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Avnet & Rorke Data - Open Compute Summit '13 Avnet & Rorke Data - Open Compute Summit '13 Presentation Transcript

  • Avnet EmbeddedIntroducing: Rorke Data Supports Avnet‟s Open Compute Strategy
  • Data centers are filled with stuff… Networking Storage Storage A B Micro-server 1 Micro-server 2 Server Server Server Server Server A B C Micro-server D E 3 Micro-server 4
  • And those things are filled with stuff… Server A CPU CPU RAM RAM RAID HDD HDD SSD SSD Controller FC 1GbE 10GbE IB GPU BMC DCIM Power Mgmt
  • Wouldn’t it be great… …if you could have exactly what you need? …exactly when you need it?
  • In taking the standard building blocks… Server CPU CPU RAM RAM HDD HDD SSD SSD RAID Controller FC 1GbE 10GbE IB GPU Power BMC DCIM Mgmt
  • …we deliver exactly what you need – globally London Trading NYC email Server Beijing Hadoop Cluster Appliance Networking CPU CPU Micro-server Micro-server 1 6 Micro-server Micro-server 2 7 SSD Micro-server Micro-server CPU 3 8 RAM RAM SSD Micro-server Micro-server 4 9 Micro-server Micro-server 5 10 RAID Controller Server Server FC 1GbE A B HDD BMC DCIM Storage 10GbE 10GbE HDD A
  • London Trading NYC email Server Beijing Hadoop Cluster Appliance Networking CPU CPU Micro-server Micro-server 1 6 Micro-server Micro-server 2 7 SSD Micro-server Micro-server CPU 3 8 RAM RAM SSD Micro-server Micro-server 4 9 Micro-server Micro-server 5 10 RAID Controller Server Server FC 1GbE A B HDD BMC DCIM Storage10GbE 10GbE HDD A
  • London TradingNYC email Server Beijing Hadoop Cluster Appliance 25 500 3500 Pre-configured Fully Configured Custom Tuned Application Application Servers Racks Appliances NYC London Beijing
  • Globally. Tongeren, Belgium Hams Hall, UK Acton, MA LondSan Jose, CA NYC on Chandler, AZ Tianjin, China Nogales, Mexico Beijing, China (‘13) Beijin g Jundiai, Sao Paulo, Brazil Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil Sydney, Australia
  • Global Integration CentersAny OCP solution can be built in any of our corporate-owned facilities Tongeren, Belgium Hams Hall, UK Acton, MA San Jose, CA Tongeren, Belgium Chandler, AZ 395,000 sq. ft Tianjin, China 140 Employees Nogales, Mexico 190,000 Units/yr Beijing, China (‘13) ISO 9001Phoenix, US228,000 sq. ft270 Employees400,000 Systems/yrISO 9001 Jundiai, Sao Paulo, BrazilISO 14001ISO 13485 Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil Sydney, Australia Joinville, Brazil 45,000 sq. ft 20 Employees ISO 9001
  • who we are…as an independent business unit of theworld’s largest global distributor ofelectronic components, computerproducts & embedded technologies,what we do…we deliver value-added, state-of-the-artcompute, networking & storagesolutions, customized to your uniquebusiness needs.
  • “To become the leading provider of IT solutions by engaging technology partners and IT solutions companies to design, deliver and integrate the most cost effective, power efficient compute, storage, and networking solutions available.”vision statement Advantages: • Supplier agnostic • Global footprint • Financial strength
  • agnostic “Those who take an agnostic view of technology, make implementation decisions to choose any specific solution over another that are driven predominantly by need.” approach System-level Data Center-level DISPLAYS & TOUCH SOFTWARE INTERFACE STORAGE MOTHERBOARD CHASSISUnbiased, unrivaled insight and guidance on the Access to leading eco-system partners andindustry’s largest ecosystem of best-of-breed alliances, allows us to choose the optimal insertiontechnology brands around the world to ensure point to insure project success. Complete ITyour solution is planned, built and delivered - lifecycle management - from concept, to prototype,from concept to actuality - with maximum to production, through post-sales support, toeffectiveness, efficiency and ROI. lifecycle upgrades, including post-value recycling, we are positioned to deliver maximum customer value. Complete financial services solutions are available to meet all CapEx & OpEx requirements.
  • A typical Rorke engagement involvesdiscovery activity in an attempt to:• Scope the overall project requirements• Perform “gap analysis” on project deliverables• Identify/engage optimal partner consortium engagementUpon qualification, a dedicated projectmanagement team is assigned to work with strategyrelevant Data Center architects to createddetailed project plans, define specificBOMs, and interface with Integration Facilitiesteam to deliver project success.
