Getting sales online


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Getting Sales Online - your Path to ROI

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Getting sales online

  1. 1. Understanding Online Marketing And How It Gets You SALES!!!
  2. 2.  94% ofYOUR new customers begin their search with a search engine. 80% is Google’s share of local search 75% of all new customers come from online. Well over half of your whole marketing campaign could come from being on Google full time!
  3. 3. Average time spent per Top activities performed duringinteraction simultaneous screen usage 43 60% Minutes Emailing 39 44% Minutes Surfing the net 30 42% Minutes Social Networking 17 25% Minutes Playing a game From Google Research 2012
  4. 4. Think those inspiring vision boards don’t result in referral traffic to websites and blogs? Think again. In January 2012, Pinterest drove greater traffic to websites than LinkedIn, Google Plus, Reddit, and Youtube — combined.4
  5. 5. From Google Research 2012
  6. 6. Every company has different goalsfor different products and services.We need to know what that is toinclude that in the strategyprocess.Content fuels customer engagement at allstages of the customer life cycle from top offunnel to ongoing relationship.It is harder-working than other mediabecause it covers the entire purchase cycle.It allows a brand to retain a relationship withthe customer even if it’s not transactional – amagazine or Website that is lifestyle-oriented, for example, and keeps thecustomer connected to the brand until he orshe is ready to purchase again is key.
  7. 7. Awarenesshappens byspeaking theirlanguage andshowing you arean expert!It is the first stepof engagementand an importantstep in the salescycle.
  8. 8. Engagement Interaction Bonding Transaction Advo. Repurchase TV Target Testimonials #1 Email Search Website Target # 2 Email Sale Social Media Sale Social Media Target News/Pr #3 Email News/PR
  9. 9. AdvocateTV, Search On Social Email & Social Website Sale! Media of Subscribe Media your buyers
  10. 10. Did you know 70% of business decision makers say branded content helps them make better purchase decisions? If you are a B2C company; 80% percent of consumers are more likely to buy from companies that offer content about their products & services.You want to make your clients feel GOOD. They buy from experts they trust.
  11. 11. Whether you believe it isgood or bad, this changehas ramifications forcontent creators. Brandsknow they must createcontent, not just to stayfresh and relevant inorganic search results, butto engage their customersand act as thoughtleaders in their industries.
  12. 12.  Google wants to prioritize content created by verified writers with authority in certain topics in its results. Credibility is what makes Google’s search results as efficient and useful as they are. Filtering out the spam was the goal of PageRank, and SEO spammer and linking schemes still found ways around that.
  13. 13.  You need a ghost writer for your expertise that can translate your thought leadership into the right language your customer speaks on every channel. A Digital Marketing Manger knows content strategy and content management.
  14. 14.  Google is now verifying individual writers through its social network, Googl e+ with something called Author Rank.
  15. 15. You need to share what you know. Sales are Have you been based on TRUST. People TRUST EXPERTS. running a business for 10 years? 20 years? Guess what? You are AN EXPERT!! You have value that can market you online!
  16. 16.  Google doesn’t own social networking, but it does own search and email (and surprise! new Gmail signups automatically get Google+ accounts). With Author Rank, it’s outsmarting SEO spammers while forcing content producers to use Google+. They may not like it, but the alternative — risk losing influence, isn’t much better.
  17. 17.  Many bloggers and publishers today are seeing traffic from social exceed that from search engines; social sites like Pinterest, for example, are now top traffic sources for some retailers.
  18. 18.  Social Media is often now the first step in a sales process path online… but it is NOT A DIRECT SALE! It is simply getting their attention.Social Media is Used to Build trust Promotes good relevant content, run contests, creates an identity in your industry first. Once people recognize that you don’t just blast your company’s PR all over the place, but share stuff they like (give good advice, relevant info etc) and find useful, they will follow and like your activities and SHARE YOU.Away from Facebook Now that you have their attention, it’s time to drive them off of Facebook and into your website. In there you have total control over the environment and thus can work your conversions magic.
  19. 19. 1. We create content that people will have an incentive to share and… not just blogs or articles, but photos, videos, eblasts, you name it.2. We do keyword research to see what topics are popular and interesting, so we don’t waste effort writing about things people don’t care about, we find the spin-off.3. We lead this content your website!4. We show that you stand for something, and write about that. People dont buy what you do, they buy why you do it. You are an expert, but why are you passionate about it? Why should anyone care? 22
  20. 20. Your website is theface the worldsees, the source ofofficialinformation aboutyour company,and the one placeonline where yourcompany controlsthe content.However, peopleneed to know youHAVE A WEBSITE,through search,social media, blogsand promotions.
  21. 21. Getting their email is a transaction. You want their email, so you have to offer somethingthey want in return. Your job is to sell the idea of subscribing to your list, and you need anattractive offer to do it. Once you are in their email inbox, you are 80% on your way tothe sale.
