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The Planetarium The Planetarium Presentation Transcript

  • The Planetarium Dave Cross [email_address]
  • Better living through feed aggregation
  • Web feeds make my life better
  • I no longer have to visit my favourite sites individually
  • I just visit Google Reader and all my favourite sites are there
  • I can consume data at least 10 times more efficiently
  • Which frees up a lot more of my time
  • To spend with family and friends
  • Or (more likely)
  • Gives me time to consume 10 times as much data
  • Lots of good information in web feeds
  • Blogs
  • News
  • Email
  • Twitter
  • Every site produces web feeds
  • (Well every site except Facebook)
  • Reading web feeds is easy
  • Let's do something more interesting
  • Let's aggregate web feeds
  • We'll need some software
  • Planet
  • Give it a list of web feeds
  • It produces a web site
  • And another aggregated web feed
  • Planet is written in Python
  • That's a problem for some people
  • Perl could do that too right?
  • Enter Plagger
  • Typically flashy Perl project web site
  • Plagger does everything that Planet does
  • But it does so much more as well
  • I wanted something simpler
  • Something closer to a Perl version of Planet
  • So I wrote Perlanet
  • Yes Terrible name I know
  • (Perlanet doesn't even have a web site yet)
  • But it does everything that Planet does
  • Give it a list of web feeds
  • It produces a web site
  • And another aggregated web feed
  • I use it to build planets
  • Planet Balham got me thinking
  • London is a big city
  • But many people have little connection to their neighbourhood
  • After reading Planet Balham for a few weeks I felt more connected
  • I built more local planets
  • Planet Tooting
  • Planet Clapham
  • Planet Streatham
  • Easy to set up and configure
  • YAML config file
  • Template Toolkit for output
  • Single program (crontab)
  • Many feed URLs can be calculated
  • news/?q=balham &output=atom
  • news/?q= balham &output=atom
  • Just the query string needs to change
  • Not a foolproof method
  • Chris Balham Nebraska
  • Can set up a planet in less than an hour
  • Good starting set of feeds
  • Google news search
  • Technorati blog search
  • Flickr tag search
  • Twitter
  • Other feeds need local knowledge
  • Local bloggers
  • Local twitterers
  • MPs, MEPs & Councillors
  • Local reviews
  • To do list
  • Perlanet uses XML::Feed
  • XML::Feed uses XML::RSS and XML::Atom
  • All four modules have bugs
  • Still tracking them down
  • Module bugs vs Broken feeds
  • The more feeds we test the more bugs we find
  • And (hopefully) fix
  • Please build planets
  • Please report issues
  • Please report successes