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Animatic powerpoint
Animatic powerpoint
Animatic powerpoint
Animatic powerpoint
Animatic powerpoint
Animatic powerpoint
Animatic powerpoint
Animatic powerpoint
Animatic powerpoint
Animatic powerpoint
Animatic powerpoint
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Animatic powerpoint


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  • 1. Below you will be able to see pictures from my animatic starting with my main task
  • 2.
    • Shot no.1 mid-shot of character leaving a
    • room
    Shot no. 2 Tracking of the character
  • 3. Shot no. 4 Here is a shot reverse shot of the character, we see intra-diegetic gaze from the child’s point of view Shot no.3 Here we used the camera technique of tilting; up from the characters feet to the lower half of her body sitting down.
  • 4. Shot no. 5 Here is where we applied the 180 degree rule from the child’s perspective to the mothers. Shot no. 6 This is the character bending down to pick up her paint brush.
  • 5. Shot no. 7 here is a high angle shot focusing mainly on the painting that has been destroyed. This is the same shot as the last one, however whilst editing I decided not to select the shot with the empty seat as shown here. However the camera remains in a high angle observing the characters fright.
  • 6. Shot no. 1 here is the establishing shot that holds institutional information, whilst editing we added another shot of the street road of the characters residence. There was also shots of the character coming down the stairs and a shot reverse shot of here looking in the mirror.
  • 7. Shot no. 2 this is the shot reverse, showing the character receiving a letter. Shot no. 3 This is the mid- shot of her talking on the phone however you are unable to hear what she is saying or read the letter, creating enigma.
  • 8. Shot no. 4 This close-up shot shows the time, however during filming we changed the prop to a more modern digital alarm clock. Shot no. 5 This medium shot shows the character sleeping.
  • 9. Shot no. 6 Whilst filming we added a scene of the antagonist stroking the character’s dog, the camera goes back and forth from the dog to the character sleeping Shot no. 7 This shot shows the character being woken up by the radio.
  • 10. Shot no. 8 Through the editing transition of dip to white, we are able to see a wide shot of an alley way, we also use POV shots and panning techniques. Shot no. 9 A mid shot is positioned to show the lower half of a character holding a knife.
  • 11. Shot no. 10 In this final shot we see the character being dragged away, showing her feet.