  • To deliver ocp solutions targeted at thevalue-based IT marketplace• Server (Intel, AMD, ARM, Power)• Storage (JBOD & NAS – high performance to archive)• Networking (traditional to IOV ) ocp product strategy
  • To support our solutions targeted atthe value-based IT marketplace• Flexible support options • Same day/Next Business Day (NBD) on-site • Same day/NBD parts replacement • 4 Hr., on-site, 7x24 options • On-site spares options support• Global support options strategy • Call center w/Salesforce.com interface • Cloud-based self-service tools • 191 Countries supported via NBD parts delivery • 19,693 Cities supported via NBD parts delivery
  • Avnet Welcomes Our 2013 OCP Summit Partners
  • the open compute project Launched in „11 from an internal FB project• Mission: Leverage the concept of open source to data center hardware• Foundation board members • Facebook • Rackspace • Intel • Goldman Sachs • Arista Networks
  • the open compute project Specs are published on web site (opencompute.org)• Innovation subcommittees: • Data center design • HW management • Open Rack • Open Vault (storage) • I/O Virtualization • Motherboard Design • Certifications & Interoperability
  • the open compute project Profile:• Sample benefits by moving to OCP: • PUE (power usage effectiveness): 1.07 (vs. 1.5-1.9) • WUE (water use effectiveness): .31 liters/kWH (vs. 1.0) • 100% outside air evaporative cooling system • CapEx reduction: 45%
  • General inquiries ocp@avnet.com Prequalification & Initial Engagement Tiffany Nguyen, BDM Tiffany.Nguyen@avnet.com 408.890.0215 Strategic Engagement & Field Sales Support Ed Cassell, Director Sales OCP: Ed.Cassell@avnet.com 818.800.8517 DaWane Wanek, Director ITI/OCP Solutionscontact list Dawane.Wanek@avnet.com 713.589.3596 Chief Technologists Joel Wineland, Americas Joel.Wineland@avnet.com 210.483.0884 James Hesketh, EMEA & APAC James.Hesketh@avnet.com 210.663.7014
  • Avnet Welcomes Our 2013 OCP Summit Partners
  • Avnet EmbeddedIntroducing: Avnet‟s Global OCP Innovation Labs Strategy
  • Topics: • Avnet‟s OCP vision statement • OCP Innovation Labs • Purpose • Configs/investmentocp innovation labs: • Locationsdiscussion • Timeline • Ecosystem partners points
  • “To become the leading provider of open source solutions by engaging technology partners and the user community to design, deliver and integrate the most cost effective, power efficient compute, storage, and networking solutions available.” avnet‟s ocpvision statement Advantages: • Supplier agnostic • Global footprint • Financial strength
  • To deliver open source hardware/softwareinto the community, for “hands on”enablement:• platform & configuration testing• hw/sw validation• performance tuning ocp labs:• community innovation purposeThe intention is to have local, physical access as wellas VPN remote access to the lab resources.
  • OCP innovation lab configurations will be aminimum half-rack (“shorty”) or full rackOpen Rack components, containing someor all of the following:• production v2 servers• prototype v3 servers• production Open Vault (storage) ocp labs:• 10GbE networking switch• NextIO I/O virtualization appliance configsThe labs will support both 19” Ash-racks, as well asthe innovative 21” Open Rack. The maindevelopment lab (Eden Prairie) will also supportmultiple power footprints.
  • ocp lab locations (main development lab) Eden Prairie, MN Acton, MA NYC Area San Jose, CA Beijing, China Chandler, AZ Shanghai, China Hong Kong  1-2 Racks  2-4 Racks  Acton, MA  Eden Prairie, MN  San Jose, CA  Beijing, CH  Shanghai, CH  Chandler, AZ  Hong Kong  NYC, NY
  • • Early Jan, „13 (prior to OCP Summit) • Press release “Lab Launch” • Eden Prairie, MN • Q1, CY‟13 • NY ocp labs: • Beijingtimeline • Q2, CY‟13 • Chandler, AZ • Acton, MA • Hong Kong • Q3, CY‟13 • San Jose, CA • Shanghai, CN
  • • Compute • Quanta * • Wistron *• Networking • Quanta • QLogic • NextIO • Pica8 ocp labs:• Storage ecosystem • Quanta • • Wistron * SageCloud partners• Racks/Power • Damac * • Delta * • TrippLite • Validus/ABB* denotes currently producing OCP products
  • Avnet Welcomes Our 2013 OCP Summit Partners
  • Avnet thanks……for being one of our „13 OCP Summit partners.
