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Using 3D Virtual Worlds - OpenSim (ulator), Quest Atlantis - To Teach International School Students
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Using 3D Virtual Worlds - OpenSim (ulator), Quest Atlantis - To Teach International School Students


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OpenSimulator aka OpenSim. OpenSimulator developers prefer the former. Includes links to David W. Deeds' free new e-book, "OpenSimulator: School Quick Start Guide." Changchun American International …

OpenSimulator aka OpenSim. OpenSimulator developers prefer the former. Includes links to David W. Deeds' free new e-book, "OpenSimulator: School Quick Start Guide." Changchun American International School is seeking partners interested in starting a K-12 OpenSimulator grid. And a K-12 Second Life island.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Using 3D Virtual Worlds – OpenSimulator, Quest Atlantis – to Teach International School Students Computer Science and Human Values
    David W. Deeds and Alex Makosz
    Changchun American International School, Jilin Province, China
    AACE ED-MEDIA: June 30, 2011 Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2. 3D Virtual Worlds: CAIS
    International Baccalaureate Organization ( World School: One of 3,000+!
    150 students: expatriates, locals
    Wide range of English levels, beginners to native speakers
    Need to teach context and values, across all subjects (cross-curricular)
  • 3. 3D Virtual Worlds: Second Life
    Second Life: MUVE or MMORPG (whatever) now for everyone 16+
    Q1 2011: Monthly Repeat Logins: 794,000; Economy: US$29,300,000
    Web 2.0: Connect, Communicate, Collaborate? Only SL will do…now
  • 4. 3D Virtual Worlds: Second Life
    China Int’l Schools Inworld (CISI): * Beijing International School * Changchun American Int’l School * Western Academy of Beijing
    DP ITGS, MYP 5 Technology
  • 5. 3D Virtual Worlds: Second Life
  • 6. 3D Virtual Worlds: OpenSimulator
    Free, open-source “DIY Second Life” for kids of all ages!
    2011 Horizon Report: Games-based learning will be MAINSTREAM by 2013
    Can use hosted solution, client/local or client/server
  • 7. 3D Virtual Worlds: OpenSimulator
    Students learn CAD, programming, project management
    Graphics, video/audio production
    National Education Technology Plan: Helps develop disposition well-suited to information-based culture and rapid change
  • 8. 3D Virtual Worlds: OpenSimulator
    FREE E-BOOK: “OpenSimulator: School Quick Start Guide”
    Teacher and techie tracks
    CAIS (, Me (, Alex (
  • 9. 3D Virtual Worlds: OpenSimulator
  • 10. 3D Virtual Worlds: OpenSimulator
    “OpenSimulator: School Quick Start Guide”
    Scribd Link:
  • 11. 3D Virtual Worlds: OpenSimulator
  • 12. 3D Virtual Worlds: OpenSimulator
  • 13. 3D Virtual Worlds: OpenSimulator
  • 14. 3D Virtual Worlds: OpenSimulator
  • 15. 3D Virtual Worlds: OpenSimulator
    Why was this guy babbling re: SL?
    We need to recreate SL for kids
    IBO or other (international) school grid: teachers/students only, best of both (virtual) worlds
    PG, controlled but open, Web 2-3
  • 16. 3D Virtual Worlds: OpenSimulator
    Next year: Proposal to IBO re: IBO OpenSimulatorgrid
    Maybe international or just school grid, maybe with a university?
    Corporate/academic sponsors?
  • 17. 3D Virtual Worlds: OpenSimulator
    Contact Changchun American International School (
    Contact David W. Deeds ( or private:
  • 18. 3D Virtual Worlds: OpenSimulator
    Obrigado! Questions/Comments?David W. Deeds, Ph.D.IT Manager/TeacherChangchun American Int’l School2899 Dong NanhuDaluChangchun, Jilin, China, 130033
    Facebook/LinkedIn: David W. DeedsTwitter: dwdeeds, SL: Deed DavidsVisit CISI on Teaching in SL!
  • 19. 3D Virtual Worlds: More Info
    2011 Horizon Report:
    Published by the New Media Consortium and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (
  • 20. 3D Virtual Worlds: More Info
    OpenSimulator Wiki:
    Maria Korolov’sHypergrid Business Ezine:
    Mary Miner’s Wiki:
  • 21. 3D Virtual Worlds: More Info
    Jeff Heaton Books (
    “Introduction to Linden Scripting Language for Second Life,” ISBN: 978-1604390049
    “Scripting Recipes for Second Life,” ISBN: 978-1604390001
    “Introduction to Textures, Animation Audio and Sculpting in Second Life,” ISBN: 978-1604390025
  • 22. 3D Virtual Worlds: More Info
    “Second Life: The TOG” by Michael Rymaszewski, et al., ISBN: 978-0470227756
    “Creating Your World: TOG” by Aimee Weber, et al., ISBN: 978-0470171141
    “Scripting Your World: TOG” by Dana Moore, ISBN: 978-0470339831
  • 23. 3D Virtual Worlds: More Info
    “A Practical Guide to Using Second Life in Higher Education” by MaggiSavin-Baden, Open University Press, ISBN: 978-0335242146
    “The Second Life Grid: The Official Guide to Communication, Collaboration and Community Engagement” by Kimberly Rufer-Bach, Wiley Publishing, ISBN: 978-0-470-41291-6
    “The Entrepreneur's Guide to Second Life: Making Money in the Metaverse” by Daniel Terdiman, Wiley Press, ISBN: 978-0470179147
  • 24. 3D Virtual Worlds: More Info
    “Learning in 3D” by Karl Kapp, Pfeiffer Publishing, ISBN: 978-0470504734
    “Learning Online with Games, Simulations and Virtual Worlds” by Clark Aldrich, Jossey-Bass, ISBN: 978-0-470-43834-3
    “The Virtual Worlds Handbook: How to Use Second Life and Other 3D Virtual Environments” by Elizabeth Hodge, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, ISBN: 978-0763777470
  • 25. 3D Virtual Worlds: More Info
    “Higher Education in Virtual Worlds” by Charles Wankel, Emerald Group Publishing, ISBN: 978-1849506090
    “Learning and Teaching in the Virtual World of Second Life” (edited) by Judith Molka-Danielsen, Tapir Academic Press, ISBN: 978-82-519-2353-8
    “Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology” by Allan Collins, Teachers College Press, ISBN: 978-0807750025