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  • Clarity & Accuracy: Is the content understandable to customers?Is the content organized logically & coherently?Is the content correct?Does the content contain factual errors, typos, or grammatical errors?Do images, video, and audio meet technical standards, so they are clear?Influence & Engagement: Does the content use the most appropriate techniques to influence or engage customers?Does the content execute those techniques effectively?Does the content use too many or too few techniques for the context?Completeness: Does the content include all of the information customers need or might want about a topic?Does the content include too much or too little information about a topic for the context?Voice & Style: Does the content consistently reflect the editorial or brand voice?Does its tone adjust appropriately to the context—for example, sales versus customer service?Does the content convey the appropriate editorial and brand qualities?Does the content seem to have a style? If so, does the content adhere to it consistently?Does the content read, look, or sound as though it’s professionally crafted?Usability & Findability: Is the content easy to scan or read?Is the content in a usable format, including headings, bulleted lists, tables, white space, or similar techniques, as appropriate to the content?Does the content have the appropriate metadata?Does the content follow search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines—such as using keywords—without sacrificing quality in other areas?Can customers find the content when searching using relevant keywords?
  • Linked in slideshare from ndm

    1. 1. Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn in 2013
    2. 2. WHAT IS LINKED IN?LinkedIn is a social With 3 million users, India hasnetworking website for the fastest-growing network ofprofessionals and is users as of 2009.mainly used for The Netherlands has the highestprofessional networking. adoption rate per capita outside the US at 30%.LinkedIn has 21.4 million monthlyunique U.S. visitors and 47.6 million In January 2013, the countriesglobally. with the most LinkedIn users were:The membership grows byapproximately two new members • United States with 73.29every second. million members • India with 18.34 millionAbout half of the members are in membersthe United States and 11 million are • United Kingdom with 10.95from Europe. million members
    3. 3. What isNEW DAWN MEDIA … also called: * Online Marketing * Social Media Marketing * Content Strategy * Inbound Marketing * Branded Content *It is how a brand creates, delivers and governs original, curated or user generated content to attract and retain customers, while positioning the brand as a credible expert and, ultimately, motivating a change in behavior - buying behavior.
    4. 4. How does LinkedIn make the sale?I was at a client site recently listening in on a sales call with a prospect who my client hadbeen chatting with for months. It was a lovely call. Laughter, in-jokes, obvious rapport. Theywere introduced on LinkedIn; they tweeted each other daily. Yet nothing was going anywhere.I wrote a note in front of him, which he repeated:We’ve been chatting for a while now. And the more I get to know you, the more I see thepossibility of our working together somehow. What would you need to know about my solutionto know if it would fit, and if your colleagues would be willing to consider adding somethingnew to what they are already doing so well?The conversation shifted. The man was happy to answer: We’re starting to go through theprocess of an M&A, and won’t be able to take on anything new for about a year. Can we revisitthis in 6 months? At that time there will be new people on board (I might even be gone!), and Idon’t know what the hierarchy will be, but we can discuss it. Client kept talking.In 6 months, WE GOT THE SALE!There could be no buy in, no decision team, and most likely no purchase. Does that make you want to continue being ‘friends’ or end the ‘friendship’? Do you want to ask for a referral? How much time do you want to spend being ‘friendly’ vs closing a sale? And how will you know when/if it’s time to pull the plug, or ask the hard questions?
    5. 5. 1. Get your company on LinkedIn.It sounds obvious,but you need to signup for an accountNOW. We will bedesigning this pageso it works for you.This includes aproper logo, a link toa Twitter feed, abrief overview ofcompany milestones,and more. This isincluded in yourmonthly rate.
    6. 6. The emergence and growth of social media applications that focus entirely on photographs has required companies to take a closer look at the way images reflect their brand. The way in which Instagram and Pinterest and Google take the persuasive power of pictures to a new level, creating engagement between consumers and brands based entirely on visual cues, demands that the imagery put forth on behalf of your brand is coherent. In other words: PHOTOS & VIDEO ARE VERY IMPORTANT!!! 6
    7. 7. Content fuels customer engagement at all stages of the customer life cycle from top of funnel to ongoing relationship. It is harder-working than other media because it covers the entire purchase cycle. YOUR SALE DOES NOT END AFTER THE TRANSACTION!!! WE KNOW THIS! DO YOU?7
    8. 8. LinkedIn is the mostpowerful socialnetworking site to helpyou grow your business.If you want to hang with the bigplayers—a place where connections aremade, leads are generated, and dealsgo down—then you need to spend moreof your time on LinkedIn.LinkedIn is a valuable resource for small businesses because you cangrow relationships and drive new business. However, you needsomeone working on it and communicating and connecting peopleevery day. We can gain you new 3,000 new connections in 3 months.
