Tier 3


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Tier 3

  1. 1. Jada WhiteOctober 28,2012 Ela Project
  2. 2. The Giver: Jonas Jonas is a character from the book The Giver. Meet Jonas, an eleven- year-old boy who lives in a rigidly controlled society. Not many things to do as if you were living like us but they are not.
  3. 3. The Giver : Jonas’ Adversities Jonas becomes wiser while he trains to become the Receiver. The giver will give Jonas memories of strength and courage to help him go on. Jonas wonders about release. The Giver explains to Jonas that he himself cannot ask to be released until the new Receiver (Jonas) has been trained. Rosemary was selected to be the new Receiver exactly as Jonas was. The Giver began training her, giving her happy, joyful memories until she demanded that he also give her painful and anguished memories.
  4. 4. ZebraAdam Zebrin (Zebra) loves to run. He thinks he cant live without doing what he loves. One day while he was running down a steep hill he was hit by a car.He had injured his arm and has not regain use of it yet. The doctor had told him that he couldn’t run until his arm healed. So, he learned how to do something else and it was art and while doing that he had regained use of his arm.  Literature book
  5. 5. Zebra’s adversities Zebra when he started running again. After Zebra’s accident hemet a man. This manvolunteered at Zebra’ssummer program at hisschool. This manpersuaded Zebra to startdoing art. Zebra tries doingit and succeeded. Whiledoing art his arm heals andhe can start running again.
  6. 6. Seventh Grade Victor was a boy in the seventh grade who had a crush on this girl named Teresa, a girl he had liked since they were in catechism classes at Saint Theresa’s ,was taking French, too. With any luck they would be in the same class. Teresa is going to be my girl this year, he promised himself as he left the gym full of students in their new fall clothes. She was cute. And good in math, too, Victor thought as he walked down
  7. 7. Victor’s Adversities After Victor agreed to tutor Te’resa they both learned to speak french. Before Victor told the teacher that he knew how to speak frenchit wasn’t true at all so he has learned. After thet things happened between them I believe that they decided to be just friends.
  8. 8. Reflections These characters and stories I have wrote have overcome some major adversities. In the giver Jonas learned to become wiser to take on the role of the Reciever. As he learned to become the reciever he went over major obstacles. In the story The Zebra he just wanted to run for the rest of his life when this random man entered his life and tought him how to do art. In the story Seventh grade he learned to not be so shy and speak his mind.
  9. 9. Information from www.google.com, www.classzone.com.Thanks for watching!!!!!Jada White