Analyze the theme of perseverance.ppsx j francois


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Analyze the theme of perseverance.ppsx j francois

  1. 1. ByJa’Mikel Francois 10/29/2012
  2. 2. After two months of working at the SCLC, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. came by the office to meet Maya Angelou. She had sent tens of thousands of letters and invitations signed by Rev. King, made hundreds of statements in his name, but never seen him close up. This took Maya by a total surprise and took her a moment to react to his outstretched arms. Martin started to ask her questions about herself and her family. She was scared to tell Dr. King that her brother was in jail because she didn’t want to lose his respect. Maya wanted him to think Bailey was an uncommon criminal just selling stolen goods. She explained, to Martin that her brother was not a bad person, but disappointment drives young men to some desperate lengths. Sympathy and sadness kept Martin’s voice low. He said, “That’s why we must fight and win. Never give up on him. Never deny him. And remember, he is freer than those who hold him behind bars.” The personal sadness Martin showed when Maya spoke of her brother put her heart in his keeping.
  3. 3. Armstrong said on the eve of this day. Winning in 99 was a complete shock and surprise for me. Not that I’ve gotten used to winning the Tour de France. When he and his U.S. Postal team are introduced by race announcer Daniel Mangeas, as the last team to start their lap of honor around the Champ-Elysees, the modern “anthem” of the British rock group Queen thumps into the balmy Paris air: “We are the champions my friend …… We are champions.
  4. 4. This story is about a young boy who was called Zebra.Zebra would go running through the neighborhood for the sheer joy of feeling the wind on his face. Each time after only a few minutes of running his legs would begin to feel wondrously light. All of the neighbors knew him and would wave and call out , “Go Zebra!” As he was racing down the street he had given himself that push which turned from a zebra to an eagle. Suddenly ,a huge rushing shadow appear in his line of vision and crashed into him and plunged him into a darkness from which he emerged very, very slowly.The doctors told him he would never run like that again, but his friends continued to call him Zebra.
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