  • Avnet EmbeddedPresents: Our Development Partner Sage Cloud and Our Community Contribution to OCP Summit „13
  • Archive Storage Enclosure for Open Compute Jeff Flowers jflowers@sagecloud.com
  • Acknowledgements• Contributions to this design from: • Mark Rees and the engineers at SageCloud • Gene Lee and Andy Lee of EchoStreams • Brice Benard and Sonya Bailey of Toolless Plastic Solutions • DaWane Wanek and Joel Wineland of Avnet Embedded1/23/2013 SageCloud, Inc. -- Public Release 35
  • Goals• Designed for storage of long term archive, backup and big data systems as alternative to KNOX primary storage design: • Single redundancy for scale out on multiple copy system • Higher density of disks • Power management for spin-up and spin-down • Efficient airflow for single fan and less power • Enclosure weight of 35 lbs. (with disk drives) to allow handling by single technician • Designed for both 19-inch and OpenRack 21-inch systems • Otherwise, compliance with other features in OCP1/23/2013 SageCloud, Inc. -- Public Release 36
  • Design• Archive storage is a JBOD enclosure with: • 20 x 3.5 inch SATA drives • Connected using LSI SAS expander chip • Fan control chip with shutoff for PWM fan at back • Three connections: 12V power, SAS8644 in, SAS8644 out (for daisy chaining) • LED lights on front for overall activity and error, LEDS on back for power and SAS connection status, and LEDs on backplane indicating drive and fan status/error. • Case built from plastic for light weight, low vibration, noise reduction, and color design.1/23/2013 SageCloud, Inc. -- Public Release 37
  • Storage Enclosure Features NOTE: Top view. Not to scale. One bicolor LED per Disks inserted vertically disk on backplane Backplane at bottom of pod with in trayless holder visible from laid out in major chips toward rear. (details in next slide) drive order (4x5) Vents to allow cool air intake Fan(s) blowing out hotdistribution around air with status LED on disks. PCB. Disk Disk Disk Disk Disk Disk Disk Disk Disk Disk Handles on each FRONT end for easy Disk Disk Disk Disk Disk carrying. Two LEDs on front: Disk Disk Disk Disk Disk power/activity Connectors for and failure. 12VDC and Power button on 2 x SAS 8644 all with front of cabinet. status LEDs visible Top of pod (not shown) removed Plastic case designed for Fan control module on backplane preferably without tools. Top serves data center (including with thermal sensors around the to secure drives while allowing top European standards. board. ventilation.1/23/2013 SageCloud, Inc. -- Public Release 38
  • Trayless Disk Holder NOTE: Side view. Not to scale. Top of pod has bumper securely Top of Pod holds down drive when tiop attached. Drive slots provided by two molded parts with drive slots at top and bottom. Gap between long size of drives 0.10 inch for ventilation. Gap between short size of drives 0.5 inches for removal. Disk Drive backplane board. Pod designed to withstand same shock as disk drive (half sine wave) 300 for 1ms or a drop of 12 inches. Rubber bumperDrive connector supported by bottom of to PCB. pod to take drive weight.1/23/2013 SageCloud, Inc. -- Public Release 39
  • Enclosure Drawing1/23/2013 SageCloud, Inc. -- Public Release 40
  • Enclosure Drawing1/23/2013 SageCloud, Inc. -- Public Release 41
  • Dimensions• Outside enclosure base dimensions (excluding handles): • Height = 168.7 mm (6.64 inches) • Width = 142 mm (5.59 inches) • Depth = 759.5 mm (29.8 inches)• Designed to allow three enclosures in 4U of rack space • Custom shelf with cable arm for power and SAS cable • Attaches to front and back of shelf lip• Weight around 35 lbs. with disk drives inserted• Ambient operating temperature +5 C to +40 C1/23/2013 SageCloud, Inc. -- Public Release 42
  • Power Management• Power budget of 170 watts nominal operating with peak design of 450 watts during drive spin-up• Power usage is monitored by software• Full software control over power: • Drives do not spin-up until command to avoid initial surge • Spin-up of drives can be done with maximum power limit • Automatic spin-down after inactivity timer available• All power components have 93% or better efficiency• PWM fan controlled based on enclosure and drive temperature sensors1/23/2013 SageCloud, Inc. -- Public Release 43
  • SAS Connections• Uses LSI SAS 2x28 expander chip for 20 x SATA drives and 2 x SAS4 connections• Uses new SAS 8644 connectors for future 12Gbps speed• Supports standalone SES2 and SMP functions• SAS chip implements power management and fan control functions• Work in progress on dual-ended SAS initiator design for higher availability1/23/2013 SageCloud, Inc. -- Public Release 44
  • First Mechanical Prototype1/23/2013 SageCloud, Inc. -- Public Release 45
  • Availability• First prototype produced for mechanical design and testing underway• First working prototypes early March 2013• Production release expected October 2013• Full 3D STEP plastic design, backplane schematics, and LSI SAS firmware will be available for manufacturers after testing• OWF contributor license signed by SageCloud1/23/2013 SageCloud, Inc. -- Public Release 46
  • SageCloud Support• SageCloud will continue to contribute and support the OCP archive storage efforts• SageCloud also providing open source Linux software for use with enclosure: • Power management functions in drivers • ZFS file system• SageCloud provides commercial software and support for large scale private clouds of cold storage1/23/2013 SageCloud, Inc. -- Public Release 47
  • Avnet Welcomes Our 2013 OCP Summit Partners