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Crads for the elearning game

Crads for the elearning game



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Allelearncards Allelearncards Presentation Transcript

  • Explore Web 2.0 Network mapping Open process Staff and other involved are Map the key interests and their Development group runs an open encouraged to spend time exploring connections - students, staff, process to harness internal and blogs and other social media to employers - as part of system design. external expertise, with a public- understand the Web 2.0 world. facing site. Will your approach encourage Will people find the time? Does this fit college culture? participation? 1 Approach 1 Employers network Free Web services strategy Newsletter on development Employers are part of the system, Free tools from Google, Yahoo and Email newsletter keeps everyone with their own areas. others cut cost of software and updated on the development process. introduce students to their potential. Will they participate? Is this enough? Prepared for companies to host the content? 1 1 2 Social networking Online forums Instant messaging The college decides to use a Forums play a major part in hosting Staff and students are encouraging to customised version of an existing online conversations. be available online for real-time chat. open source social networking system. Issues of facilitation? Is this realistic for staff? Acceptable use policy? 1 1 2
  • Open source MySpace People first or tech first? There is a commitment to use open Students are able to use MySpace source software where possible - and and other commercial social Which comes first - working with license the college system as open networking systems. people, or getting something built? source for development by others? Concerns about content? Any ways to earn revenue too? 1 Approach Approach Photosharing Hire some experts Workshops and events All are encouraged and supported in The development group tenders a The development programme the sharing of photos. contract for consultants to design and includes a series of workshops and build the system. larger events, with continuing Acceptable use issues? discussion online. Does this fit your approach? Do you have a people-led process? 1 3 1 Social bookmarking/tagging Skype - Voice over IP Project collaboration system Students and staff collaborate on All are encouraged to integrate VoIP Dedicated project management and research using social bookmarking. into their learning and collaborations. collaboration system used internally. Will people commit to this? Will this be productive? Is there an intranet that will do this? 1 1 1
  • Files repository Video and podcasts Wikis The system offers a flexible way to Staff and students use video clips and Wikis are used by staff and students store and share files, linked to other podcasts extensively. for collaborative work. components. Appropriate system for hosting? Any experience of this? Integrate with rest of the system? 2 1 1 Co-design Virtual worlds - Second Life Process support Workshop with champions helps Run sessions in a virtual world, like The development group works with us design the system. Second Life. online and in more workshops on a collaborative process to develop the Does this fit your approach? Useful or a diversion? system. Benefits of external support? 2 2 1 Champions Mobiles Sell the system Development group rapidly recruits Mobile phones and SMS play a major The college retains intellectual champions to help design and part in the new system. property rights in order to sell the promote the system. system to others Fits student preferences? Does this fit your approach? Will you get any free inputs? Approach 1 1
  • Your idea? Your idea? Your idea? Your idea? Your idea? Your idea? Your idea? Your idea? Your idea?