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Time Management for non-linear people and projects. Addresses mindset and limiting beliefs, as well as offering tools and ideas. Presented at Catalyst Ranch on 6/13/2012

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  • By linear I mean that you know what to do, and the time it takes to do it depends on the amount of work, i.e., the size of the room, the number of lines of data.
  • You may need to hide though, or protect your time by labeling it something important-sounding like “strategic conceptualizing” or “market research”
  • Emphasize this. If we don’t clear our own beliefs out of the way, it doesn’t matter what tools and systems we use.
  • Story about seventh grade English and doing the outline with the roman numerals and stuff. This system of project planning has been demonstrated to be ineffective in general, and my experience is it is doubly so for creative workers
  • You can be both
  • You can be both
  • You can be both
  • That’s like saying there’s one best type of house or spouse or job, it’s nuts!
  • Doesn’t matter if you use fancy software or a stack of index cards, as long as it works for you. DO SOON is about getting these things out of your head, so you can think clearly and remember to do them later, not now
  • Only if it works for you. Feel free to make up categories that work for you, too.
  • High priority
  • This is particularly important for things that don’t have a set deadline. Since they never become emergencies, they never get done, so you have to make time to get to this stuff.
  • This is particularly important for things that don’t have a set deadline. Since they never become emergencies, they never get done, so you have to make time to get to this stuff.
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  • Time management for misfits and dreamers for catalyst ranch

    1. 1. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingTIME MANAGEMENTFOR MISFITS AND DREAMERSDavid Kaiser, PhDExecutive Coach and CEODark Matter Consulting
    2. 2. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingAgenda•Introduction•Great Content on Productivity•Gifts for You•Good Bye!
    3. 3. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingIntroduction•Executive & Relationship Coach•Help creative business people havemore fun, get more done, and getpaid lots more•CEO, Dark Matter Consulting
    4. 4. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingThe Time Management ProblemsThat Misfits and Dreamers Face• You’ve tried various systems, apps, lists, etc• It doesn’t work• You give up and resign yourself to chaos
    5. 5. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingWhy Does That Happen?• Our work isn’t linear• We get in our own way
    6. 6. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingLinear WorkHave you ever painted a room?Or performed basic data-entry?It’s pretty linear…and pretty boring
    7. 7. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingLinear WorkWith linear work, the more you do (i.e., theharder you work), the more you get done.But it’s still boring.
    8. 8. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingLinear WorkAs misfits and dreamers, we tend to be reallyBAD at forcing ourselves to do boring work.And linear time management systems don’t workwell for us.
    9. 9. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingNon-Linear Creative& Knowledge WorkThe most interesting work, though, is NOT linear•Writing a book or creating a work of art•Planning a roll-out of a completely new product•Founding a company or non-profit
    10. 10. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingNon-Linear Creative& Knowledge WorkWhich means we need specific systems andattitudes which support our workSo…. be sure to learn time management from otherCreatives, not from Linears!
    11. 11. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingNon-Linear Creative& Knowledge WorkWe also need time to rest, and time to let ideaspercolateConstant hard work KILLS creativity, so you end upworking harder for less results.
    12. 12. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingNon-Linear Creative and Knowledge Work• So, MAKE and DEFEND time to be playful andfollow your curiosity, you will be rewarded withmore and better output.• Do NOT let the Linears tell you to stop wasting timeand get back to work, you are working!
    13. 13. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingWe Get In Our Own WaySelf-DoubtFalse Choices
    14. 14. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingSelf-DoubtAs kids and young adults, when the tools we weregiven didn’t work for us, we assumed the problemwas US, not the TOOLS….WE WERE WRONG…IT WAS THE TOOLS!
    15. 15. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingSelf-DoubtOr maybe someone wanted us to be neat andorganized because it suited them…not us, so wenever learned to value organization our own way forour own purposes
    16. 16. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingSelf-DoubtYou may have a story you tell yourself, like“I’m just not the organized type…”
    17. 17. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingFalse ChoicesA false choice is when you think you have to chooseone thing or the other, when you really can have both.
