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Optimize Your Job Search
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Optimize Your Job Search


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1.
    • Find & Be Found on LinkedIn & Social Networks
    • Created for the Job Seekers Group
    • ©2009 Dana Lookadoo
  • 2. Agenda . Job Seekers
    • Your job search may hinge on who you know more than what you know .
    • You can build relationships and expand your career opportunities through friends and friends of friends .
    • LinkedIn and Social Networks offer free avenues to find and be found .
  • 3.
    • Business Social Networking Job Research Chain of Relationships
  • 4. Business Social Networking
    • LinkedIn …
    • Celebrated 40 million users on its 6 th birthday on May 5, 2009.
    • Estimates 1 million users sign up every 2 weeks.
    • Is international! It’s the world’s largest professional network to meet people, share information, ideas, news and opportunities.
  • 5. Business Social Networking
  • 6. Business Social Networking
    • Recruiters, head hunters, decision-makers tap into LinkedIn to look for & evaluate candidates .
    • Your profile, connections, activity and recommendations are now your defacto “ references .”
    • LinkedIn is a job board. It’s also a network for research , learning , sharing and establishing yourself as a subject matter expert .
    Interactive R é sum é Find Jobs Questions & Answers News & Events
  • 7. Job Research
    • Your job search involves company research .
    • Search for companies by:
    • Name or Keyword
    • Location and/or ZIP
    • Industry & Size
    • Relationship to your connections
    • Jobs posted on LinkedIn
  • 8. Job Research
  • 9. Job Research
  • 10. Job Research
    • Use “Advanced Job Search” to refine your search results:
    • Within distance of ZIP
    • Experience Level
    • Jobs posted within dates
    • Jobs posted by Date, Location, Company, Job Title, Degrees away from you, Keyword Relevance
    • Industry (drill down)
  • 11. Job Research
    • Search Groups Directory for jobs within:
    • Alumni
    • Corporate
    • Conference
    • Networking
    • Non-Profit
    • Professional
  • 12. Job Research
  • 13.
    • Sign up & Observe Your Interactive Résumé Target Keywords
  • 14. Sign up & Observe
    • How do you make LinkedIn work for you?
    • Sign up. Fill out your profile.
    • Use keyword-rich descriptions to summarize your strengths.
    • Change your URL to a custom Web address…
    • Observe what others are doing. Research Group, Jobs, Companies, News, Events
    Complete Profile Include Photo Get Vanity URL Watch & Observe
  • 15. Sign up & Observe
  • 16. Sign up & Observe
  • 17.  
  • 18. Your Interactive Résumé
    • Make a statement about yourself by adding some Personal Information :
    • List Honors & Awards
    • List Personal Information , except your address! 
    • Contact Settings Gives people an idea of your availability and how you want to be contacted.
  • 19. Your Interactive Résumé
    • Tap into the power of Questions & Answers !
    • Observe how others are answering questions.
    • Answer questions if you can add value to other answers already there.
    • Don’t be afraid to ask questions!
  • 20. Your Interactive Résumé
    • Recommend Others !
    • Be generous in your recommendations of others!
    • Ask for recommendations. Remember to thank them personally.
    • Don’t load your profile with too much hype! You can overdo recommendations.
  • 21. Your Interactive Résumé
    • Add Applications
    • Share your Reading List by Amazon.
    • Add LinkedIn to your Blog.
    • Update LinkedIn with blog posts, if you have a WordPress blog.
  • 22. Target Keywords
    • Optimize how you show up in LinkedIn and search engines.
    • Use keywords, that define you and what you do.
    • Write out your skills and the type of job for which you qualify.
    • Your full name
    • Skills and specialties
    • Job Type, including acronyms
    • Industry, including field of work
    • Passions – Let them know a little about your personality!
    Full Name Skills, Specialties Job Type Industry Passions (a little personality)
  • 23. Target Keywords
    • Example of Dana’s “often changing” Summary…
  • 24. Your Interactive Résumé
    • LinkedIn Network Updates are sent via email to all connections in your list.
    • Update your profile.
    • Post updates often.
    • Connect with others on a regular basis.
    • Join Groups, when appropriate.
    • Answer Questions.
  • 25.
    • Chain of Relationships
    • Social Networks for Business
  • 26. Chain of Relationships
  • 27. Chain of Relationships
  • 28. Social Networks for Business
    • Social Networking is more than hanging out & chatting with friends!
    • Many networks give professionals an opportunity to see and be seen.
    • Twitter
    • Search Twitter using “Advanced”:
    • Naymz:
    • Indeed:
    • Real Match:
  • 29. Social Networks for Business
  • 30. Social Networks for Business
  • 31.
    • Do Don’t Checklist & Resources
  • 32. Do…
    • Join NOW!
    • Get a professional photo!
    • Look around LinkedIn to see what others in your field are doing and industry groups.
    • Flesh out your profile so people can understand who you are, your strengths and passions.
    • Connect with friends!
    • Ignore a connection if you don’t want to connect with them!
    • Treat others with respect!
  • 33. Don’t…
    • Be all about me!
    • Join LinkedIn and forget it!
    • Spam all your friends with connections or links!
    • Get really excited and go overboard on your profile!
    • Over connect. Be discerning. Think about each connection as a vote of confidence!
    • Be a “drive by” social networker and post comments and links about you!
    • NO wedding or vacation pictures as your profile picture!
    • NO spamming summary with keywords!
    • NO “Guru” or “Expert” titles!
    • Profile picture shown is a mockup.
    • SEO Guru / Expert profile shown is for real!
  • 34. To Do’s… LinkedIn Checklist
    • Edit Your Profile – Complete it carefully and accurately. If you’re currently unemployed, list your current position as “Open to opportunities.”
    • Include a Photo – 80x80 in size. Cropped headshot is best.
    • Write a Professional Summary – Your headline at the top is important. This is your first chance to make a good impression. Highlight experience.
    • Include Keywords, Skills, Full Name – 3 rd person. Use words (keywords & your full name) for which you want to be found and show up in search results.
    • Include Passions – (optional) Add a little something personal.
    • Contact Settings – List your availability: career opportunities, consulting offers, new ventures, job inquiries, and reference requests.
    • Website Links – Link to a personal blog, other social network profiles.
    • Custom URL – Customize. Include public profile URL in email signature.
    • Grow your Network! – Find connections, coworkers, friends.
    • Get recommendations – Don’t be afraid to ask. Recommend others, too.
  • 35. Optimize Your Job Search Recap
  • 36. Resources
    • LinkedIn Blog:
    • LinkedIn on Twitter - @LinkedIn:
    • JibberJobber Group on LinkedIn:
    • I’m on LinkedIn, Now What?
    • Optimize Your Job Search (slides by Barbara Rozgonyi )
    • About the Presenter…
    • Dana Lookadoo Search Marketing Optimizer [email_address]
    • Coming Soon…
    • YOYO (You’re On Your Own) SEO