The Sheriffs Office Business Brochure Jan 2011


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The Sheriffs Office Business Brochure 2011

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The Sheriffs Office Business Brochure Jan 2011

  1. 1. Getting back the lion’s share We recover more of the money you’re owed JudgmentEnforcement Debt Collection Rent CollectionRepossession & Eviction Tracing AgentsMoney Claim Online Other Services
  2. 2. Enforcement with bite...We recover more for youAre you or your business owed money?It’s a fact of life that there are somecustomers who cannot, or will not, paywhat they owe you. When this happens, Facts and figuyou need to be able to act quickly and reseffectively, whilst there are still assets l CCJ’s and orders overin place. £600 (incl. cost can be transfer s) red to the High for enforcemen CourtAt The Sheriffs Office, we use our extensive tpowers to enforce CCJs and awards l It onlythrough the High Court. We successfully: costs £50 (com pared to £100 for a County Co urt Bailiff )l Enforce judgments and orders l If succl Repossess specific goods and assets essful, all fees are payable by the judgment debtorl Repossess commercial and residential l There property and land is a £60 plus VA T abortive fee per address visil Recover commercial and residential ted if enforcem is unsuccessful ent rent arrearsl Evict tenants and
  3. 3. National Average* The Sheriffs Office 58p 93p in every £1 in every £1 Why use The Sheriffs Office? 1. We recover more In 2009 we recovered 93p in the pound of all enforceable writs – that’s 60% more than the industry national average* of 58p. 2. We act fast Our enforcement officers visit at the first opportunity after receipt of the writ. Unlike other bailiffs, we DON’T tell the debtor in advance and we DON’T just stick to working hours. 3. We have extensive powers More, in fact, than any other enforcement service available. For example, we can FORCE ENTRY into commercial premises without prior warning. We can enforce any judgment over £600 and up to 6 years old. We recover the debt and interest at 8% and enforcement and court fees are paid by the judgment debtor. 0845 688 9757
  4. 4. Claw back what you’re owed... The Sheriffs Office has a track record stretching back over 30 years. We incorporated in 2007 as Sheriffs High Court Enforcement, trading as The Sheriffs Office. We are1 Do you already have a CCJ? also Certificated Bailiffs, as are all our HCEOs, ensuring our officers are qualified and experienced. Yes No Yes Since 2007 we have grown to become one of the top five HCEO firms in the UK. Underpinning our success is our focus on client2 Get your CCJ service and a comprehensive “end to end” range of For a flat fee of £150 (plus the court fee), specialist services for business. we will obtain your CCJ. Visit and select Money Claim Online. Supporting the environment Alternatively, you might prefer to instruct a solicitor. We participate in a Carbon Offsetting project run by Carbon Footprint Ltd which is planting trees in Kenya to support local communities in the Great Rift Valley, so as to reduce poverty and provide habitats3 Transfer to the High Court for wildlife, including lions! Complete and sign our instruction form and N293A and send it to us along with: ✔ A copy of the CCJ and claim form if processed online ✔ Full details of the judgment debtor ✔ A cheque for £50 made payable to HMCS Form N293A is the first form on this page: Over to us We will process the court documents free of charge. Once we have the writ, our officers attend without notice to seize goods. In 99% of cases, just the threat of seizure results in payment.5 Debt recovery We collect the judgment debt, interest at 8%, court fees and enforcement fees from the debtor. Please note: if a case has to be aborted, for example no assets, Want to find out more? bankruptcy, liquidation, untraceable debtor etc, there is a charge of £60 plus VAT per address visited. This is set by our industry regulator If you would like to meet with us or instruct us, and cannot be waived. please contact us on 0845 688 9757 info@thesheriffsoffice.comIf you have any questions or need help,please call us 0845 688 9757. The Sheriffs Office Airport House Purley Croydon CR0 0XZ Business/Nov10