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Meet Dawn Doherty and Russ Terry Learn how to audit your life and business to uncover the area of your life to focus in on changing that will create the biggest results. Set goals the RIGHT way so you actually achieve them.

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  • Welcome &Thank you for your time- we know that your time is valuable. I’m Dawn Doherty, Business and Life SuccessCoach and I’m Russ Terry, Life Coach.We help people who are in business for themselves or in transition to increase their incomes and happiness by learning more about predictably producing their outcomes.Why are we here together with you? We BELIEVE that success and happiness is within your reach and we’ve both studied the masters and uncovered actionable natural laws that they use to produce consciously desired outcomes. Dawn’s favorite question- “Is your life happening to you or are you making it happen”. Think of our time today as a review of a course that can easily be called “Success 101”. Conventional wisdom tells us that large incomes are generated by accumulating degrees, working harder and longer than everyone else, or playing the “game” better than everyone else. Some believe that “luck” is what creates success for some people. You’ll learn today that the power to accomplish absolutely anything comes from changing who you are being rather what you are doing.
  • In summary- This webinar is based on the following concept: that there is a practical guide to understanding and applying the laws of the universe to get the business you deserve and the life you desire.Some of what you’ll hear today may be concepts that you’ve heard or read elsewhere and your internal voice may say to you “I already know this”.The big question is “have you actually used it to change your life?”Bruce Lee “To know and not to do, is not to know.”If you haven’t applied it then you may not fully understand it OR you don’t believe it. So be OPEN and stick with us!We’d like for this to be interactive. We’ll present actionable techniques that you can immediately apply to your business. Have a pen and paper ready as we’ll step you through a few exercises that will have you making a difference TODAY.Type in your questions as we go. We’ll answer them if relevant and then address all questions at the end of this presentation (that should take no more than 40 minutes).We’re recording the session and the link will be sent to everyone who stays with us until the END of the call. We have a valuable offer that will be making at the 25 minute mark so make sure not to miss this.Strategy 1- Russ will give us an understanding of how to identify the top area in your life to focus in on to drive the best results overall;Strategy 2- Dawn will share why we don’t set goals, how to set winning goals and a technique for programming your success this year. *Bonus- this webinar is a condensed version of a group coaching program that we’re launching and beginning in January. You’ll get the details and determine whether group coaching with us in 2014 is something you’re interested in committing too,Strategies 4-7 : High level of what they are so you are acquainted with the entire program Q&AAre you ready?
  • We’d like to start by having you get to know us better.It was love at first sight- we facilitated an iPEC coaching weekend together and vowed that we would work together.Dawn: I work with entrepreneurs (RE agents, coaches, mortgage brokers, small bus owners) and the thing that keeps from earning big and living healthy/happy lives is NOT knowing what to do…(I have a sys BYS that takes care of that). instead it’s understanding how to BE. The fact is: you were born to be a success. Uncovering the stories that keep us from committing to an internal dialogue to create change in our attitude is the center of my work.Russ: {create your blurb around what you do}Let’s get started on 2 exercises that will help us shift our attitude and get creating!
  • RUSS{Introduce wheel of life}The Wheel of Life is a powerful tool that helps us to assess our lives and clarify priorities for goal setting. The reason for auditing where we are in various life areas is all about our commitment to create an attitude to set us up for creating the lives we desire.When we’re heavily consumed in a particular area it comes at the expense of others. We all know people who’ve compromised spending time with those they love for the sake of their careers. This exercise is something you should do on a regular basis so you can create the foundation for awareness that leads to bringing in a life that is full and where you’re deliberately BEING so things stop HAPPENING TO YOU and you’re in the drivers seat.Explain the 9; do exercise; go over it – what did you think of the exercise in general? What did it tell you about yourself? Which areas do you want to work on (doesn’t have to be the lowest)
  • Now that you’ve become acquainted with the “Wheel of Life” let’s do a short exercise. Grade yourself in the 4 areas on the slide.Strategy examples to increase score in these areasCareer:Complete “Strengths Finder” assessment to audit whether you’re career is a match for your talentsFamily:Commit to a weekly family activity that is written in inkPersonal Finance:Find a financial planner and get develop a plan for paying of debt/savingHealth, nutrition and exercise:See a nutritionist and commit to an exercise programThese are strategies not goals…now Dawn will share how to set goals the RIGHT way
  • DAWN“If it’s not scheduled, it isn’t real.” – Marie ForleoGoal setting, getting VERY CLEAR about what it is that you REALLY want is the single most important approach for creating the business you deserve and the life you desire.The people I meet who are struggling have this in common- their vision for their life is murky at best.I’m going to share why most of us don’t have goals then review an exercise that will jump-start you into creating the script for your move “My life in 2014”…ready?
