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Himss 2011 disruption - a reboot of healthcare_final_david_westfall
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Himss 2011 disruption - a reboot of healthcare_final_david_westfall


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Healthcare Innovation - combining design, diverse skill sets, business acumen, and technology

Healthcare Innovation - combining design, diverse skill sets, business acumen, and technology

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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  • 1. Disruption: A Reboot of Healthcare!
    David Westfall
    Healthcare Innovation
    Tweet: @david_westfall
  • 2. Current State of Affairs
    We spend more than anyone, yet get barely adequate results.
  • 3. Forces of Change
    There is a confluence of forces combining to drive fundamental changes in healthcare
  • 4. Missing the target
    Technology does not solve a problem in isolation
    Fundamental misunderstanding of the challenge, job to be done, or need.
    Incremental or “copying” a previous technology
    Market Forces not working
    Competition is considered a zero sum game
    Patient / Disease level vs. Hospital (Michael Porter, et al.)
    Building $B solutions? (Christensen, et al.)
    Data Overload
    More does not mean better!
    Primary customer – a person!
  • 5. Healthcare is prime for Disruption
    Disruptive Innovation:
    Does not look to sustain current trajectory
    Often is initially inferior to current solutions
    Targets under or non consumers
    Targets the “job to be done” not the current solution!
  • 6. Examples of Disruption
    Get from one spot to another
    Copy a form???
  • 7. A Refocusing is Required!
    True Disruption
    Focus on the job to get done, not the current complaint
    Solutions focused on the Patient
    What is best for the recipient of the services
    A Patient is a real person
    Engage them in the way people communicate
  • 8. Focus the Solution
    “Designing and Leading a Business”*
    Combining Design thinking, Diverse Skill Set Teams, and Business Acumen to Drive real advances!
    Primary focus is understanding the true job to be done!
    Christensen, Porter, Goetz
    Source: Arthur A. Boni, Laurie R. Weingart, Shelley Evenson 2009. Innovation in an Academic Setting: Designing and Leading a Business Through Market-Focused, Interdisciplinary Teams. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 2009, Vol. 8, No. 3, 407-417
  • 9. Focus on the Patient!
    Compete at the patient / condition level
    Engage the patient with the right information, at the right time, at the right location
    Utilize technology that solves the problem
    Forget how it has “always been done”
  • 10. Reboot!
    Instead of building the past, focus on the future
    Instead of zero sum solutions, truly compete
    Instead of digitizing current “stuff”, make it easier and cheaper to do what is already trying to be done
  • 11. Reboot!!
    Instead of general hospitals, understand the different business models of solution vs. value add
    Instead of mountains of data, create systems of knowledge
     Innovate while keeping the job to be done in mind!
  • 12. Provide What Is Needed
    Healthcare should:
    Project clinical knowledge to anyone, to any anywhere, at any time, in an engaging and meaningful way
    Engage a person!
    And technology should follow the need
  • 13. Summary
    Provide a new solution, not just a digital copy of what has already been done
    Engage the person as a person