    18. 18. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingFalse ChoicesSuccess or IntegritySmart or PrettyConfidence or HumilityCreative or Organized
    19. 19. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingFalse ChoicesOften they’re a way of feeling better about ourselves,by putting someone else down:“I don’t keep a to-do list, only pencil-necks do that”“I’m a starving artist (I’m not a sell-out)”
    20. 20. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingFalse ChoicesIf you’re not sure what your story is, complete thesesentences:I’m not organized, I’m __________Organized people are so __________
    21. 21. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingStories BE GONE!The stories we tell ourselves have a way of becomingtrue…so you have to STOP, and then replace themwith new stories.
    22. 22. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingNew Stories“I handle time and budgets well, for things that matter.”“Being organized lets me do the creative work I love.”“I’m responsible, and passionate.”Find role models for perspectives and techniques!
    23. 23. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingCrucial MomentSeriously, the stories are really important, if you don’treplace the bad stories, no technique or tool will saveyou.
    24. 24. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingTechniques / ToolsOK, you’re onboard, now what?
    25. 25. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingTechniques / ToolsA time and task management system is VERY PERSONALThere is NO BEST PRACTICE or ONE BEST WAYBut you’ll get some basic ideas
    26. 26. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingTechniques / ToolsTake what you like, modify it to suit you, and if it doesn’twork, then find a new tool (don’t blame yourself)Commit to trying something for five days. If it works, you canextend it for another five.
    27. 27. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingListsYou probably need two main lists:DO TODAY andDO SOON**some of these items may have deadlines
    28. 28. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingLists, part IIYou may also want these lists:DO SOMEDAY (DREAMS)DO LONG-TERMPROJECT-BASED LISTS
    29. 29. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingLists, part IIIOn DO TODAY,choose 4 – 5 high priority items that move your workforward.Make sure these get done, everything else is icing on thecake
    30. 30. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingProtect Your Time with Boundaries•Block it in your calendar•Close your door (or face away from your cube entrance)•If necessary, hide in a conference room or café•Tell co-workers when you will be available again (so theydon’t freak out)
    31. 31. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingRoutinesMay sound boring, but can help you get things doneCan include “fun” things like creative work or bouncing ideas
    32. 32. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingRoutinesSet certain times of day to answer email (not constantly)Figure out which tasks yield big payoffs, do those firstMaking and checking lists (so you get to the good stuff)Great for making hard stuff go smoothly
    33. 33. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingBe Early, Bring Stuff to DoBeing late makes you look flakyBeing early is professionalBuild in a buffer to account for the unforeseenHave something to do when you’re early
    34. 34. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingProject PlanningAssume it’s going to take longer than you thinkStart as early as you canChunk it down into smaller milestonesEnvision success, and celebration!
    35. 35. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingProcrastinationProcrastination occurs when the task is unpleasant or scaryName the unpleasant emotion, sit in it for a moment, thenget to work, it won’t kill you, I PROMISE!Find a way to make the task more pleasant (music?)
    36. 36. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingResources• Evernote (“junk drawer for your brain!”)• Remember The Milk• Getting Things Done (David Allen)• Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen Covey)• Manila Folders• Index Cards
    37. 37. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingRe-Cap•Our work isn’t linear•Change the stories that get in our way•Use lists to track (if that helps)•Rely on routines•Get there early•Project planning•Face procrastination head on
    38. 38. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingGift!•Two articles: “Four Unusual Steps to Better Time Management” and“Answers to the Question ‘Is This All There Is?’” atwww.DarkMatterConsulting.com, when you subscribe to my eZineand get tips and inspirationFacebook.com/darkmatterconsulting, @DarkMatterCon
    39. 39. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingAnother Gift!•Complimentary 30 minute “more fun, more done, more money”sessionFacebook.com/darkmatterconsulting, @DarkMatterCon