Flat Classroom Workshop Mumbai: The Slides You Didn't See
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Flat Classroom Workshop Mumbai: The Slides You Didn't See



Flat Classroom Workshop. Part of American School of Bombay Unplugged. Mumbai, India. 3D Virtual Worlds Workshop.The slides you didn't see because of the two 1-hour hands-on session format. Second ...

Flat Classroom Workshop. Part of American School of Bombay Unplugged. Mumbai, India. 3D Virtual Worlds Workshop.The slides you didn't see because of the two 1-hour hands-on session format. Second Life, OpenSimulator, Minecraft, MinecraftEdu, Jibe/Unity, Quest Atlantis, Alice.



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Flat Classroom Workshop Mumbai: The Slides You Didn't See Flat Classroom Workshop Mumbai: The Slides You Didn't See Presentation Transcript

  • David W. Deeds, IT Manager/TeacherChangchun American International School Flat Classroom Workshop, Mumbai February 24, 2012 1
  • 80% of all jobs created over the next decade willrequire technology skills. – Our Future Demands(http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/presskits/citizenship/docs/stem-ig.pdf)We are living in times of EXPONENTIAL change.Are you preparing kids for your past or their futures? –Ian Jukes’ 21st Century Fluency Projecthttp://www.fluency21.com/)21st century education is as much about HOW youteach as WHAT you teach. – Did I Say That? 2
  • What are we trying to do?: Introduce 3D virtual worlds to “noobs” (newbies) Provide more 3DVW info to those already familiar Discuss why 3DVW’s are the best thing to hit education since the invention of the printing press Discuss how your school can get started (e-books) Give you a chance for some HANDS-ON FUN!What are we NOT trying to do?: Convert the hopeless heathens to the true faith 3
  • International educational technology conferences during 2011: Flat Classroom Conference in Beijing AACE Global Learn Asia Pacific Conference in Melbourne (2nd consecutive GLAP) AACE ED-MEDIA Conference in Lisbon Global Meeting on Gifted Education in Second Life Conference (inworld) TechEx 2011 in Bangkok Global Education Conference (online) Beijing Learning Summit 4
  • Workshop Checklist: Using 3DVW’s for K-12 education, specifically in international schools Second Life – 3DVW with economy OpenSimulator – DIY Second Life Quest Atlantis – Readymade 3DVW Minecraft – “OpenSim Lite,” other focuses Jibe/Unity – 3D games/apps! Alice – “Unity Lite,” other focuses 5
  • 6
  • To use Second Life and/or OpenSimulator, you will need: Viewer Account/AvatarSame viewer for both, Imprudence:http://wiki.kokuaviewer.org/wiki/Imprudence: DownloadsDownload/install 1.3.2 (Windows, not +SSE2) 7
  • Virtual world – a 3D computer environment in which users are represented on screen as themselves or as made-up characters and interact in real time with other users– Computer Desktop EncyclopediaMMOG = Massively Multiplayer Online GamesMMORPG = MMO Role Playing GamesMUVE = MultiUser Virtual Environment(Immersive Virtual, Immersive Learning) (Try to avoid using the word “game”!) 8
  • Get a copy of: “2011 Horizon Report K-12 Version,” free: http://www.nmc.org/pdf/2011-Horizon- Report-K12.pdf “OpenSimulator: School Quick Start Guide,” free: http://www.scribd.com/doc/57959626/Open Simulator-School-Quick-Start-Guide “A Practical Guide to Using Second Life in Higher Education” by Maggi Savin-Baden, not free: Open University Press (McGraw-Hill), ISBN: 978-0335242146 (http://www.ebooks.com) 9
  •  “Jibe/Unity: School Quick Start Guide,” free: http://www.scribd.com/doc/81798024/Jibe- Unity-School-Quick-Start-GuideIn China? Scribd blocked by The Great Firewall, so use SlideShare instead. Also Google Books for “OpenSimulator.” 10
  • The 2011 Horizon Report says games-based learning will be MAINSTREAM in K-12 schools in 2-3 years (as early as 2013). Supports Web 2.0’s 3 C’s – Connection, Communication, Collaboration Helps develop dispositions well-suited to rapid change and an information culture in general (problem-solving, self-reliance) Includes social aspects of teamwork, project management, play (4th C: Cooperation) (How about being FUN? ISTE NETS! STEM!) 11
  • Savin-Badin’s “Practical Guide” says “immersive virtual worlds” have many advantages. Space in which experimentation can occur not possible in real life Good fit for a culture that focuses on the visual Provides a sense of freedom and openness in teaching and learning Offers exposure to wide range of scenarios Enables process- or task-based teaching/learning 12
