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  • Chile, 2500 miles long and averages about 110 miles wide. Santiago is In the middle section of Chile.
  • Ariel photos, arriving in Chile Saturday, November 28, 2009
  • Terrace farming up the mountain side.
  • Andes mountains
  • The main street near Harry’s house
  • Harry’s house at the end of the driveway
  • Harry & Abbie at front door.
  • Typical apartment building. Windows are open because not very many People have airconditioning.
  • Harry’s kitchen. Typically Chilean kitchens are very small.
  • Elizabeth (Liza), Harry’s church secretary, housekeeper, cook, grocery shopper, and all around Assistant.
  • David Wardrup and Sebastian Solis, Elder at Los Nogales Poblicion Santiago church of Christ after lunch at Harry’s house.
  • Left to r.. Hugo Rojas, Mitch Whittington, Roberto Miranda, Harry Hamilton, Sergio Plaza, Helmer Rosaro (from Colombia). Note: Sebastian not in picture. Lunch at Harry,s.
  • Bible Class at Harry’s at 3:30 pm Monday – dcw, Liza, girl? & Dad?, Sergio, Saul, Hugo Rojas.
  • Church building of Domeyko congregation in Santiago.
  • Everett Picards. First missionary to Chile from c of C. Established Domeyko Congregation in Santiago in 1958. Served in Chile until 1969.
  • Saul, from Ecuador, Minister at Domeyko in Santiago.
  • Wednesday Bible Class at Angel & Doris Gensis’ house; Angel (on floor), Viviana (in black) son, Luis at window, Pilar, Israel, Felo, Elizabeth, Doris with daughter, Belen, and Harry.
  • Bible Class at Harry’s at 8:00 pm, Thursday – Harry, Tonio & Eleana, Hector & Patricia, Eleana Gonzales, Elizabeth, Felo, w/daughter, Roma
  • Homecenter like Home Depot.
  • Bill and Ann at Santiago airport.
  • Filedelfo & Elleana Gonzales. David stayed with them the second week in Santiago.
  • The church of Christ at del Villa los Andes del sur.
  • Auditorium; Younger children have class in a room next door. Class for Teens and older children is Conducted outside.
  • Harry teaching class Sunday morning.
  • On the Highway to Rancagua
  • The church in Rancagua meets in the home of Eduardo and Rossura. About 20 adults meet there.(Eguardo and Felo)
  • Elizabeth in black shirt.
  • Some of the young people.
  • Allen & Marlen’s house. Allen is a banker.
  • Los Andes church building in front of Roberto and Fabelo’s house.
  • The church at Los Andes. On the right in tan shirt is the Preacher, Roberto & his wife in white blouse, Fabelo (sister of Elizabeth)
  • Harry after lunch.
  • Roberto, Bill, & Ann
  • Walking to the other side of the mountain.
  • Views from Robertos’ back yard.
  • Roberto’s family vineyard and farm.
  • Irrigation ditch
  • A big valley.
  • Church building Los Nogales Poblacion Santiago church of Christ’
  • Olga, Ann Young, & ???? Aprons and dish towels from Hidden Valley Ladies Class.
  • Ladies preparing food for the children.
  • Worship area.
  • Los Nogales Poblicion S. is the only congregation in Chile that has Elders and Deacons. There are four Elders: Sebastian Solis; Pedro, who is also the main preacher; Rual; Luis Cepeda.
  • Driving in Santiago.
  • Presidential election in one week.
  • A Mall entrance.
  • Inside Mall.
  • Super Market inside the Mall.
  • Corner Vendor with tent.
  • Street Market. Poorer people buy almost everything they need at Markets Like this one.
  • Three wheel business.
  • Street vendor.
  • Elevated Metro tracks (Subway) and Station.
  • Local Park.
  • Gas prices – 559.0 Pesos per liter.
  • Esso (Exon) On The Run Gas and quick stop.
  • Pancho Villa Mexican food truck.
  • Chilean Presidential Palace.
  • Palace Guards
  • Entertaining at Downtown Park.
  • Catholic church building downtown.
  • Post Office
  • