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C:\College Of Human Ecology


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  • 1. College of Human Ecology
    Enriching Lives.
    Enhancing Communities.
  • 2. CHE Student Services Center Staff
    Mrs. Ellen Deters, Director
    Mrs. Donna Davis, Advisor
    Mrs. LaTonya Gaskins, Advisor
    Mrs. Gloria Harrell, Office Manager
    Mrs. Kim Lukhard, Advisor (until May 2010)
  • 3. The College of Human Ecology (CHE) has:
    6 Academic Units
    10Undergraduate Majors
    6 Minors
  • 4. Child Development and Family Relations (CDFR)
    Birth - Kindergarten Teacher Education (BK)
    Child Life (CL)
    Family & Community Services (FCS)
    Family & Consumer Sciences Education (FACS)
    • Minor in Child Development and Family Relations
    Advisors: Mrs. Davis (FCS)
    Mrs. Gaskins (BK, CL, FACS)
  • 5. Criminal Justice (JUST)
    Criminal Justice (CJ)
    • Minor in Forensic Science
    • 6. Minor in Criminal Justice
    Advisor: Mrs. Gaskins
  • 7. Interior Design and Merchandising (IDMR)
    Interior Design (ID)
    Merchandising (MR)
    • Apparel concentration (AM)
    • 8. Interiors concentration (IM)
    • 9. Minor in Merchandising
    Advisor: Mrs. Davis
  • 10. Hospitality Management (HMGT)
    Hospitality Management (HM)
    • Food and Beverage Management Concentration
    • 11. Lodging Management Concentration
    • 12. Conventions and Special Events Management Concentration
    (Business Administration Minor Required for HM)
    • Minor in Hospitality Management
    Advisor: Mrs. Lukhard (until May)
    Mrs. Davis (after May)
  • 13. Nutrition and Dietetics (NUTR)
    Nutrition and Dietetics (ND)
    • Minor in Nutrition and Dietetics
    Advisor: Mrs. Lukhard (until May), Mrs. Gaskins (after May)
  • 14. Social Work (SOCW)
    Social Work (SOCW)
    Advisor: Mrs. Gaskins
  • 15. Please be sure that your advisor knows if you are: --Honors --Student Athlete --Distance Education --Pre-med, Pre-law, Pre-__ --Advanced Standing MBA --ROTC
  • 16. CHE Student Services Center140
    (252) 328- 2521
    Mrs. Ellen Deters
    Mrs. Donna Davis
    Mrs. LaTonya Gaskins
    Mrs. Gloria Harrell
    Mrs. Kim Lukhard (until May)
  • 17. Your advisor will be available throughout your time at ECU to guide you, but ultimately you are the one responsible for managing your curriculum.
  • 18. You have already taken the most important first steps:You selected ECU You found a major You are doing the onlineorientation
  • 19. The next few slides will tell you about resources available for Human Ecology students.Ask your advisor if you have questions.
  • 20. CHE 1000 College of Human Ecology Freshman Seminar(similar to COAD 1000)CHE 1000-001 CRN 85897 MW 12:00-12:50 CHE 1000-002 CRN 85898 MW 12:00-12:50 CHE 1000-003 CRN 85899 TR 2:00-2:50CHE 1000-004 CRN 858901 TR 3:00-3:50(R = Thursday)You should be able to self register on Banner. If you have difficulty, send an e-mail to your advisor.
  • 21. MATH 1065 (College Algebra)The College of Human Ecology has three special sections for CHE students and provides tutoring free of charge. MATH 1065-010 CRN 82260 TR 9:30-10:45MATH 1065-021 CRN 82492 TR 2:00-3:15MATH 1065-024 CRN 84961 TR 3:30-4:45To enroll in MATH 1065, you must have 14 or higher on the MATH placement test or above 540 on the MATH SAT Contact your advisor if you need assistance with registration
  • 22. You will find everything that you need to get started at :
    New Student Information
    Check sheets
    Four year plans
    MUCH more!
  • 23. Other helpful resources:ECU catalog (online)
  • 24. Welcome to the CHE Family!!!!