  • Deeds says that 3DVW’s will be an indispensable part of if not the focal point of 21st century education, for K-12 and up No better way to teach the 3 C’s: Connect, Communicate and Collaborate (#4?) For international schools, 3DVW’s help students (and teachers) transcend the language barrier Gifted and Special Needs programs built-in K-12 OpenSimulator Grid/Second Life Islands 13
  • 14
  •  ASMeB = Anti Social Media Behavior 2D tools (wikis, blogs, etc.) enable the 3 C’s…(4?)…people just won’t/don’t do it Facebook Phobia: people lose jobs for posting: photographs; opinions; etc. Privacy concerns; awareness of permanence; hesitation to write in general Exchanges are generally asynchronous, text Innovative? Interesting? FUN? 15
  • Generic international school problems: Schools are geographically separated, isolated No IT classes, or Design/Technology split Teaching 21st century tech: teachers, budgetsSpecific 3 (4?) C’s Problems: Students aren’t necessarily fluent in LOI 2D tools are limited: subjects especially! Privacy; permanence; ASMeB; FUN? 16
  • Second Life Got Imprudence yet?http://wiki.kokuaviewer.org/wiki/ Imprudence:Downloads Account/Avatar: https://join.secondlife.com/ http://secondlife.com/ 17
  • Second Life: Launched by Linden Labs in 2003 3D virtual world with built-in modeling (CAD) tools and Linden Scripting Language Not a game (per se): connect, communicate and collaborate (also conduct commerce!) Q1 2011 holdings: US$30,000,000 Been in Second Life for 5 years, taken over 500 students inworld for different classes Basic membership FREE, Premium $75/year 18
  • Second Life Business/IT/Other classes since 2006: Professor in Korean university’s InternationalBusiness Department Students from Korea, China, Russia, Vietnam,Laos and other countries (widely varying English) No lower-level textbooks for subjects such asManagement Information Systems! Needed a means of differentiation: “gifted andtalented” plus “regulars” plus “special needs” kids Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol(SIOP), Individualized Education Plans (IEP) 19
  • Individualized Education Plans (IEP): Started with Ph.D. research, means of meeting needs of all students across the spectrum Tried formal IEPs but involved a lot of paperwork, easier to make informal, although signatures help Better to develop “skeleton” lesson plans that can be adapted, special needs or gifted/talented kids and all “regulars” 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • OpenSimulator Viewer: http://wiki.kokuaviewer.org/wiki/ Imprudence:Downloads Account/Avatar:(1) ReactionGrid:http://grid.reactiongrid.com/register_rg_b.aspx(2) Jokaydia Grid:http://www.jokaydiagrid.com/signup-for- jokaydiagrid/Imprudence: http://jokaydia.metaverseworlds.com:8002/ 24
  • OpenSimulator: Came onto the scene in 2007, now at 0.7.2 (still alpha, not yet at Version 1) NOT a Second Life clone! (Viewers are) 3D virtual world with built-in modeling (CAD) tools and Linden Scripting Language Not a game (per se): connect, communicate and collaborate (conduct commerce later?) Been in OpenSimulator since 2008, taken over 200 students inworld for different classes 25
  • OpenSimulator: FREE, although hosted solutions best for most schools (if you have good Internet access!) Two Do It Yourself options: client/local or client/server Still not mature, but getting there…soon (??) should be able to do everything Second Life does and so it’s predicted to come out on top Open Wonderland, others have come and gone… OpenSimulator will be the #1 choice of schools 26
  • 27
  • 28
  • 29
  • At CAIS, we use: Munchkinland for PYP (elementary school) ICT classes: running on local server “Big Bertha” 4-region private grid called Florida Caisland via ReactionGrid for MYP Technology classes 1-region public grid called just plain Caisland in ReactionGrid (K-12s Inworld headquarters) An almost 10,000-square-meter cybercampus on Teaching in Second Life (K-12s Inworld HQ) for DP Info Technology in a Global Society classes 30
  • Advantages of OpenSimulator over Second Life: FREE (the software anyway) Private versus public (if you want it this way) Complete control over parametersAdvantages of Second Life over OpenSimulator: Where everybody is, at least grownups! Economy, exchange of goods and services More mature, it’s a for-profit business 31
  • Second Life and OpenSim: Built-in computer-aided design (3D modeling) tools: students build their own worlds Built-in Linden Scripting Language: students easily learn programming with instant payoff Project management: students must work together in teams with defined roles and responsibilities Language exchange programs: virtual field trips! 32
