td Technology sales presentation 2012
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td Technology sales presentation 2012



New rebranded main sales presentatie of TD Technology in English. See what Tradedoubler has to offer regarding adserving, tracking, conversion attribution, deduplication, tag management, container tag ...

New rebranded main sales presentatie of TD Technology in English. See what Tradedoubler has to offer regarding adserving, tracking, conversion attribution, deduplication, tag management, container tag and mobile



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td Technology sales presentation 2012 td Technology sales presentation 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Tradedoubler & Technology Main sales presentation 20121
  • Can’t make up your mind which technology to choose? • Measurement is key for online marketeers • But which technology suits your demands the best?2
  • Adserver “An adserver is a webserver that stores advertisements used in online marketing and delivers them to website visitors.“3
  • Web Analytics “Web analytics is the measurement, collection , analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.”4
  • Tracking solution “TD Technology provides a tracking solution, a web solution with adserving and web analytics capabilities, having a strong focus on accurate conversion tracking and performance.“5
  • Tradedoubler & Technology What makes us unique?6
  • Reporting Suite including Online Dashboards with focus on • partners • conversions • return-on- investment7
  • Reporting suite with focus on ROI * Delay times of 1-2 hours on impressions & clicks * Delay times of 15-30min on leads & sales8
  • Online Dashboards * Delay times of 1-2 hours on impressions & clicks* Delay times of 15-30min on leads & sales9
  • Tradedoubler & Tracking 5% 10% Tracking integrated in website: Image pixels are available in all programming languages 3rd party (PHP, Java, C++, Perl, .net,…) IP/UserAgent Different tracking methods: 1st party Cookie (3rd party &1st party) and IP/UserAgent tracking 85% Tradedoubler measures 100% accurate10
  • Tradedoubler & Flexibility Tradedoubler provides most flexible system architecture on the market Smooth synchronisation between different tools (triple adserving) Validation of leads & sales offline tracking capabilities Javascript & HTML pixels for fast implementation11
  • Tradedoubler & Deduplication Deduplication within system: No implementation of partner id needed Deduplication between postclick & postview Auto-deduplication: Post-trackback will send 3rd party pixel when last cookie counted for partner12
  • no deduplication 1 2 3 3 sales Campaign Affiliate SEM Sale confirmation banner link Text ad pageactive deduplication 1 2 3 Campaign Affiliate SEM Sale 1 sale confirmation banner link Text ad page 13
  • Auto-deduplication towards partners A user clicks on a link Which triggers TD A sale is registered and deduplicated within Integral from MMN network Integral tracking Sale confirmation page The “post-trackback” functionality allows you to add an extra tracking pixel of Microsoft, in order for the partner to see conversions in their adserving system Atlas.14
  • Tradedoubler & Tag management15
  • Container tag feature With TD Integral it’s possible to add additional javascript codes to pages before the confirmation page. Advertiser„s website TD Integral Container Tag Javascript Code (retargeting tag 1) More Javascript Code (retargeting tag 2)16
  • Advantages of container tagManagement: Possibility to work with multiple retargeting parties at once Generate plug and play retargeting codes with the TD Integral code generator Easy to use tag management systemSpeed: Group numerious javascript codes together in 1 container tag to make your website perform better Dedicated servers will serve these 3rd party scripts faster and load your website more quicklyTechnical: No re-implementation needed per partner All information in 1 container tag Debug javascript code in realtime within the system17
  • Tradedoubler & conversion attribution18
  • User journey reporting Standard Report User journey Report Display ad Affiliate link Paid Search ad Sale TIME19
  • User journey examples20
  • User journey examples21
  • User journey examples22
  • Tradedoubler & Mobile23
  • App Download Tracking In-App Purchase24
  • App Download Tracking (lead) Generate app downloads with your private partnerships Track the number of app downloads merchant’s activity is generating in web pages and apps into App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) Monitor the effectiveness of the advertising spend Measure conversion rates and optimize your activities to increase their app install base Post app download reporting to evaluate the life time value25
  • App Download Tracking (ADT) iOS 1. User visits a publisher’s site 2. The click is recorded by TD and 3. User is in browser or an app and clicks a cookie is stored on the users redirected to the on a ”app-download”-banner phone app in App Store. with a TD tracking link 5. At that point a ”Thank You”- 4. User downloads page is opened in the browser and the app and the app is A trackback pixel is loaded on the launched for the first ”Thank You”-page to report time trackback 6. When the trackback has been reported, the app is re-opened. The program+affiliate id is sent back into the app 7. The SDK retrieves and stores the program+affiliate id26
  • App Download Tracking (ADT) Android 4. User is redirected to 2. User clicks on a ”app- the app in Google play download”-banner with a with the tracking id TD tracking link. (program+aff id & 3. The click is tduid). recorded by TD 1. User visits a publisher’s site in a browser or an app. 5. User downloads and installs the app. The Tracking id’s are saved by the app, retrieved from Google play by a referral parameter on the download link 7. At first launch a trackback is 6. User launch the app. sent by the app to Tradedoubler with the tduid retrieved from Google play. NB: A download can only be tracked in session for Android27
  • In-App Purchase (sale) TD Technology can now track events from all mobile channels going into the advertiser. Tradedoubler can now accurately track traffic to both already installed merchant apps and newly installed apps The merchant has the option to redirect traffic to the destination that offers the best shopping experience and highest conversion rates28
  • Tradedoubler & Mobile User Partner Merchant PC Site PC site Mobile Site Mobile Site Mobile App Mobile App App store The purchase be TD can User is on The partner can be a The traffic can go completed on any track all of a mobile PC site, a mobile site through to multiple version of the these device or an app destinations advertiser site scenarios29
  • Tradedoubler & Technology Display Mail Affiliate Mobile Search Retargeting30
  • Tradedoubler & Technology 1. The most accurate tracking solution on the market 2. Detailed ROI reporting suite & online Dashboards in real-time 3. Automatic deduplication across all online marketing activities (E- mail, Search, Display, Retargeting, Mobile, Affiliate,…) 4. Container tag for management of other 3rd party web-technology tags 5. User Journey reports to give insight into conversion attribution process 6. Mobile tracking capabilities with App Download Tracking & In-App Purchase31
  • Client Portfolio32
  • TD Technology Benelux clients33
  • Corporate TD Technology clients Advertiser Agency Publisher34
  • 35
  • TD Technology: Pricing One time fee for startup including unlimited amount of Setup Fee users, implementation assistance and system training Monthly license for a company calculated on amount of Transaction Fee transactions per tracked online activity (Transaction = clicks, leads, sales, ileads, isales) Save on impressions and Tradedoubler activities (free of charge) Monthly costs for filehosting, customized user journey Optional costs reports, extra tools and technical consultancy services *Costs are dependent upon volume of tracked online activities and extra services a client wants, but can start from 500 euro per month.36
  • TD Technology: Launch TD Technology TD Technology team Last prepares licenses sends through Workshop tests & activities implementation & Training Contract instructions Promotion, Ad & com- Client implements tracking integrations munication Technical work Marketing & Administration 4 weeks37
  • Dax Questions? VercauterenHead of TD Technology Benelux Remarks?Tel.: +32 224 75 74 Feedback? 286 39 53 +31 10Mobile: +32 476 23 29 28 +31 6 465 475 26Mail: dax@tradedoubler.comSkype: daxter198438