David Zinger Employee Engagement and Recognition


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David Zinger's slide presentation on employee engagement and recognition for the April RPI Conference in St. Louis.

David acknowledges the revolution taking place in employee recognition and engagement.

These were the slides for the half hour talk on the Sunday evening at the start of the conference.

If you want more information contact David Zinger at www.davidzinger.com

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David Zinger Employee Engagement and Recognition

  1. 1. Employee Engagement and Recognition David Zinger
  2. 2. Engage with ourFree and freeing resources
  3. 3. EngagEEnomic$
  4. 4. With engaged recognition
  5. 5. Without engaged recognition
  6. 6. Bring Engagement andRecognition to the Surface7,000 tonnes of gold bullion ($415 billion as of October 2011)
  7. 7. Recognition revolutionTo bring recognitionto the heart ofbusiness andorganizations sothey act with heartfor the benefit of all.
  8. 8. Recognition revolution To have work revolve around engagement and recognition
  9. 9. The pyramid of engagementRecognition at the heart of engagement www.davidzinger.com
  10. 10. Recognition revolutionaries strategies government performance imperative YOU! fundamentals speak CEO New science Facebook secrets SOS measure value RFP power to the people game generations change
  11. 11. Let the revolution begin Do you have a dream or a business case?
  12. 12. Turn it around Are you trying to get senior leadership buy in or creating something so compelling that senior leadership does not want to be left behind?
  13. 13. Social lets us do more with lessAre you trying to get everyone on the same page orare you giving everyone an opportunity to write onthe page?
  14. 14. Make it visible Are you refusing to let anyone be invisible in your organization, including yourself?
  15. 15. Viral recognition Are you making recognition viral by recognizing all results, all progress, all people?
  16. 16. Just a moment Do you ensure that recognition is never more than a moment away?
  17. 17. We are all social workers Are you ensuring recognition fosters the social revolution as we have all become social workers?
  18. 18. Stop waiting Are you the change or are you waiting for something to change?
  19. 19. Recognition jeopardy What’s your recognition question YOU! and response?
  20. 20. RPI San Antonio 2011 Remember the Alamo
  21. 21. Don’t give up – World Series 2011 RPI is not RIP!
  22. 22. Be the gatewayExpand Your Recognition Reach Ensure work revolves around recognition