  22. 22. Target Audience Need States Competitive Sales Cycle Analysis Content Strategy Media Products/Services Consumption25
  23. 23. PLANNING CAMPAIGN DISTRIBUTIO & DEVELOPMENT N&STRATEGY Content Purpose PUBLISHINGAudience Needs Customer Journey Key Themes & MessagesMedia Consumption Publishing Schedule Storyline StrategyBusiness Requirements Distribution Experience PathsBrand Experience Community Recommended Topics ManagementContent Audit Content Strategy MeasureCompetitive Analysis Syndication Partnerships
  24. 24. Strategy Process:PART 1: - Content StrategyContent Process: What’s Missing?Planning Content Inventory/Audit Gap/Comparative Analysis Editorial Strategy & Brief Content Templates Channel Distribution - Content Production & Review
  25. 25. Boomers Accumulators Not a mobile market Love the ipad or  Love Mobile kindle  6-9am radio Search/Community Sites (FB &Pinterest)  9-5 News & Info News & Information  5-8 TV & Mobile sites  8-11TV & Entertainment sites Financial/investment/i Entertainment nsurance sites
  26. 26.  Baby boomers  Accumulators  Accumulators are looking for sound financial advice but they are held back from seeking help with financial tasks because they are unsure of whom they can trust  Three screaming unmet needs as key to motivating the many investors who would be interested in new services but are afraid to act: ‘(1) tell me what you do, (2) how you are paid, and (3) how to evaluate you.’  Four in 10 Accumulators find retirement planning difficult but aren’t getting help. A similar proportion isn’t seeking help in getting started saving and investing.
  27. 27. Before you can measure ROI based on clicks, hits and sales, you need to have content to send across the channels. And that content starts with a strategic storyline.
  28. 28. Developing a sense of structure ofstories (campaigns)requires, settings, character, moodsand a plot.
  29. 29. Create a Compelling Choose the right Tailor strategies to Story & Content type of content each channel Strategy PromoteContent/Implement Create great design Find the right Strategy via and branding content partners Editorial Schedule
  30. 30. CHANNEL STRATEGYIs Not Just About Where – But Also When
  31. 31. How do we make ithappen?EMPLEMENTATION  Editorial Brief/Calendar  Benchmarks  Checks and Balances  Staying flexible to grasp new opportunities
  32. 32.  The back bone of your Content Strategy becomes your BRANDING BIBLE
  33. 33.  Website  Your Editorial Content Calendar is your 24-hour becomes your store front. online compass for your Target Then you need Audience. to get people to your website from other places on the web.
  34. 34. The emergence and growth of social media applications that focus entirely on photographs has required companies to take a closer look at the way images reflect their brand. The way in which Instagram and Pinterest and Google take the persuasive power of pictures to a new level, creating engagement between consumers and brands based entirely on visual cues, demands that the imagery put forth on behalf of your brand is coherent.In other words: PHOTOS & VIDEO ARE VERY IMPORTANT!!! 38
  35. 35. Just as people do judge books by their covers, online shopperswill judge your business based on what they see when theyarrive on your site and encounter your brand elsewhere on theweb. NDM’s Graphic Designers work with your specific ContentWriters to create custom visual content that tells a compellingstory on behalf of your brand.From exclusive infographics and rich formats for white papers tocustom images for blog posts, your Content Marketing Strategisthelps you find the best visual content mix for your businessgoals.Power thought leadership marketing with visual contentThe combined efforts of NDM’s skilled Design and an industry-focused Content Writer produce infographics that appeal totarget audiences with substantive, relevant information in aneasily digestible format. Eighty-three percent of consumers’learning happens visually, and they’ll be more likely to rememberyour brand if you teach them about valuable industry demands,trends or best practices with graphic content.Even adding simple custom graphics to illustrate your newsarticles, blog posts, landing pages and other site contentincreases the likelihood that visitors will pay attention to whatyour brand has to say: Color visuals increase willingness to read by up to 80percent.
  36. 36. Outbrain is the leading content discovery platform on the web. Outbrain recommends your article, mobile and videocontent on your site and on premium publisher sites to expose it to highly engaged audiences across more than100,000 publisher sites of over 300+ premium publishers.It drives traffic to your content by recommending it alongside the editorial on top publisher sites. Get your contentdiscovered by the right audience at the right time.The audience coming from Outbrain is already in content consumption mode, therefore more engaged and more likelyto stay longer.
  37. 37. HOW IT WORKSGETTING SALES 1. I guide your integrated content marketing plan: Identify yourTo help you achieve audience, set appropriate goals andbranding, search establish your custom, SEO-friendly editorial brief.and social visibility, 2. Provide high-quality content withtraffic, leads and unique news content marketing approach for your exclusivesales, Dawn breaks marketing campaign.down what she 3. Help you leverage your contentdoes in four parts: and build your brand via guidance on social sharing and strategic execution. 4. Maximize your ROI with analytics that measure and shape your continued content marketing plan.