  • Most people don’t realize the importance of goals. If you grow up in a home where no one has goals or you socialize with a group where goals are neither discussed nor valued, you can very easily reach adulthood without knowing that your ability to set and achieve goals will have more of an effect on your life THAN ANY OTHER SKILL. Look around you- how many of your friends and family members have clear and committed goals?Second reason people don’t have goals is they don’t know how to set them in the first place. Even worse, many people THINK they already have goals. What they really have is a series of wishes and dreams…like “be happy” or “make a lot of money” or “have a great family life”. A goal is CLEAR, WRITTEN and SPECIFIC. You can measure it and know when you have achieved it or not. We don’t learn how to do this in school- even people with advanced degrees. If you never hear about goals until you’re an adult then you have no idea about how important they are to everything you do.Failure hurts. When we experience failure we resolve to be more careful and avoid failure in the future. We subconsciously sabotage ourselves by not setting any goals at which we may fail….we play it safe at the expense of our success. We end up going through life functioning at far lower levels that are “good enough” rather than realizing our full potential.Rejection- we’re afraid that if we set a goal and we’re not successful then others will criticize and ridicule us. This is one of the reasons why you should work with a trusted mentor or coach to keep you to your goals rather than sharing the your goals with the world. Let the world SEE what you’ve accomplished …don’t tell them in advance. What they don’t know can’t hurt you.
  • Deepak quote: Intention breeds attention- what do you think that means?Exercise to do after this call {review exercise}
  • We’ve been leading live workshops and working with one on one clients- we developed a way that we can reach more people and get them connecting to what we have in our lives- the ability to manifest the business you deserve and the life you desire.Review offerSell EXPERIENCEWe CARENo pressure- we want to acknowledge those of you who are SERIOUS about making 2014 the year that you finally break through. Enter you email to receive the application to be considered for our 1Q14 Group Coaching. The group is limited to 13 participants so you’ll receive the attention you need to create the business you deserve and the life you desire
  • RUSS- Review of his modules:We gave you a taste of 2 strategies earlier- Auditing Your Life (Wheel of Life) and Making it happen (Goal setting the right way)Let’s review the 5 other strategies we’ll be working on with you:MindsetCreate daily behavior that allows you to call on your “higher self” at willA way to set yourself up for feeling great every day and end the day on a high noteGratitudeMention the bookShow them how to be mindful of what’s right to shift our focus on bringing more of that into our life- “What we focus on attract”Dawn will show you how to be a magnet for clients that you do your best work with and healthy relationships through a gratitude based networking techniqueAccountabilityHow to stay on trackDeveloping a system to maintain your momentum
  • DAWN- Review of his modules:Most of you may not know that I’m a scientist by training and design- Stevens Institute of Technology, BSEEWith that said, I’ve studied the science of success and made that my specialty. Combo of how to BE while knowing what to do.My modules are:Time Management- Module 6Creating a shift in behavior so you’re not wasting time and you’re creating more time to spend with the people who matter the most in your life. I’ll share proven practices, tools and approaches that will have you getting more business and having more fun;Sealing Your SuccessWhat we focus on we attractThere are opportunities surrounding us daily and WE’RE the biggest block to connecting to them because we’re unaware and can’t see themIntroduce you the the “Reticular Activating System” What is the reticular activator system? It’s the filter to what you're hearing and what your sub conscious is working on. When we’re fully utilizing the reticular activating system then the noise and busyness goes away so we can focus in on what we want to bring into our businesses and our lives. You’ll learn how tot rain your reticular activation system on a daily basis using technology and the. law of attraction. You can create your future by using these processes. Exciting, yes?
  • Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet

    1. 1. To Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet Presented by: Russ Terry, Life Coach Dawn Doherty, Business Coach
    2. 2. Agenda  What you’ll get out of today’s session  Our background  Strategy 1- Audit Your Life Overview- RT  Strategy 2- Make it Real Overview- DD  Our offer to you- DD  Strategies 3-7 Highlights  Q&A
    3. 3. Strategy 1- Audit Your Life Personal Finance Career Family Fun & Enjoyment Social Relationships This background area is Energy Management & Stress Management, which both impact you in many of the areas Intimate Relationship Health, Nutrition & Exercise Physical Environment Spiritual Energy Awareness Management Stress Management 0% 0% Personal Development Volunteering & Giving Back Time Management
    4. 4. “Audit Your Life” Exercise  Grade yourself on how satisfied you are in each area (1- 10, 10 being FULLY satisfied)  For the full module you would go through all 14; for the purposes of this just pick a few  For ONE of those, come up with a wish for it:  Wish:  Examples include:  “I want a job that I love.”  “I want to be better at time management.”  Goal – Next module (with Dawn)  Strategy – A plan or series of maneuvers to obtain a specific goal
    5. 5. Strategy 2- Make it Real  The Power of written goals  “Why is it that other people are doing better than I am?”  A person of average intelligence with CLEAR GOALS will run circles around a genius who’s not sure about what they really want. –Brian Tracy  Only 3% of adults have CLEAR WRITTEN goals  Before you begin scrambling up the ladder make sure that it’s leaned up against the right house. – Stephen Covey SOURCE: Goals! by Brian Tracy
    6. 6. Why People Don’t Set Goals 1. They think goals aren’t important  Most of us weren’t conditioned to set goals 2. They don’t know how  A series of wishes and dreams are not goals 3. They have a fear of failure  Failure hurts; it’s something we choose to avoid 4. They have a fear of rejection  If we’re not successful, others will criticize us SOURCE: Goals! by Brian Tracy
    7. 7. “Make it Real” Exercise  One Year From Now  “Intention breeds attention.” – Deepak Chopra  What are you doing (in each wheel of life area)  With whom are you doing it?  Where are you living?  How much income are you earning?  How much fun are you having?  What’s the difference you’re making in the world?  How do you feel? SOURCE: iPEC Coaching
    8. 8. “Make it Happen in 2014” Offer  Group Coaching with Dawn and Russ 1Q14  Lifetime access to instructional videos and exercises  Facebook group access- get our support and the support of others on this journey in real-time  2 group accountability calls per month for 3 months  One on one coaching (optional)  Apply at
    9. 9. 7 Powerful Strategies- Russ Mindset Momentum (Module 3) Gratitude Attitude (Module 5) Accomplish with Accountability (Module 7)
    10. 10. 7 Powerful Strategies- Dawn Time Management (Module 4) Sealing Your Success (Module 6)
    11. 11. Connect with Russ    Twitter: RTerryLifeCoach  Facebook: Russ Terry, Life Coach  Instagram: RussTerryLifeCoach  LinkedIn: RussTerryLifeCoach  YouTube: RussTerryLifeCoach & LifeCoachTVNetwork  On the radio:
    12. 12. Connect with Dawn    Twitter: @dawndcoach  Facebook:  Instagram: @dawndcoach  LinkedIn:
    13. 13. Wrap-up  Apply to be considered for our 1Q14 group coaching at   Review this recording and  Grade yourself in each wheel of life area  Develop your “One Year From Now” story
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