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Creative Energy Agency founder Davin Infinity presentation at a Product is You business conference. …

Creative Energy Agency founder Davin Infinity presentation at a Product is You business conference.
The Product is You - Developing your personal brand icon

Creative Energy Agency : We help entrepreneurs and organization create and communicate.

Graphic Design & Video Branding, Consulting &Marketing.

The power of story and effective business systems join forces with creativity.


I have personally helpe

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  • 1. the Heroic Creative Learning, Collaborating & Selling in the New Global Renaissance Davin Skonberg Infinity “The Product Is You” at Learn. Help. Teach.
  • 2. When you think of products, what comes to mind? Brands with logos? Things that are shiny... or that have functional use? Things that give us pleasure? So how can I be a product? I don’t fit on a shelf or in a box.
  • 3. THE PRODUCT IS YOU. Say what? In the new era of creative business ventures, you as a business owner, entrepreneur, or artisan are the authentic experience. Let me share with you how to express your passion, power and purpose by merging your personal life with your professional dreams. If you can embody your HEROIC CREATIVE essence then you will truly become the avatar of your brand.
  • 4. Product prod·uct noun An article or substance that is manufactured or refined for sale.
  • 5. The world is complex, moving at hyper speed, and flooded with too many products and messages competing for your attention.
  • 6. People are desperate for an authentic EXPERIENCE !
  • 7. There is a big difference
  • 8. Wait a second. So how can a person become a product?
  • 9. The Reality The average American is bombarded with 3,000 advertising messages a day.
  • 10. The US Dept. of Labor reports that 50% of the jobs that we will have in the next six years have not yet been created. Entrepreneurs are the creative capital of the future economy.
  • 11. You are the brand. You are the experience. You are the vision. You are the leader. You empower your audience. Your audience becomes the hero.
  • 12. What do you think is the most important skill to develop in the 21st century? (Hint: It helps both your personal and professional life)
  • 13. Professional life vs. Personal life
  • 14. My Story
  • 15. This is my experience. This is what I see in my life. This is what I capture and how I alter my reality. This is truly what is happening to me on an epic level. And the more I frame my life in this manner, the more it gives me the juice to foster my own creativity and develop my own personal brand. I didn’t just go to design school to learn to make others products look beautiful. I went to learn how to design an epic life.
  • 16. Your Personal Brand Icon Your entrepreneurial journey is your superhero endeavors. Your business is your Iron Man suit. And you are on a journey.
  • 17. Your Personal Brand Icon Communicated to Your Audience
  • 18. The Product of You How do you embody and live your personal brand icon ?
  • 19. WHY
  • 20. You establish your brand by building trust in a oneof-a-kind promise about who you are, what you stand for, and what unique and meaningful benefits you deliver.
  • 21. Starbucks sells coffee. It stands for daily inspiration. Apple sells computers. It stands for thinking differently. Disney sells animated and amusement park family entertainment. It stands for making dreams come true.
  • 22. The future of business is about the EXPERIENCE The Product Is You
  • 23. People love a great show. So give them one by becoming one.
  • 24. Business is always changing...
  • 25. And entrepreneurs are liberating the heroic spirit of business.
  • 26. Global Renaissance 400 Million Entrepreneurs (Similar stats show around 300 million "Cultural Creatives" pioneering new fields of society) Tech, Social Justice, the Green Economy, Arts, Wellness, Innovation, Psych, * The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2011 Global Report : “entrepreneurs are now numbering near 400 million in 54 countries”
  • 27. The most valued things in the new economy are not products. They are skills. These come from people. Creative people and authentic experiences replace products in this new era.
  • 28. Less physical products used from the planet’s resources = a healthier planet (and more direct experiences that transform us)
  • 29. Are you ready to build your high performance personal brand in 3 minutes ?
  • 30. Before you can get to the top, you have to know where to start. It begins with you !
  • 31. Find the sweet spot of your personal brand icon
  • 32. So you want to get heroic?
  • 33. Blueprint Education Network LAUNCH FROM YOUR UNIQUE PLATFORM
  • 34. The product is your: Passion, Power & Purpose
  • 35. THANK YOU davin2013@yahoo.com • (415) 672-8655 WWW.CREATIVE-ENERGY.BIZ