The Many Faces of CASA: Self Portrait Project


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The Many Faces of CASA: Self Portrait Project

  1. 1. Th e M any F ace s of C AS A P roj ct e S e lf P ortraits
  2. 2. What is a Self Portrait?• A self-portrait is a representation of an artist; drawn, painted, photographed, or sculpted by the artist.
  3. 3. What’s the point?Self portraits let us express who we are and how we feel. Some people find it hard to talk about how they feel so they are able to express it through art forms, like music, dance, writing, drawing, painting, and sculpture. How do you express yourself?
  4. 4. Vincent Van Gogh• One of the most famous of self-portraitists was Vincent Van Gogh, who painted himself 37 times in 3 years. Van Gogh rarely painted himself looking at the viewer, why do you think that is?
  5. 5. Frida Kahlo• Frida Kahlo also painted many self portraits. Due to a terrible accident she spent many years bedridden, with only herself for a model. She painted 55 self-portraits. Some are nightmarish representations which symbolize her physical sufferings.
  6. 6. Jean-Michel Basquiat
  7. 7. M.C. Escher
  8. 8. Pablo Picasso
  9. 9. Beth Kappa
  10. 10. Student Self Portraits
  11. 11. Student Self Portraits
  12. 12. Abstract Self Portraits
  13. 13. Abstract Self Portraits
  14. 14. Abstract Self Portraits
  15. 15. The Use of Color You can use color to help you express how you feel.• Black • Pink Color Mood Chart• TENSE • CHEERFUL• UPSET • Yellow Color Mood Chart• STRONG • IMAGINATIVE• Grey • HAPPY• ANXIOUS • Orange Color Mood Chart• NERVOUS • DARING• Green • ADVENTUROUS• CALM • Red Color Mood Chart• PEACEFUL • ENERGIZED• Blue • ANGRY• RELAXED • Purple Color Mood Chart• SAD • CREATIVE• Dark Blue • EXCITED• VERY HAPPY • White Color• LOVABLE • FRUSTRATED • CONFUSED
  16. 16. What’s so good about art anyway?• The great thing about art is that it is all about how YOU see the world. There is no right or wrong way to do it!• Remember that you are the only one that has your ideas and the images in your head! Your job as an artist is to get those ideas and images out of your brain and on to the paper!
  17. 17. Important Things to Remember• This Art Show is being held to raise money to buy our school books and to build community.• Be Creative! Show us who you are and what you are about through your self portrait. Use colors, drawings, words, collage…anything!• Use the paper we are giving you today to make your self portrait.• You may use any supplies you or your teacher has to make your self portrait.• Self portraits are due to Mrs. Leonardo June 18th• Come see the Many Faces of CASA exhibit with your family June 24th at 5:00PM