McDonalds Review


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This essay is a basic overview of McDonalds.

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McDonalds Review

  1. 1. DavilaJonathan DavilaNovember 7, 2011Introduction Mc Donald’s Corporation is a chain of hamburger fast food restaurants. It isthe world’s largest chain in this industry serving up to 64 million customers daily allaround the world. It originated in San Bernardino California in 1940 by RichardMaurice McDonald. The Corporation was founded by Ray Kroc in 1955 after hepurchased the rights to the chain. Today Mc Donalds is present in 119 countrieswith its headquarters still in the United States. It operates over 33,000 locationsworldwide. Each fast food restaurant is owned by either the corporation itself, afranchisee, or an affiliate. This makes the possibilities of the corporation growingmuch greater and makes its success much more tangible. The corporation has over1.5 million employees. Its revenues are based on its rent and royalties, fees paid byfranchise owners, and its sales from restaurants owned by the company. The company has been using the same golden arched logo since 1968, atrademark known around the world. Its traditional yellow and red colors remainsignificant in their design. Their golden arches are more recognized by peoplearound the world than the cross. The company is well known for their convenientdrive through services. The company is the largest distributer of toys, included intheir kid’s meals. There are some locations that allow for walk-through servicemainly in busy trafficked downtown cities. Beyond their stand-alone locations, theyare located in shopping malls, airports, and gas stations. There is also a ski throughlocation in Salen Sweden. It has been most famous for its hamburgers, chickennuggets, desserts, french fries, and breakfast. The company often has seasonal itemsfor sale such as the McRib sandwich. Also, among different countries they providefood made around its surrounding customs. The company has an intricate and different business design. While expandingto franchise owning, the company itself still owns and operates over 15% of theirrestaurants. They have continuously increased their dividends for theirshareholders, for 25 consecutive years. They have overcome plentiful legal battles.Many of them had to with trademark names and legalities. Also legal rights defensesand defamation suites have been put upon the corporation. Their most famouslawsuit named the McDonalds Coffee Case in 1994 involved a 79-year old womanfrom Albuquerque who suffered from third degree burns after spilling a cup ofcoffee on herself. The company is often the face of criticism and controversy over itsmenu, expansions, and business practices. The movie “Super Size Me” was made in2004 ridiculing the unhealthy affects of eating McDonalds. McDonalds has an annualevent where they pick a day in which a percentage of their days’ sales go to charity.Celebrated in 17 different countries, this day is known as McHappy Day. 1