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Performance task Performance task Presentation Transcript

  • Performance Task Jayda Goffigan 11-15-12
  • Jonas’s AdversityJonas’s adversity was facing something that he never would of thought that happened. That was seeing things in different ways nobody else could see.
  • The Perseverance of JonasJonas persevered through it by becoming better at it each day. Also practiced with the giver and he was starting to know what to do.
  • Zebra’s AdversityZebra was a boy who loved running. Oneday he was at the top of a hill. So hedecided he would run down, but he wasrunning so fast that he couldn’t stophimself. So he ran in to a car and brokehis arm.
  • Zebra’s Perseverance Zebra persevered with a broken arm bytaking art lessons. Also becominginterested in art. The reason why isbecause he saw a man with no arm whohad it worst than him.
  • 7 Grade thIn the story “7th grade”, Victors adversity was to there is a boy named impress Teresa to get her Victor who likes a girl to like him. named Teresa. They have the class together. Victor likes Teresa so much he tries to impress her saying something in Spanish. So he has to say something in Spanish in front of the whole class.
  • Victor’s PerseveranceVictor persevered through not speakingSpanish in front of Teresa and the wholeclass by mumbling and the teacher toldhim to sit down.
  • My Similarities• I can relate to Zebra • I can relate to Victor because I love to because there was tumble and cheer. But somebody at school I couldn’t because I that I really liked and had a neck spasm wanted him to like and I couldn’t cheer me. So I tried to or tumble for a while, impress him. according to the doctor.
  • Bibliography• Google Images• McDougal Literature Book• The story “Zebra”• The story “7th Grade”