Eczema home remedies

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Eczema home remedies

Eczema home remedies

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  • 1. eczem hom a e r emedi es Four Natural Remedies that will stop the itchingMedical Disclaimer: ALWAYS CHECK WITH A DOCTOR FIRST BEFOREBEGINNING ANY HEALTH PROGRAM
  • 2. ext ra vi rgi n ol i ve oi lCold pressed extra virginolive oil applied to the skindirectly after a warm showerhas excellent moisturizingqualities, and is packed fullof vitamin E.
  • 3. Al oe vera gelAloe vera gel. Go for the 99.9% pure Aloe VeraGel found in good health food stores. Apply it tothe affected area as many times a day asrequired.
  • 4. Vi rgi n  c oc onut oi lRecommended as a miracle treatment.Apply as often as needed to the affected areaand it should help eradicate the flare ups.
  • 5. Take a s ea s al t bat h.Ensure the bathwater is not too hotand place 2 cups ofsea salt into the bathand wait for 10minutes beforegetting in.
  • 6. Onl y Tr eat i ng Sym om pt s.• Unfortunately, like the steroids creams, these natural remedies also are only treating symptoms.• You need to treat the root cause.
  • 7. Onl y Tr eat i ng Sym om pt s.• Many people are frustrated by their eczema, but still only use “reactive” means to treat it.• When they get a flare up, they react by using a special ointment, vitamin, or prescription. Once the flare up is gone, they do nothing to continue the treatment and will react once again when the eczema returns.
  • 8. Fi nd out How To Tr eat The Root Cause at :