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Ave' Marshall Powerpoint


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Adversities and Resolutions By: Ave Maria Marshall Date: 10-24-12 Subject/ Period: E.L.A./ 5thTitle of Assignment: 7th grade E.L.A. Unit 1 Performance Task Tier 3
  • 2. The Giver/ Adversity● Main Character- Jonas● Adversity- Jonas has received the job of the receiver in his community. His job is to keep all the memories, so the rest of the community doesnt have to. He goes through pain, sadness, and happiness all at once. He has to face these things for the first time in his life. He has to escape from the community with his baby brother also, but that will be breaking many rules.
  • 3. The Giver/ Resolution● Main Character- Jonas● Resolution- Jonas doesnt want to receive the memories anymore. He wants the community to see what he went through. He runs away, so the community can receive all the memories he has. He escaped from the community with his baby brother Gabe.
  • 4. A Crush/ Adversity● Main Character- Ernie● Adversity- Ernie has a mental problem, and has only talked to his mother. He has never been out of his house. One day his mother dies, and they have to take him out of the house and take him to a home. At the home, he discovers he likes to plant flowers with his friend Jack. Jack took him to a restaurant, and across the street, Ernie falls in love with this girl named Delores. He wants to show his love to her without her knowing who he is.
  • 5. A Crush/ Resolution● Main Character- Ernie● Resolution- He puts flowers in front of the store door every morning with her name on them just to show his love, but secretively. It makes her feel loved on the inside.
  • 6. A Retrieved Reformation/ Adversity● Main Character- Jimmy Valentine● Adversity- Jimmy just gets out of jail for robbing banks. He finds love and wants to change. He has a person watching him to see if he will rob more banks. He was on his was to bring his old friend his old safe cracking tools, because he was done with bank robbing. On his way there, he stops at the bank. There, he finds out that Annabels daughter, Agatha is trapped in the safe. He will have to reveal his criminal mind to the one he loves, or let Agatha die in an air tight safe.
  • 7. A Retrieved Reformation/ Resolution ● Main Character- Jimmy Valentine ● Resolution- He gets Agatha out of the safe, and walks away without speaking to anyone. The person who thought he was still robbing banks, praised him, and Jimmy left the bank.
  • 8. Reflections● The Giver/ Jonas- Jonas ran away from his problems and let other people suffer from them. He never overcame his problem.● A Crush/ Ernie- Ernie made himself and Delores, feel better just by bringing flowers everyday. He over came his problem with flowers and love.● A Retrieved Reformation/ Jimmy Valentine- Jimmy saved a persons life. He overcame his problem by letting Agatha out of the safe and walking away. He was scared at first, but pulled through at the end. He turned his life around.
  • 9. Works Cited● Images-● A Crush- Georgia Literacy Book By: Cynthia Rylant, Short Story● A Retrieved Reformation- Georgia Literacy Book By: O. Henry, Short Story● The Giver- The Giver, By: Lois Lowry, Novel