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Alastair Somerville develop the concept for this phone app that would survey and display people's skills. Data could also be mapped locally.

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Skil lx share from Alastair Somerville

  1. 1. SKILLx ShareCreating job makers, not job seekers
  2. 2. Job making, not seeking• The key to SKILLxShare is that it is based on sharing skills and interest locally to build relationships and partnerships that can make new jobs for people themselves.• It is for pre-entrepreneurs: people who do not yet have the confidence, cash or range of skills to start a business alone but can by sharing and working with others.
  3. 3. Finding your skills• The key interest is finding out what a user thinks of as their key skills and interests.• This is not a CV but a way of actually communicating what motivates a person and what they want to do.• The survey covers both their skills (graphic, web, sales, accountancy) and their interests (making stuff to sell locally, working together to win council contracts, helping older people).
  4. 4. Skill & Interest Pie• The Skill and Interests survey is reformatted into a Pie Chart.• This allows a colour coded rather than text based identification of personal qualities.• The Pie is the base level of public information a user provides without authorising release of more personal data.
  5. 5. Swirl badge• The user "swirls their SKILLxShare pie to create a personalised Swirl.• The Swirl is the general icon for app and web use and other users can drill down through the Swirl to the Pie.• This can be used as an icon for app/online ID as well as printed as a badge.• The Swirl can be used with both 2D and Augmented Reality systems to link to more user detail.
  6. 6. Finding people• Projected onto local map data, everyone can see each other.• The Swirl is the basic icon.• A user can highlight another person and select their icon• The Swirl transforms to Pie and allows a greater amount of detail on skills and interests• A user can then Tweet or FaceBook the other person to start a conversation.
  7. 7. Making jobs• Having found a possible partner with skills needed or similar interest, the user can use Twitter or Facebook to start a conversation and find out more.• Users can share more detail from their Pie of specific skills.• People can use the geo-location to meet up and talk face to face about what they can do together to make jobs for themselves.
  8. 8. Contact Alastair Somerville+44 (0)7808 480749 @SKILLxShare