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Batman The Dark Avenger

Batman The Dark Avenger






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    Batman The Dark Avenger Batman The Dark Avenger Document Transcript

    • Jonathan Davila English 2, P.2 May 21, 2008 The Dark Avenger If someone asked you, “Who do you think is the best superhero,” who would you say? Batman is a true hero because he fights to protect the common people who are in danger. Batman has had an unbelievably strong taste for justice ever since his parents were murdered when he was just a young boy. During his entire life, he has trained himself both physically and mentally to make sure he would be able to protect others. Unlike Superman or Spiderman, Batman has no special powers. He fights evil using the skills he gained over the years through strong will and determination alone. Batman is a hero who eats, sleeps, and breaths justice. After his parents murder, Batman decides to spend the rest of his life fighting crime to avenge their death. He uses the pain from his loss to make him stronger, and strives to protect the people of Gotham City from suffering the same sorrow he did. He does this so that other people’s lives will not be destroyed the way his was when he lost his parents. This gives his life meaning in his fight for justice. Batman fights against the crime and corruption in Gotham City to make the city safe for its citizens. However, instead of taking justice into his own hands, he leaves it to Gotham’s court system to decide on the criminals’ punishment. He works with the police department, and they even use a bat signal to let Batman know when they need his assistance. He is Gotham City’s dark avenger and defends the city from its criminals and villains. Batman helps the people without expecting anything in return. Batman is actually Bruce Wayne, a billionaire who lives in Gotham City. As a billionaire, Bruce Wayne
    • could easily live off his family's personal fortune and the profits of the family company, Wayne Enterprises, without caring about anyone else. Instead, he donates money to charities to help those in need. He even adopts a young boy, Dick Grayson, after the boy’s parents are killed. He also uses the money and resources of Wayne Enterprises to help him in his fight against crime. Wayne also sacrifices a lot in his personal life, including having close relationships with anyone, by choosing to be Batman. Unlike other superheroes, Batman has no superpowers and instead relies on his human skills. He uses his physical strength, intelligence, and technology to help him fight his opponents. Batman is a great fighter who is trained in martial arts, acrobatics, and escape artistry. However, rather than simply using his physical strength to defeat his opponents, Batman also uses his instincts, craftiness, and problem solving skills to outwit them. He is one of the world's greatest scientists, engineers, and crime detectives. It is with a combination of these skills that he is able to defeat some of his greatest enemies, including the Joker, the Riddler, and Bane. Batman is even smart enough to defeat one of the most powerful superheroes, Superman, without using kryptonite. Superman even describes Batman as "the most dangerous man on Earth" after Batman defeats a team of super powered aliens in order to rescue his imprisoned Justice League teammates. Batman is my hero because he shows me that even without any special powers it is still possible to do great things. He shows me that by using our mind and natural abilities we can accomplish anything. He overcomes a great tragedy, his death of his parents and takes a stand against crime. He is unselfish, and always puts others ahead of himself. He is a hero that helps those in need. All of these things make him the greatest of all heroes.