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Vanderpool dawn pso_lisakristine

  1. 1. Lisa Kristine: Photographs ofModern Day Slavery on TEDx Maui January 2012
  2. 2. Lisa Kristine is a world renowned humanitarian photographer who has traveled to remoteregions of the world to document human misery.
  3. 3. A passionate speaker, she drags you from your chair into an underground tunnel in her first few sentences, taking you quickly into the horror of slavery.
  4. 4. Lisa shocks the audience with the devastating statistics on simple yet bold slides, deepening the audience’s shock and realization that slavery does still exist…in many parts of our world.
  5. 5. Just when the horror seems unbearable, she brings you back out of the tunnel into the light.
  6. 6. Lisa easily and passionately follows Nancy Duartessuccessful storytelling guide, taking the audience intothe depths and then lifting us back out for a breath ofair.
  7. 7. I give Lisa Kristine a5 out of 5 in Dynamism
  8. 8. Sir Ken Robinson draws the audience in with laughter, his ability to joke at his own expense seems tomake him more trustworthy and believable. He is very sincere and passionate about his ideas; he also follows Ms. Duarte’s chart.
  9. 9. Sir Ken delivers his ideas successfully: A happy audience will relive the enjoyment AND the information.
  10. 10. A very enjoyable and memorable speaker.
  11. 11. Lisa Kristine captures her audience with disbelief…
  12. 12. …with sadness…
  13. 13. …with horror and then empathy.
  14. 14. Ashamed of the Human Race.
  15. 15. Lisa’s slides and videos weresimple, heart-rending and wellplaced, acting as punctuation forher talk.A deliberate speaker, with wellplaced dramatic pause andunflinching eye contact with heraudience.Lisa Kristine is a perfect example tofollow for a dramatic speech.
  16. 16. “Few artists know how to capture the diversity and dignity of indigenous people. Lisa Kristine’s portraits exquisitely convey their silenced messages.” Cosette Thompson Amnesty International
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