  • Second Life: Teachers/Admins & Students 16+: Teachers/administrators can attend meetings and otherwise network with professional peers Students can produce products and run their own businesses, making actual profits if successful Teachers/administrators can recruit and otherwise advertise their organizations Students can visit the cybercampuses of universities or colleges they want to attend 33
  • OpenSim: Teachers/Admins & Students 3-19: With grid, teachers/administrators can do everything possible in Second Life, except perhaps economics Students can enjoy completely private regions/grids while intermittently going on virtual field trips Technology classes can feature true continuity: students starting as of PYP could be professional builders/programmers by DP Younger students learn all computer basics plus advanced aspects such as project management 34
  • Problems? What problems? Geographic location/isolation no longer a factor (except for time zones). Virtual China or Italy “next door”! 3D meetings 24X7. Information and Design Technology tracks combined! Or just Design, using 3D modeling. 21st century educational technology at $100 a month, with teachers and students training simultaneously! 3D enables struggling students to succeed, while native speakers excel: ultimate differentiated classroom! Special needs and gifted/talented. Avatars are anonymous; people talk, not write; no such thing as ASMeB; and yes, it’s FUN! 35
  • Second Life and OpenSim, what have we learned?Students: Computer-Aided Design, Programming, Project Management, Business, English Social Constructivism (Reality, Knowledge Learning), Learner-Centric Instruction, IB Design Cycle: Investigate, Design, Plan, Create, EvaluateTeachers: Inclusion, Differentiation, Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) Problem-/Task-Based Instruction, Action/Active Learning, Reciprocal Guidance, Inquiry-Based 36
  • Getting Your Cyberturf (See the e-book!)Second Life: New Media Consortium Jokaydia Grid International School IslandsOpenSimulator: ReactionGrid Jokaydia Grid Do It Yourself: Client/Local or Client/Server 37
  • Quest Atlantis (Guest) Account/Avatar:http://atlantis.crlt.indiana.edu/ 38
  • Quest Atlantis: Prebuilt 3DVW with quests (you can build/create) From the University of Indiana, FREE For students 9-16, maybe as young as 8 CAIS took MYP English classes inworld 2009-11 Six teachers completed training late last year Trainers in Australia, regular schedule Must have 2 teachers, 4 1.5-hour online classesContact Bronwyn Stuckey: bstucke@indiana.edu 39
  • 40
  • 41
  • Minecraft: Regular version: http://www.minecraft.net 20 MILLION+ registered users worldwide, 5 MILLION+ have bought the game! Building things, mining for minerals, fighting monsters, you name it! Singleplayer (free) or server (licensed) Kids (and adults) love the game, but how to use it in the classroom elusive until Edu / 42
  • MinecraftEdu: Special mod for education: http://minecraftedu.com/ “Playing offline,” no licenses needed Puts teacher in charge of student projects Currently being used for CAIS MYP Technology digital storytelling and urban planning units CAIS MYP 1-3 Blog: http://minecraft.caischina.asia/society Contact Santeri Koivisto: santeri@appliedscg.fi 43
  • 44
  • 45
  • 46
  • Jibe/Unity:Unity3D: http://unity3d.com/Fantastic, FREE (basic version) 3D game/app IDE!3D game/app development without programming,iPhone or Android license costs money, US$1500Jibe: http://www.reactiongrid.com/Proprietary server platform for Unity developmentReactionGrid offers starter programs: $125/3 mos.Contact Kyle Gomboy: create@reactiongrid.com 47
  • 48
  • 49
  • 50
  • Almost 1,000 reads first week up!“Jibe/Unity: School Quick Start Guide,” free: http://www.scribd.com/doc/81798024/Jibe- Unity-School-Quick-Start-Guide 51
  • Alice (http://www.alice.org/): Tool for teaching introductory programming (3D Scratch, although there is S4SL) Free, from Carnegie Mellon University 3D programming environment for telling a story, playing a game, creating a video Drag and drop interface, object-oriented Different levels: 2.0/2.2 for high school and college, Storytelling for middle school 52
  • 53
  • Thanks… 54
  • Thank you for your attention!Questions/Comments?David W. Deeds, IT Manager/TeacherWork: +86-431-8458-1234, ddeeds@caischina.orgHome: +86-186-8668-4534, davidwdeeds@yahoo.comFacebook & LinkedIn: David W. DeedsSkype: davidwdeeds, Twitter: dwdeedsSecond Life: Deed Davids (visit Teaching!) 55