Elysia K-Leigh F.


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Elysia K-Leigh F.

  1. 1. Unit 1 PerformanceTaskElysia Fuller10-29-124th period
  2. 2. Jonas {Adversity}Jonas is an eleven-year-old boy whois beginning to turn twelve. Whenthe kids in his community turntwelve, they have to attend a bigceremony in which their professionswill be announced. Now that Jonashas been selected to be "TheReceiver", he gets a list of rules. TheGiver tells him that he isnt allowedto discuss his "Receiver Training"with anyone, he has to lie. WhenJonas realizes that no one in hiscommunity has ever really felt anyemotions at all, he also discoversthat the process of "release" is reallynothing more than a deadlyinjection. He is not pleased withthis new discovery.
  3. 3. Jonas {Perseverance}Jonas plans to fake his own death and runaway to a land outside the communities. Ithas color, emotions, music , love, and joy,but also violence and poverty.While Jonasis getting ready for his escape he finds outthat the little baby, Gabriel, is going to be"released" the next morning. He has tomake a thrilling and fast-moving escapetaking the baby with him. While bikingaway from the community with Gabriel,theyre basically starving to death untilthey see a familiar hill. When he gets tothe top of the hill a sled is waiting for him.While sliding down the hill he can feelemotion, see colors, and hear music. Bythis time, he knows that he is "Elsewhere".
  4. 4. Victor {Adversity}Victor is a boy in theseventh grade. He likes agirl named Teresa andwants to ask her out. Theproblem is that he doesntknow how. He then findsout that they are in thesame class. He believesthat this is the perfect timeto make his move.
  5. 5. Victor {Perseverance}Victor tries to impress Teresa bypretending to know french. Whenthe teacher asked a question thatVictor didnt know he had to makeup sounds that sounded likefrench. His teacher, Mr. Bueller,confronted him and made him feelembarrassed in front of Teresa.When they left the class she askedhim to help her with her french, heaccepted it. Victor was shocked,but was happy that Mr. Buellerdidnt blow his cover.
  6. 6. Ernie {Adversity}Ernie was mentally challenged sohis mother kept him in the househis whole life until she died. Whenshe died Ernie was forced to go to agroup home because of hisdisabilities. He needed to go outinto the world to try and cope withhis new life, he fell in love with thefirst woman he saw. Her name wasDolores, she was a little manly andeverybody in the town says that noone could ever love her, but Erniedid.
  7. 7. Ernie {Perseverance}After having fallen in love withDolores, Ernie leaves flowers forher every time he is taken to thediner "Big Boys". The flowers arespecial because after his motherdied the only thing important tohim was a pack of seeds he had.After being convinced by Jack,his caretaker, to plant them hegives the beautiful flowers toDolores. Once noticing thatsomeone could actually careabout her, Dolores starts havingthe confidence to girly up theway she dresses.
  8. 8. Reflection Page"The Giver"- Jonas overcame his adversityby escaping the community successfully."Seventh Grade"-Victor overcame hisdiversity by convincing Teresa that he knowsFrench and getting to tutor Teresa."A Crush"- Ernie overcomes his adversity byhelping Dolores feel loved and having herchange her whole way of appearance.
  9. 9. Works Cited Page● http://images.google.com● My literature book● "The Giver"