Ela project 7th grade ms dawson


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this is my project for language arts. i did the powerpoint

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Ela project 7th grade ms dawson

  1. 1. DanielleBuchanan10-25-12ELA/7th periodPerformance taskTier 3
  2. 2. The Giver- Jonaspart 1Jonas is not normal. He is 12 years old, Helives in a world without fear, pain , hunger,poverty and crime.communtity leaderscontrol everything. They even control whatothers are allowed to say or do. Jonas isgiven a role from the community leadersbased on the talents and abilities he has.The day his role came he waited for hiselders approval.
  3. 3. The Giver- Jonah part 2 Jonas gets singled out and gets a special training from “The Giver”. The giver holds the memories of true pain and pleasure of life. With Jonass role the giver forces him to receive the truth of the things he has been holding back on . Jonah can not turn back . When he discovers his memories the beginning is enjoyable. He has the ability to see colors and see his best friend Fionas red hair. although the beginning was good there were memories that broke his heart. Jonas is forced to keep all memories to himself until he can train a new receiver to who he can pass them to.
  4. 4. Seventh Grade- Victorpart 1 Its victors first day of school. He finds a girl that he likes named Teresa. He wants to deeply ask her out, but the problem is he is to scared. He tries to impress her in French class by pretending he knows how to speak French. His teacher knew he was pretending, therefore victor was embarrassed.
  5. 5. Seventh Grade- Victorpart 2 Victor asks his French teacher can he help him. He wanted help in impressing girls and learning how to speak French. Victors teacher knew he had problems or issues trying to express his true feelings. The teacher also knew that victor liked Teresa because he did not purposely raise his hand in class and try to speak French. Finally, he overcomes talking to Teresa and asks her if she would like to be his friend.
  6. 6. A Retrieved Reformation-jimmypart 1 Jimmy Valentine is a safe cracker. He was sentenced to prison for 4 years without parole. He was released from prison for 10 months. He went to his old apartment and packed his tools and left. In weeks there were robberies of cash stolen from banks. Of course Jimmy would be one of the suspects. A man named Ben Price was the investigator. He said this case had Jimmy written all over it.
  7. 7. A Retrieved Reformation-Jimmypart 2 Jimmy was found not guilty and he continued his life. He walked into a town bank and searched through it before robbing it. He walks into a hotel and notices the banker’s daughter Annabel Adams. He fell in love. Jimmy began to give up his criminal ways. He reformed his life. The couple soon got engaged. A week before the wedding, one of Jimmys old friends asked if he can have his tools since Jimmy did not do crime anymore. The friend tracked jimmy down and soon found him at the bank with Annabel and jimmys family there. Annabels dad showed both families a new safe. Everyone got trapped in the safe. Annabel begged Jimmy to get his tools and break them out. He saved the day. Jimmy had to face being accused for things he did not do. He reformed his life and he had a chance to be redeemed for all the bad things he has done.
  8. 8. PicturesThe GiverSeventh GradeA Retrieved Reformation
  9. 9. Adversities and perseverance The Giver - Jonas has to overcome keeping his memories a secret. He is forced to keep the most tragic and happy memories to himself until he can train the new receiver so he can pass them on. Seventh Grade -Victor overcomes his fear of showing his emotion. He finally talks to Teresa and learns to speak fluent French! A Retrieved Reformation - Jimmy overcomes having to be the victim when it comes to banks crimes. He gets married and stops his bad ways.
  10. 10. Work cited For this presentation I used the following recourses Language arts textbook Seventh grade- page 30 A Retrieved Reformation- page 226 The giver chapter book www.google.com www.ask.com And many more…
  11. 11. THE END!! Hope you enjoyed it!!