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Presentation to The Nutrition Society Training & Education programme is delighted to offer a Media Training workshop at the Annual Summer Meeting 2012, Queen’s University Belfast,

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Introduction to Blogging

  1. 1. BLOGGINGHELLO I AM @DAVYSIMSAsk questions anytimeTake notes if you want to but you can ...Download this presentation: 16 July 2012 blogs, bloggers and blogging
  2. 2. WHO ARE YOU? blogs, bloggers and blogging
  3. 3. WHAT I’M GOING TOTELL YOUDon’t BlogWhere to startBlogging platformsTypes of blogsBlogging Tips blogs, bloggers and blogging
  4. 4. WORLD OFINTERACTIVEINTERNET Disregard people who say it doesn’t take much time. It does if you want to do it properly. It also takes; thought, planning, patience, skill and money Once people start commenting – you become a Community Manager There are crazzies out there blogs, bloggers and blogging
  5. 5. WHAT IS A BLOG?Donna: What Josh doesn’t know is that some of these people haven’t taken theirmedication.Josh: They don’t seem to have taken my response in the spirit it was intended.Donna: YeahJosh: Seems to be a very unusual social structure…for instance, there’s a leaderwho seems to pride herself on her organizational skills and a certain amount ofdiscipline… blogs, bloggers and blogging
  6. 6. WHAT IS A BLOG?Donna: Right, that’s what’s called a “control freak”.Josh: She does seem to do an awful lot of scolding: “You posted in the wrongplace… Stay on topic, people… Don’t use capital letters… I don’t have time to tellyou twice” when clearly she does have time to tell us twice.CJ: The people on these sites, they’re the cast of One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest. blogs, bloggers and blogging
  7. 7. WHAT IS A BLOG• Content is published in a chronological fashion• Content is updated regularly• Readers can leave comments• Other blog authors can interact via trackbacks and pingbacks• Content is syndicated via RSS feeds and Tagged for easier navigation and to theme stories and posts blogs, bloggers and blogging
  8. 8. WHERE DO YOUSTART?Find out what’s out there blogs, bloggers and blogging
  9. 9. BEST BLOGS blogs, bloggers and blogging
  10. 10. HIGHLYPROFESSIONAL blogs, bloggers and blogging
  11. 11. BLOGGINGPLATFORMSFree (just a few of the best)wordpress.comblogger.composterous.comtumblr.comPaidmovabletype.comWordpress hosting one blogs, bloggers and blogging
  12. 12. CONTENTMANAGEMENTSYSTEM blogs, bloggers and blogging
  13. 13. TYPES OF BLOGSIndividual –Alan In Belfast blogs, bloggers and blogging
  14. 14. TYPES OF BLOGSGroup –Slugger O’Toole blogs, bloggers and blogging
  15. 15. 10 TIPS1. Time and timeliness.Spend time – don’t publish the first draft. The truth is, social media and bloggingDOES take time. Is that the way you want to spend your Sunday morning? If youcan tie your post into something people are already talking about – all the better2. Like TED – spread ideas that are worth spreading.This is not about self promotion (only), it’s about helping your readership.3. Get a good headline.Spend ten minutes brainstorming and you’re bound to stumble across somethingthat works. A weak headline will cripple your post’s chances of success. It’sessential that you put a lot of work into getting it right. blogs, bloggers and blogging
  16. 16. 10 TIPS4. Keep it tight.Smart headline followed by tight introduction. Don’t waffle; sub and sub and sub –no one has the time to read your burbling.5. Visualisation.Use images – mix big and small - formatting – get a good template. Sometimes allyou need is a good photo and a caption6. Build a network. Read and contribute to other blogs – add value to others blogs– give to get back. blogs, bloggers and blogging
  17. 17. 10 TIPS7 AskDon’t just tell – if you don’t know – say so and ask for help, information, ideas.Social Media is about sharing and about listening.8 Promote on other social mediaDon’t just write a post then stick a link on Twitter – be thoughtful about what you sayto promote.9 Think about what people want from you.What unique perspective can you bring? blogs, bloggers and blogging
  18. 18. 10 TIPS10 Think before you beginWhat is my social media and blogging policy? blogs, bloggers and blogging
  19. 19. SOME LEGAL STUFFI am not a lawyer, I’m a journalist. Would you go to an amateur dentist for bridgework?But Here are a few good sources blogs, bloggers and blogging
  20. 20. SOME LEGAL STUFF blogs, bloggers and blogging
  21. 21. CRISIS MANAGEMENTThe UK law and online journalismPaul BradshawSenior Lecturer, Online Journalism, Magazines and New Media, School ofMedia, Birmingham City University, UK (, Online Journalism Blog blogs, bloggers and blogging
  22. 22. SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY3 Social Media Policies you can use today1 Don’t be Stupid - Liz Heron New York Times2 Social Media is not a booty call, it’s a long-term relationship – Felicia Day3 Don’t be drunk in charge of a keyboard – Davy Sims blogs, bloggers and blogging
  23. 23. TAKING IT FURTHERMeasuring success - AnalyticsKeywords and Search Engine Optimisation (seriously - be very careful of snake oilsalespeople)Paid for PlatformsMulti-User BloggingCurating and managementVolging, Podcasting, AudioBoo, Vimeo, YouTube, Flickr and others. blogs, bloggers and blogging
  24. 24. FREE BLOGGINGPLATFORMSTumblrBloggerWordpressPostrousBlog.comMore … blogs, bloggers and blogging
  25. 25. CONTACTdavy001@gmail.comTwitter @davysimsFacebook’m also on & Posterous & Tumbler& LinkedIn & Vimeo & Flickr & Qik &Livestream & Ustream & & Slideshare & Bebo & My Space & Gowalla & 4Square &Many others Blog: blogs, bloggers and blogging
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