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David W. Deeds: Resume: Available 2014


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• Academic Emphasis: Technology Integration Coach/Coordinator/Specialist, 
Instructional/Curriculum Designer/Developer, IB Technology Coordinator/Trainer
• Technical Emphasis: Technology/IT Manager/Director/Coordinator, Teacher Trainer

Latest Achievements:
• Selected for first New Media Consortium (NMC) K-12 Ambassadors Program
• Served on NMC Advisory Board, contributing to produce 2013 K-12 Horizon Report
• Demonstrated for two Special Interest Groups at 2013 ISTE Conference
• Designed, developed and delivered IB-style K-12 Technology/STEM curriculum
• Trained Malaysian teachers on 21st century education for IB Professional Development
• Created external online program for students/teachers, first internal online course
• Coordinated National Association for Independent Schools Challenge 20/20 Project
• Presented for AACE Global Learn, Global Education and Annual Educators’ Conferences
• Promoted virtual world cybercampuses, game-based learning for IT/other courses

Colegios Peterson/Peterson Schools: Mexico City, Mexico
Position: Technology Integration Specialist. Responsible for implementing 21st century teaching/learning across four campuses. Train teachers on mechanics and methodologies of integrating educational technology. Teach the IB Infor- mation Technology in a Global Society course for the purpose of training new teachers (IB World School at DP level). Also serve as Technology Coordinator for Cuajimalpa (largest) Campus. Part-time IT Manager, helping to deploy Apple hardware/software, including 1:1 Program. Created Technology Vision and designed standardized, IB-style Technology Curriculum for the four campuses. Created and maintain first online course using Haiku LMS. Maintain Second Life, OpenSimulator cybercampuses. Introduced/promote game-based learning.

Changchun American International School (CAIS): Changchun, China
Positions: IT Teacher/Manager, IT Manager/Teacher. As IT Manager, supervised technicians, coordinated general computer operations for staff and students. Also served as Technology Department Head for K-12 teachers/students. IB World School for PYP, MYP and DP levels. As Technology Teacher, taught Primary Years Program ICT, Middle Years Program Technology and Diploma Program Information Technology in a Global Society courses. Developed PYP, MYP and DP curricula. General Educational Technology Integrator/Trainer. Invited to present at seven international educational technology conferences on using 3D virtual worlds during 2011, six during 2012. Wrote for publications.

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Transcript of "David W. Deeds: Resume: Available 2014"

  1. 1.   David  W.  Deeds,  Ph.D.,  Technology  Integration  Specialist   Colegios  Peterson/Peterson  Schools   Huizachito  80,  Lomas  de  Vista  Hermosa   Cuajimalpa,  Distrito  Federal,  Mexico  05720   Work:  +52-­‐55-­‐5813-­‐0114,  ddeeds@peterson.mx   Home:  +52-­‐1-­‐55-­‐3996-­‐9176,  davidwdeeds@gmail.com   Skype:  davidwdeeds,  Twitter:  dwdeeds   Facebook/LinkedIn:  David  W.  Deeds,  Second  Life:  Deed  Davids                8  years  higher  education,  5  K-­‐12/IB.  Available  August  2014.  See  me  on  LinkedIn/Facebook  and/or  Google  me!     Objective   • Academic  Emphasis:  Technology  Integration  Coach/Coordinator/Specialist,     Instructional/Curriculum/Online  Designer/Developer,  Mechanics/Methodologies  Trainer   • Technical  Emphasis:  Technology/IT  Manager/Director/Coordinator,  Teacher  Trainer   Latest   Achievements   • Selected  for  first  New  Media  Consortium  (NMC)  K-­‐12  Ambassadors  Program   • Served  on  NMC  Advisory  Board,  contributing  to  produce  2013  K-­‐12  Horizon  Report   • Demonstrated  for  two  Special  Interest  Groups  at  2013  ISTE  Conference   • Designed,  developed  and  delivered  IB-­‐style  K-­‐12  Technology/STEM  