    9. 9. Like other socialnetworks, it all startswith your profile.From there we can:• mine your network forconnections,• nurture new leads• join groups and gain wider reach,• ask and answer questions, and• stay up on the latest news andtrends in your industry.
    10. 10. LinkedIn allowscompanies to displayup to three productsor services in the formof 640 x 220 pixelimages. This givesvisitors an easy visualrepresentation ofwhat your companydoes. Everybody lovespictures.We can get quick video from any iphone for YouTube testimonials—but that mightbe not even be necessary. Short videos can be recorded and easily uploaded withmost smartphones, allowing to quickly give glimpses into your company. Everyoneloves office tours & shopping!
    11. 11. No matter what your line of work or type of business, LinkedIn can be beneficial for: Demonstrating expertise through the content you post in the site’s Answers section. Scroll through open questions posed by others on the site and answer those that fall in your area of expertise. Connecting with professionals like you in the Groups area. Groups are discussion forums centered on a topic or industry. You can use the Groups area to share ideas with peers, pick up a few tips to help your organization grow, and connect with people who share similar passions. Helping your search engine optimization efforts. Search engines love inbound links, and your personal profile and company page can both link back to your website, giving you a higher rank in the world of Google. Staying on top of industry news. Using LinkedIn today you can get the latest news sent right to your inbox.
    12. 12. LinkedIns statusupdates allow othersto like and commenton status updates oncompany pages —much like Facebook.So theres plenty ofroom for moreconnections and fansbetween yourcompany andLinkedIn users.
    13. 13. We create an eventpage, fill out all theinformation we can,and invite others toattend that arepotential buyers.Remember, whensomeone accepts aninvitation to attend, itwill show up on theirLinkedIn profile,extending the reach ofthe event to others.
    14. 14. We connect with companies youare interested in.We follow companies that arepotential clients for you,interact with them, and mostimportantly, build relationshipsonline. LinkedIn allows you tosee part of another companywithout ever getting up fromyour desk. Whether its B2Bsales or a new consumer buyer,we study the company you aretrying to interact with onLinkedIn. Furthermore, weinteract with its employees,who you can also see you onLinkedIn.
    15. 15. Creating a LinkedIn group and joining LinkedIn groups gives the ability to generate an amazing number of leads from high-end decision makers.Here’s how we maximize you in LinkedIn groups:- Add keywords in the description to increase your search rankings on LinkedIn’ssearch section.- Add keywords in the title of the group to be found on Google.- Add your company website or blog to the group to drive traffic to your site.- Add your blog RSS feed to the group so every new article is automatically postedto the home page of every group member.- Send a weekly message that adds value for group members and drives trafficback to your site.-Connect people in the group by making introductions to those who couldpotentially do business with you.All of these points will help yougenerate more leads for your business.
    16. 16. We get recommendations and testimonials from users , clients andcustomers.People rely on other peoples opinionbefore obtaining a product or service, “The fabric I bought fromwhich is why word of mouth marketing Shatto was absolutelyis extremely important for a business. fabulous! THE 350 roomWhen we set up your companys page, hotel I redecorated hasLinkedIn will give you the option to get turned out just wonderfulrecommendations, by default. We not because of the productsonly do this, but we get as many as we we got from there. I can’tcan. Much like anything on LinkedIn— wait to buy more!”we rewrite and customize the defaultrecommendation request message. - Designer, Gloria WenhtThis is likely to increase the responseto your recommendation requests.
    17. 17. Evaluate Existing Content on the Basis Of… Usefulness & Relevance Clarity & Accuracy Influence and Engagement Completeness Voice and Style Usability and Find Ability
    18. 18. Social Media Communications isContent Marketing Content