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  1. 1. British Periodicals November 2009
  2. 2. The Value of British Periodicals• Many landmark texts were originally presented to the reading public in serial form in the periodicals contained in Collection I and Collection II, such as – De Quinceys Confessions of an English Opium-Eater – Carlyles Sartor Resartus – Cobbetts Rural Rides – Bagehots The English Constitution – Gaskells North and South• Continuing in the tradition of Periodicals Archive Online and American Periodicals Series, the two British Periodicals collections offer researchers and students alike a new way of restoring the original contexts of such works, and understanding life and thought in the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
  3. 3. Making research easier Boime, Albert, “William Holman Hunt‟s “The Scapegoat”: Rite of Forgiveness/Transference of Blame, The Art Bulletin, Vol. 84, No. 1. (Mar., 2002), pp. 94-114.
  4. 4. BATOR, PAUL G., The Unpublished Rhetoric Lectures ofRobert Watson, Professor of Logic, Rhetoric, andMetaphysics at the University of St. Andrews, 1756-1778,Rhetorica, 12:1 (1994:Winter) p.67
  5. 5. From a DissertationTHE SOURCE OFLABOUR., Chamberss Journalof Popular Literature, Scienceand Arts, 140 (1866:Sept.) p.554
  6. 6. Two Full-text Collections Complete• Collection I - Early British Periodicals – 160 periodicals dealing with literature, philosophy, history, science, the fine arts, and social sciences, published between 1681-1937, based on the UMI microfilm collection – Title list available – 3.1M pages – Sourced from 100 libraries, for best copy available to photograph • most titles available in full or nearly full runs – Scanned and OCRd full text • Search and view full page images or individual articles • Indexing of all content, including articles, illustrations, ads and other items comprising each periodical issue • Browse by title and issue
  7. 7. Collection II• English Literary Periodicals – 340 periodicals published between 1681-1914, over half of them published after 1790 – 2.2M pagesPLUS• British Periodicals in the Creative Arts Collection – 71 titles dealing with music, art, drama, archeology, and architecture – Published between the 1770s and the early 1900s• Both based on UMI microfilm collectionsAND – An additional nine titles listed in the Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals making all of these periodicals available in full text in British Periodicals• Title list available
  8. 8. Unique Content• British Periodicals fills a gap in the universe of electronic research materials – Overlap with ProQuest‟s Periodicals Archive Online • 7 titles (Academy and Literature, Bentleys Miscellany, Edinburgh Review, Longman’s, Macmillans Magazine, Scottish Review, and Temple Bar) – Overlap with JSTOR • 2 titles (Mind and Jewish Quarterly Review) – Overlap with Early English Books Online (EEBO) • 0 titles – Overlap with Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) • 38 bound titles, including some partial runs, 2nd editions and reprints – Overlap with Eighteenth Century Journals II by Adam Matthews • There are 70 titles in this collection, some partial runs. • Only four titles in British Periodicals Collection I overlap (The Connoisseur, The Museum: Or, the Literary and Historical Register, Visions of Sir Heister Ryley, The Bee, or Literary Weekly Intelligence) • Another 11 titles would overlap with Collection II – Overlap with Internet Library of Early Journals at Oxford University • 2 titles, partial runs - Gentlemans Magazine (1731-1750) and Blackwoods Edinburgh Magazine (1843-1863)
  9. 9. Varied content from and about Britain…
  10. 10. … and beyond
  11. 11. Literature and serialized fiction
  12. 12. Poetry
  13. 13. Reviews, ads and book lists
  14. 14. Letters and Obituaries
  15. 15. Music and maps
  16. 16. Artwork, illustrations and much more
  17. 17. Demonstration User-activated research areaFielded quick searchon every page
  18. 18. Keyword and field optionsMultiplelimiters
  19. 19. Filter results toquickly see thetrends andmanage largeresult sets
  20. 20. Displayfull textexcerpts Combine filters
  21. 21. Easynavigation Downloadbetween options andhits navigation between results Hit terms highlighted
  22. 22. View pageswithillustrations Gray scale images re- create experience of viewing original print images
  23. 23. What does the academic community think of our grayscale images in British Periodicals?“This has a very „authentic‟ feel, I can almost smell the paper”Glyn Purseglove, Dept of English, University of Wales, Swansea“Without the grayscale scans, you are limiting the potential uses of the resource quite considerably.”Dr Ian Gadd, School of English, Bath Spa University“Grayscale is nicer to look at than equivalent-res black and white, and gives a better "feel" of what youre working with … The image, frankly, looks nicer in grayscale”Dr Matthew Steggle, Senior Lecturer in English, Sheffield Hallam University
  24. 24. Find Journals - Search Browse indexes
  25. 25. Browse by title and issue Information about each titleMultipe browse options Browse contents of issues
  26. 26. Save records and searches
  27. 27. More useful features• My Archive – personal research space to save records/searches in between sessions• MARC records for each periodical• Citation software support for exporting references• OpenURL & Z39.50 compliancy
  28. 28. Integration• Cross-search with Periodicals Archive Online – PAO customers can also have all of their British Periodicals titles included in that interface to maximize use and access• All nineteenth century British Periodicals bibliographic records will be indexed in C19: The Nineteenth Century Index – cross-searchable with a growing number of other resources including American Periodicals Series, Periodicals Index Online, Wellesley, Poole‟s Index, Palmer‟s Index to the Times, Nineteenth Century Short Title Catalogue, House of Commons Parliamentary Papers and more!• Cross-search with Wellesley Index – Enhanced version of British Periodicals is available for those who have access to the Wellesley Index online via C19 or standalone (available by November 2006)
  29. 29. Integration of full text and scholarly indexes Include Wellesley indexing in searches of British Periodicals if you also have Wellesley Index online or
  30. 30. Include authorattributions fromthe WellesleyIndex in searches
  31. 31. WithoutWellesley, only5 articlesauthored byThackeray arefound
  32. 32. Additional information
  33. 33. Questions?