curriculum   • Trained  Malaysian  teachers  on  21st  century  education  for  IB  Professional  Development   • Created  external  online  program  for  students/teachers,  first  internal  online  course   • Coordinated  National  Association  for  Independent  Schools  Challenge  20/20  Project   • Presented  for  AACE  Global  Learn,  Global  Education  and  Annual  Educators’  Conferences   • Promoted  virtual  world  cybercampuses,  game-­‐based  learning  for  IT/other  courses   Academic   Experience                                                     • Colegios  Peterson/Peterson  Schools:  Mexico  City,  Mexico   Position:  Technology  Integration  Specialist.  Responsible  for  implementing  21st   century  teaching/learning  across  four  campuses.  Train  teachers  on  mechanics   and  methodologies  of  integrating  educational  technology.  Teach  the  IB  Infor-­‐   mation  Technology  in  a  Global  Society  course  for  the  purpose  of  training  new   teachers  (IB  World  School  at  DP  level).  Also  serve  as  Technology  Coordinator  for   Cuajimalpa  (largest)  Campus.  Part-­‐time  IT  Manager,  helping  to  deploy  Apple   hardware/software,  including  1:1  Program.  Created  Technology  Vision  and   designed  standardized,  IB-­‐style  Technology  Curriculum  for  the  four  campuses.   Created  and  maintain  first  online  course  using  Haiku  LMS.  Maintain  Second  Life,   OpenSimulator  cybercampuses.  Introduced/promote  game-­‐based  learning.     • Changchun  American  International  School  (CAIS):  Changchun,  China   Positions:  IT  Teacher/Manager,  IT  Manager/Teacher.  As  IT  Manager,  supervised   technicians,  coordinated  general  computer  operations  for  staff  and  students.   Also  served  as  Technology  Department  Head  for  K-­‐12  teachers/students.  IB   World  School  for  PYP,  MYP  and  DP  levels.  As  Technology  Teacher,  taught   Primary  Years  Program  ICT,  Middle  Years  Program  Technology  and  Diploma   Program  Information  Technology  in  a  Global  Society  courses.  Developed  PYP,   MYP  and  DP  curricula.  General  Educational  Technology  Integrator/Trainer.   Invited  to  present  at  seven  international  educational  technology  conferences   on  using  3D  virtual  worlds  during  2011,  six  during  2012.  Wrote  for  publications.     • Shingu  College:  Seongnam,  South  Korea   Position:  Computer  Information  Services  Department  Professor.  Taught   computer  science  classes  to  Korean  students.  Focused  on  Internet-­‐related   courses,  including  programming  and  marketing.  Introduced  3D  virtual  worlds  to   curriculum.  Trained  teachers  on  educational  technology  utilization.  Served  as   advisor  for  computer  curriculum  development,  including  English  transitions.   2012-­‐   2014                       2009-­‐   2012                     2008-­‐   2009          
  2. 2. Academic   Experience   (cont.)   • Woosong  University:  Daejeon,  South  Korea   Positions:  Institute  Coordinator,  Technology  Specialist,  International  Programs   Coordinator,  International  Business  Department  Professor.  As  Institute   Coordinator,  managed/trained  30+  teachers,  designed  curricula,  selected   textbooks  and  educational  technology  tools.  As  Technology  Specialist,  managed   technicians,  designed  and  developed  Computer  Assisted  Language  Learning   Program,  trained  teachers.  As  International  Programs  Coordinator,  facilitated   student  and  teacher  exchanges  with  other  countries.  As  International  Business   Department  Professor,  taught  computer  science,  business  management  and   other  classes  to  Korean,  Chinese,  Russian,  Vietnamese,  Laotian,  etc.,  students.     • inDeeds  Technical  Communications:  Denver,  USA   Position:  President.  Adjunct  Professor  for  University  of  Denver  and  Regis   University.  Taught  graduate  level  software  engineering,  developed  technical   writing  curriculum.  