Social media: opportunities and challenges for nonprofits


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Presentation by David Wilcox at the UK ICT Hub national conference 2007.

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Social media: opportunities and challenges for nonprofits

  1. 1. R . ‘but slig. ml tit I don't really enjoy doing keynote presentations You don’t know what people know, or what they might want to know You are presented as the expert when the audience probably knows much more than you do I much prefer open space events, workshops, maybe running a game, or doing reporting through video blogging The point is, I prefer being part of the conversation, rather than a speaker — and I think that goes for a lot of us.
  2. 2. ‘I IS it word; I don’t need "'4 I . . r the effort. a: more ‘ information an Q Can I have your blog address? Social media is a way of starting conversations with people you might not otherwise meet.
  3. 3. What sort of Technology? Web | .O? Web 2.0? OE-mail °B| ogs -Forums/ lists ORSS -Web pages -Shared bookmarks -Mainly text -Shared photos °Phone calls -Shared docs -Social spaces °Audio and video °Free calls Before we get into the details, I would just like to check where we all are. There’s nothing wrong with Web 1.0 — it depends what your requirements are.
  4. 4. The difference: DIY, share. .. Profile R‘ . ,,. .. . . - . - - - ,3) ; ~n: "‘uor‘: ~(<iu: ::u.1I: -uvunrsax-o¢. uor¢our-u "‘ L; .mu. u-a 1.1.0 -Clftfj it M4151 a . were ~. ._--. ... - III . ;. .I Shared photos and . ... ... ... ... bookmarks N : '.. '=. ... —.. ,._. Beth Kanter's biog httpJ/ beth. typepad. com/ beths blogl shows how one person can create an amazing resource using social media. She can raise her profile on the blog and elsewhere, post content there and on other blogs, share her photos and research, raise funds, offer content through a feed — also import content from eleswhere through a feed.
  5. 5. change power relationships Join our list Join our community Join the network As people start to use social media it means that they can challenge top-down systems of organising and create their own
  6. 6. The Emergence and Rise of Mass Social Media Traditional Media Social Media 7 ’ Syndenlon ' ' ». Podcasts . , Consumpflon via comments. trackbacks, IM, feedback. etc. Connoi What's happening in the wider world is that people are shifting from traditional media to social media They can create their own content online and read, listen, view other people's, as Don Hinchcliffe explains here. :/ /w ilmi m'ntr . hm
  7. 7. E-petitions: we ask .3-.3 . ;—-fin slouch: .w-av-c. .: -cans. -sumo-nun -= u- 'D“. “‘| §IJl>u- -gummy»-m-u -I-gun nu “guru. u-can-u um. man. .9: m. . nv. qunmv. ~.. -uuunnpu mm nun‘. Qlflu Viuuchwrhu-aje &v«Uw. Ifl nnnunlnnmn Oh Q21 2* TV -mm? 0 human. heme , ‘ ‘~ . Yhu commons mun . °""""“""" g. ... .. , .g. ... . c. I -q. noaa. n us-an-uuwo n ocmueanumo» j ~snuvv0ruun. eI¢'nn. n O ‘Q. _ Ii" VNI MZIII I1 I-‘I III -. ... ... . vvuow-em-rmome Queue In no van! in min‘; Mr Blair, please 0 """"""’ (Incl p-won. II. 92296 0~lV0IIlDl"¢IRI-II-IIII o sauce , _»—-. . ’ "“'°"' ma-non nan-v-I. no-on Chan e this °"‘°‘ """ ‘"""“"""""""""' “""“"""°”“° ""'”"‘ ' I Ilnmonu-soenoux Icnlila-I “""*‘ Cflflfllllnrll . , , "__w, m“ : uuunavnp-«put-uuunnvnuuunnu-r Iuh. rl 2:’ l‘. ____ -""""‘""": _'$0IuvIu (then e-mail 0|: WEI! mu -u-.4 unuvn mu 9-» ; :n‘; "‘ nsoo , ,,; ,', :'. u. .. “my actions 0'‘ the run. on sun -Ii mo-«In. um planned Iolln. ‘mod hm ” 5“ Anna um dimly n-«rm t e P e pricmg” ma an cnllnd uangganm mugmr -«sauna 3"”, '°‘ " our e-nourwnsu uu. z:n'r-fly’: Ln-rug: am In: entrn allot: law: for rmuux note: same: It New 1”“ Rune nun cu covey-u and um Noun xntn menu it: your admin Mun Allow the vial mum -‘ Ianubl cannon and Iowa any 5,” """"' “"’ . . eunuyouux ux incur 1007 10 N01 nu-1 was my sins W. llhfll . - suupmu mu :1! y . Iomwn Ill load nu-nun From ul rook nut-u lhu liumhov snug. mm ma rrduli lnlll hut -in-no ' The e-petitions site at No 10 Downing Street enables people to raise an issue and collect support online. However, the ability to respond by sending e-mails to those who signed up rests with the Prime Minister http1/petitpns. pm. ggv. uk/ amut
  8. 8. Social networks: we act Promote A t Show video change ; i.. ... .¢a Hopi: rmn: nui. i. I', ..m. q llklulu ‘. w.m. . Find your voice Wh-ti Ch-n9-~oru7 '' What Do You Want to Change in the World? Ciungmorg s 4 . .;< o r: ;*‘"'. ;*: ..r'; ?:‘: .‘: :.'= : ' . ‘ loin or start 3 mm WWW ‘—u ' Recently Popular Changes C h nrqan um: --Is. End Sex Trafficking End global poverty smp Human VraVVN. |l"‘0 Research Alternative Ene lnl Nonioluon-I hated ma Cautlina nwiu-urns can uni _ _ Stop Cruelty to Animals Advance Gay Rights Brorvaa cm-i. .. Separate Church and State __ am. .. income inequality Stop Hate Universal Health Cara _"___ Eliminate Borders allow voters lo moose more than one candidate Federal Funding for Stem Cell Research m‘. °""" &«a Near. " A-avail-IL Inn": 5!-(fil Dru-vs liodavanity on equal "‘-’“"' Face in the Middle East Protect wornen‘s right to choose L. “ raon Snverergrtv Slop Global AIDS em ave-wsviq; 4ainaa_iauxn Eliminate the mam Social networking sites like http: l[change. org now enable people to connect with others with shared concerns, donate, promote actions and develop a voice online. The Media Trust has a UK site at http: [[www. communitychanne| .org[yourcharityspace
  9. 9. Change is coming 0 Membership 0 Information 0 Transparency 0 Collaboration 0 Fundraising 0 Marketing Greater use of social media poses challenges on several fronts for nonprofits. These are discussed in the NCVO ICT Foresight report out today htt : //www. n v I. r . kl Ii ti n Ii ti n. ?i =4 2
  10. 10. The cultural challenge Are you Yes 2.0? or No 2.0? -A human voice °Officia| voice -Willing to share °Anxious to control °Open source thinking °We own it -Share responsibility °Centra| vetting °Basics covered °Audience not online -Ready to experiment °Unwi| |ing to invest time -Tell good stories °Pub| ish reports The main challenge for nonprofit organisations in using social media is likely to be cultural http2// partnershipsiygepad. com/ civic/2007/01/are you a yes20.html
  11. 11. Something new every day nfpit. -I-s-9 nfpz. ’.’. '. N--v-9 ’hi1«‘v_ ’l‘iii‘i>. ... . New media managers . .. .., ..: ... . .3. " ": ‘.:7.. ’t“: .‘. ‘.: .‘. " nip nip '% III cum? mm nfpzia mu-9 nfpzfi ---v-‘ 1"Ni‘i>. -.. . lll| Tr 1"Ni~‘i>. ... lllll‘ l , , i » A , ‘ | vouncmuurv SPACE A blogspatr for you to tell the world about your favourite } chant , what you‘re doing and how they can help Add cext. yes and video. at Community Channel - your charity space New organisations and opportunities are emerging for those wishing to explore social media for nonprofits.
  12. 12. david artnershi s. or . uk http: //www. designingforcivi| society. org http: //socialmedia. wikispaces. com