” Arts & Animals Automotive Health & Beauty Business Humanities Computers & Entertainent Finance Insurance Food & Drink Electronics News & Current Gaming Home & Garden Lifestyle & Society Reference Events Sports & Telecoms & Shopping & Retail Social Travel Recration UtilitiesAmount of websites Website Visitors11
  12. 12. How IBA Works Anna visits Automotive Anna„s Profile Websites 10 times per shows a strong interest Automotive week in Automotive and Retail Website 10% Anna visits Travel Websites 2 times per 50% Travel week 40% Website Anna Anna visits Fashion Automotive Retail Travel Websites 8 Times per Fashion week TD Integral will serve more Website Automotive & Retail programs Please note Tradedoubler do not save any personal information and can not connect an interest profile to a specific person. “Anna” in the example is an interest profile.12
  13. 13. Retargeting “Target consumers that have previously shown interest in your brand” Action retargeting Target users that have previously clicked on a specific banner Sequential retargeting Target users that have made certain defined actions your web site, e.g. complete an order, registered to Target users that have seen your newsletter, participated in a contest banner but not clicked on it with etc. Personnalized retargeting another banner with different design and/or message Target users that fulfill specific Target users with a sequence of criteria that you collect on your banners with different messages website, like gender, age, high frequency of purchase etc. Target users that have started but not completed defined actions on your web site, for example added items to basket without completing order13
  14. 14. How Retargeting Works Internet user decides not to buy this time and continues to browse the web… Internet user visits your web site and TD Integral tracks the user journey on the website Internet user visits a site on Internet user sees the your Private Network; banner, decides to click on it TD Integral identifies the user and returns to from previous tracking, and your site to finalise purchase displays a specific banner for your site14
  15. 15. Why You Need Retargeting  Achieve higher conversion rates  Build brand awareness and loyalty  Tailor your message based on interest  Show relevant offers  Increase sales & leads generation  Increase ROI15
  16. 16. Retargeting Scenarios16
  17. 17. Creative Retargeting Client adds a sequence of With TD Integral‟s We track them within your banners for a campaign in TD retargeting solution we Private Network and we Integral. can spot internet users can show the next banner E.g. for a competition, a that were previously of the sequence based fashion or product launch exposed to a banner on their previous actions but did not click Retargeting sequence17
  18. 18. Newsletter Retargeting Client wants to With TD Integral‟s We can show a cross sell products retargeting solution targeted ad to encourage to past customers who we can spot internet users to buy a relevant purchased online users who receive a product newsletter from the (based on previous orders) client Cross sell Retargeting18
  19. 19. Facebook Retargeting Client wants to With TD Integral‟s We can then track Re-Target and retargeting solution these FB fan users reward Facebook we can spot internet and show them FAN users or motivate users that “like” or visit targeted ads based visitors to become a Facebook Fan page, on their gender Facebook fans of their as long as the page is and/or their previous Facebook page based on a FB application actions (liked or just visited the FB Fan page) Re-Target for order completion19
  20. 20. Setting up targeting in the interface20
  21. 21. Targeting in Advertiser Management• You can set up a targeting option for your adgroup in Advertiser Management• Once you have planned what scenario you want for a particular Adgroup, you can set these up in the targeting pop up.21
  22. 22. Generating retargeting pixels• For retargeting, the system will need pixels on different webpages to work• Easy to use pixel generator will provide these codes for you• Integrate pixels into the container tag to reduce loading time and save time on implementation22
  23. 23. Case Studies23
  24. 24. Case Study: Geo-targeting• Deal24 offers deals from physical or digital stores in Lithuania and ran multiple campaigns with different offers and banners based on the active deals.• Each campaign ran only within one or more specific areas to promote an offer from a store located in this area/s• Deal24 used static and interactive ad elements and updated them weekly based on the new offers 24
  25. 25. Case study: Product Retargeting Client with shaving product With TradeDoublers‟ We showed targeted ads ran a retargeting retargeting solution to internet users that had campaign in parallel with a we spotted internet previously visited the RON campaign, to increase users that visited the product page and product sales web site through encouraged them to return a parallel RON to the website and buy. campaign, but had not bought the product  5 out of 100 retargeted users that clicked the ad bought the product : CR 5%25
  26. 26. Product & Newsletter Retargeting Client with online fashion With TD Integral‟s We showed targeted store ran a Re-Targeting retargeting solution ads to internet users campaign on two we spotted internet that had previously products through users that previously visited the product page site and newsletter visited the product and encouraged them to page and those who return to the website receive the weekly and buy newsletter  8 users out of 100 that received the newsletter completed an order: CR 8%  7 users out of 100 that visited the product page completed an order: CR 7%26
  27. 27. Dax Be part of VercauterenHead of TD Technology Benelux and contact...Tel.: +32 3 224 75 74 +31 10 286 39 53Mobile: +32 476 23 29 28the adserving revolution +31 6 465 475 26Mail: dax@tradedoubler.comSkype: daxter198427