Served  as  consultant  for  educational  technology  utilization.   2002-­‐   2008                     2001-­‐   2002   Education   • Ph.D.  in  Educational  Technology:  Bircham  International  University:  Spain,  USA   Magna  Cum  Laude.  250-­‐page  dissertation  written  in  article  form,  100%   published  in  peer-­‐reviewed  journals,  onground  and  online.  5  years  research.     • Master  of  Science  in  Education:  Capella  University:  USA   4.0  GPA.  Specialization  in  Online  Instructional  Design.  Teacher  certification   track  parallel  with  technology-­‐specific  requirements/electives.  3-­‐year  online   program.  Collaboration  with  professors  and  students  around  the  world.     • Master  of  Science  in  Software  Engineering:  University  of  St.  Thomas:  USA   Onground  instruction,  taught  by  industry  professionals,  specialists.  Technical   track  included  project  management  emphasis.  Year-­‐long,  real-­‐life  final  project.       • Bachelor  of  Arts  in  Liberal  Studies:  Excelsior  College:  USA   Double  major:  Journalism  and  English.  Well-­‐rounded  liberal  arts  education.     2008         2004           2001         1990   International   Baccalaureate,   Other  Training     • Charting  a  Direction  for  Online  Learning:  Online/Onground   • Flat  Classroom  Certified  Teacher  Training  Course:  Online     • IB  Middle  Years  Program  Workshop,  Level  2:  Onground,  Changchun   • Introduction  to  IB  Primary  Years  Program  Workshop:  Onground,  Changchun   • IB  Middle  Years  Program  Technology  Unit  Planning  Workshop,  Level  2:  Online   • Introduction  to  Middle  Years  Program  Workshop,  Level  1:  Onground,  Beijing   2012   2011   2010   2010   2009   2009   Publications,   Presentations                             • 2013  Educational  Technology  Conference  Presentations:  Tri-­‐Association  Annual   Educators’  Conference,  ISTE  Conference  for  Virtual  Environments  and   Games/Simulations  Special  Interest  Groups,  also  attended  Serious  Play     • 2012  Educational  Technology  Conference  Presentations:  Otavan  Opisto   (online),  Flat  Classroom  Workshop  (onground),  Virtual  Worlds  Best  Practices  in   Education  (online),  Meta  Institute  for  Computational  Astrophysics  (online),   AACE  Global  Learn  (online),  Global  Education  Conference  (online)   • “Jibe/Unity:  School  Quick  Start  Guide,”  50-­‐page  e-­‐book  with  over  7,000  reads,   distributed  via  Scribd,  SlideShare  and  various  websites,  nings,  etc.   • 2011  Educational  Technology  Conference  Presentations:  Flat  Classroom   Conference  (onground),  AACE  Global  Learn  Asia  Pacific  (onground),  Global   Meeting  on  Gifted  Education  (online),  TechEx  2011  (onground),  Global   Education  Conference  (online),  Beijing  Learning  Summit  (onground)   •  “OpenSimulator:  School  Quick  Start  Guide,”  175-­‐page  e-­‐book  with  over  12,000   reads,  distributed  via  Scribd,  Google  Books  and  various  websites,  nings,  etc.   •  Regular  contributor  to  Virtual  Education  Journal,  various  websites/publications   2013       2012         2012     2011         2011     20XX  
  3. 3. Personal     • Nationality:  USA   • Marital  Status:  Single,  No  Dependents   • Birthdate:  January  26,  1959   • Health:  Very  Good,  Physically  Fit,  No  Problems   • Sports:  Biking,  Jogging,  Weightlifting   • Hobbies:  Photography,  Art,  Creative  Writing   Affiliations     • Member,  International  Society  for  Technology  in  Education  (ISTE)   • Member,  Association  for  the  Advancement  of  Computing  in  Education  (AACE)   Corporate   Experience                                         • Teltech/Sopheon:  Nationwide  USA/Europe/S.  America   International  knowledge  management  research,  software,  consulting  company.   Positions:  Software  Consultant,  Knowledge  Strategist  (Project  Manager).  