Language arts project


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Language arts project

  1. 1. Forest Roberson 5th period 10/29/12
  2. 2. Character 1Adversity (Jonas)From The Giver In The Giver, Jonas adversity was  Jonas Not Knowing About Colorthat as receiver he finds out a lot ofdifferent things that are going onin the community that only himand the Giver knows. For Examplehe finds out about color which wasnever told to any other people inthe community. So every thing inthe community was just black andwhite. Another thing he finds outis that when his dad had to releasethe kids he had to weigh them andwhich ever one was the lightest hehad to kill that baby.
  3. 3. How Character 1OvercomesAdversity Jonas overcomes his adversity by  Jonas And Gabe Riding A Bicyclerunning away from the community.Before running away Jonas receives Out Of The Community.a lot of information from the Giverthat helped him on his journeyrunning away from the community.Jonas also gets his little brotherthat he finds out is going to getreleased and takes him on thejourney out of the community.During he uses a lot of what thegiver gave him. For example heused his gift to keep them warmand provide them with gooddreams.
  4. 4. Character 2’sadversity (AdamZebrin) from storyZebra page 184 • Zebra RunningIn the story zebra Adam zebrin faceda huge adversity that changed hisevery day life. One day he wasrunning through the neighborhoodbecause he loved running for thesheer joy of it. Then when he got tothe hill on Franklin Avenue he felt hislegs getting lighter and lighter. Thenwhen he arrived to the hill he startedto descend and start flying like thebird he had once seen in a movie.Then a huge rushing shadowappeared in his line of vision andcrashed into him. After this day hewas never able to run like that again.Cited on page 186 first paragraph,and on 2nd paragraph lines 13 throughlines 36.
  5. 5. How character 2 overcomes adversity. Adam Zebrin overcomes hisadversity when he meets John Wilson  Zebra painting in his summer artone day during recess when he was class with John Wilsonsitting on the gates watching the kidsplay. When he met John Wilson hislife slowly started changing as therefriend ship became stronger. Zebrasrelationship helps him to get over hisadversity not being able to do thething that he loved to do which wasrun. Then during the summer JohnWilson has a summer art class andZebra signs up and has a great timeduring the class. I think John Wilsondoing this really helped Zebra to havefun and forget about his problems.
  6. 6. Character 3adversity (Victorfrom story SeventhGrade). The adversity Victor faces inSeventh Grade is that he likes this  Victor Looking At Teresagirl named Teresa but she doesn’teven notice him. So at thebeginning of seventh grade hepromises himself that this yearTeresa will be his girl. He takes thesame elective class that she takeswhich is French since he alreadyknows Spanish and Englishhoping that he gets her to be hisgirl.
  7. 7. How character 3overcomesadversity. Victor overcomes his adversity bytaking the same elective class that  Victor Talking To TeresaTeresa does. Another thing he doesis that he tries to get her to noticehim. So when French class camewhich was the class they hadtogether right after lunch he triedto impress her by raising his handwhen Mr. Bueller asked the classwho knew French. When theteacher saw his hand up hebeamed and said ‘’ Tres bien.Parlez- vous francais? ’Out ofnervousness not knowing what hewas saying he mumbled ‘’ La mevave me con le grandma,’’. Then atthe end of class Teresa came up tohim and said ‘’I didn’t know youknew French that was good,’’ andshe asked him if he could teach hersometimes.
  8. 8. REFLECTIONS If I were Jonas, I would have waitedJonas overcame his adversity by using for the Giver to give me more powersthe powers the giver gave him to help before leaving. If I were Victor, Ihim and his little brother escape from would have become friends withthe community. Victor overcame his Teresa instead of pretending to beadversity by pretending that he knew someone Im not. Because of hisFrench to get Teresa to like him. Zebra lie, Teresa wants him to teach herovercame his adversity when he found French which will be hard because hehimself a new friend named John doesn’t know French. Finally if I wasWilson. John Wilson invited Zebra to Zebra I would have probably still didhis art class during the summer which the things that I used to do although hehelped Zebra get over his disability for was handicap I probably still woulda while and just have fun. have played sports like basketball in a wheel chair.
  9. 9. Work Cited Gary, Soto. “Seventh Grade” McDougal Littell Literature. Boston: McDougal Littell, 2009 Lowry, Lois. (1994). The Giver. Boston: McDougal Littell Potok, Chaim. “Zebra” McDougal Littell Literature. Boston: McDougal Littell, 2009.