As   Software  Consultant,  trained:  salespeople  and  other  coworkers  in  product   technical  details;  clients  in  integration  and  implementation.  As  Knowledge   Strategist,  instructed  consultants  in:  web  design  and  development;  assessing   and  tabulating  software  requirements;  task  analysis  and  user  interface  design;   national/international  project  management.  Clients  included:  Warner-­‐Lambert   (now  Pfizer),  Eli  Lilly,  Kimberly-­‐Clark,  Genentech,  University  of  Minnesota,   Tropicana,  Northwest  Airlines,  Dutch/Brazilian  private/government  institutions.     • Sufficient  Systems:  St.  Paul,  USA   Consulting  firm:  services  such  as  business  process  improvement,  database   design,  network  analysis/design/services.  Position:  Systems  Analyst.  Taught   coworkers  project  management,  Oracle  database  creation  and  web  application   development;  taught  clients  business/systems  analysis  and  other  techniques.   Clients  included  State  of  Minnesota  agencies,  including  Dept.  of  Transportation.     • Compuware,  CIBER,  Interim  Technology:  Nationwide  USA   Project-­‐basis  consulting  companies  which  provide  print/online  documentation   services.  Position:  Senior  Consultant/Analyst.  Instructed  coworkers  and  clients   on  web  and  online  documentation  tool  usage,  documentation  standards  and   multimedia  authoring  strategies.  Established  corporate  documentation   standards.  Clients  included:  Dayton-­‐Hudson/Target,  Reliastar  (now  ING).     • User  View:  Minneapolis  and  Chicago,  USA   Technical  communications  organization  which  provides  print/online   documentation.  As  Technical  Writer/Consultant,  taught:  coworkers  print/online   documentation  tool  usage,  multimedia  authoring;  clients  documentation  system   maintenance  methodologies.  Clients  included  Knight-­‐Ridder,  software  firms.     • Database/Marketing  Companies:  Nationwide  USA   Startup  company  to  major  corporation:  sales/marketing,  corporate  training,  etc.   Served  as  Operations  Director  of  startup  company:  designed  business  from   scratch,  managed  all  finances/operations.  Excelled  as  Client  Support  Consultant   for  $5  million  per  year  sales  team;  served  as  client/company  technical  liaison.   Mainframe  to  PC  transition  coordination.  Project  Manager,  Programmer  Analyst,   Trainer,  etc.  Clients  included  Citicorp,  various  retail  and  catalog  companies.   1999-­‐   2001                     1998-­‐   1999             1995-­‐   1998             1994-­‐ 1995           1987-­‐ 1994           Military   Experience   • Armed  Forces  Radio  &  Television  Service:  USA/Europe/Asia   Defense  Department  agency  providing  English-­‐language  radio,  TV,  newspapers,   etc.  As  Navy  Journalist,  managed  radio/television  stations,  programming  and   operations:  Alaska,  Italy,  USS  Carl  Vinson.  Served  as  radio/television  on-­‐air   announcer:  news,  shows,  etc.  Wrote/edited  newspaper  and  magazine  articles;   performed  layout  /production  duties  for  newspapers.  Provided  culture  training.   1979-­‐   1987        
  4. 4. Skills       • Online  and  onground  class  design/development/delivery.  Teach  computer  science,   business  management,  math,  English,  other  subjects.  Specialize  in  educational   technology  integration/training.  Teacher  recruiting/selection  and  training/supervision,   program/curriculum  design.  All  academic  activities  covered:  assessing,  advising,  testing,   grading,  archiving,  evaluating,  etc.  Corporate  training,  online  and  onground:   design/development/delivery,  wide  variety  of  products/services/skills.  Expert  public   speaker:  live  audiences  up  to  1,000;  also  video  and  audio  productions.  Project   management:  local/national/international,  up  to  million-­‐dollar,  six-­‐month  to  year-­‐long   efforts.  Business/technical  writing:  requests  for  proposals,  project  plans,  etc.  Personnel   leadership:  small  groups  up  to  50+,  local  to  international,  interdisciplinary,  technical  and   otherwise.  Programming,  web  design/development,  usability  testing,  interface  design,   systems  analysis/design,  computer-­‐aided  design,  graphics,  photography/video,  audio,   etc.  Virtual  world  management,  design,  creation,  programming,  almost  everything  3D!       Hardware,   Software   • From  mainframes  to  midranges  to  PCs,  VM/CMS  to  AIX  to  Linux/Windows/Mac,  COBOL   to  XBase  to  Java,  have  used/done  just  about  everything.  Have  provided  school  technical   support  in  both  Windows  and  Apple  environments.  BYOD  and  1:1  programs.  Windows   PCs  and  servers,  MacBooks  and  Airs.  iPads,  iPhones;  Android  tablets  and  smartphones.   SMARTBoards,  including  servers;  Promethean  boards  and  eBeams.  Digital  cameras  and   camcorders.  Video  and  audio  production  tools:  VideoStudio,  CamStudio,  Audacity,   iMovie.  Wide  variety  of  website  tools:  Joomla,  Drupal,  Dreamweaver,  FrontPage.   CMS/LMS:  Moodle  and  Sloodle  (Moodle  +  Second  Life),  Haiku.  Graphics:  Photoshop,   Gimp,  etc.  3D  virtual  worlds:  Second  Life,  OpenSimulator,  MinecraftEdu,  World  of   Warcraft,  Open  Wonderland,  others.  Game  tools  such  as  GameStar  Mechanic,   GameSalad  and  3D  GameLab.  Also  Unity3D/Jibe,  Integrated  Development  Environment   for  creating  interactive  learning  apps  for  the  web  as  well  as  mobile  devices.   Programming  languages  include  Linden  Scripting  Language  for  3D.  HTML,  PHP,   JavaScript,  VBScript.  Scratch  and  Scratch  for  Second  Life.  Databases:  Oracle,  SQL  Server,   MySQL,  Access.  All  Microsoft  Office  tools.  Just  about  all  Adobe  Creative  Suite  tools.   Project  management:  Project,  OpenProj.  Online  classroom  tools:  Blackboard,  Blackboard   Collaborate  (formerly  Elluminate),  WizIQ.  Course  authoring  tools:  Authorware,   Trainersoft.  Documentation:  Robohelp,  Framemaker,  etc.  Wikis:  MediaWiki,  others;   Nings;  Blogs:  WordPress,  others.  Now  Scoop.It  curator  too,  also  use  for  blog.   ManageBac,  IB  school  management  system.  Also  SIMS/Rediker  exposure/experience.   Research   Interests   • Using  virtual  reality  environments  (e.g.,  Second  Life)  for  teaching  computer  science,   business  and  English  (e.g.,  using  virtual  university  campuses  as  “English  villages”).   • Using  virtual  reality  environments  for  teacher  connections,  communication  and   collaboration  (groups  could  be  region-­‐  or  subject-­‐based,  e.g.,  “Math  Teachers  in  Asia”).   • Creating  a  K-­‐12  and/or  university  grid  for  students  and  teachers  around  the  world  (could   be  Second  Life  islands  for  students  16+  and/or  OpenSimulator  grid  for  kids  3-­‐15).   • Educational  technology  integration  in  schools  to  prepare  teachers  as  well  as  students  for   21st  century  employment.  Interested  in  overcoming  teacher  reluctance  re:  technology.   • Creating  specialized  3D  and  other  inhouse  programs,  proprietary  for  training  school   personnel,  or  perhaps  to  use  as  a  line  of  business  to  train  people  outside  the  school.   • Creating  MOOCs  using  a  combination  of  3D  and  2D  delivery  platforms  (e.g.,  Second  Life   and  Haiku  LMS).  Teaching  conference  hosts  how  to  conduct  operations  virtually.   • Continuing  to  introduce  game-­‐based  learning  and  gamification,  teaching  students  how   to  create  games  and  ultimately  how  to  code  full-­‐scale  Apple/Android  apps.   References   • Dr.  Bryn  Gabriel,  Principal,  Peterson  Schools:  bgabriel@peterson.mx,  +52-­‐55-­‐5813-­‐0114   • Jutty  Patterson,  Director,  Peterson  Schools:  jpatterson@peterson.mx,  +52-­‐55-­‐5813-­‐0114   • Others  available  on  request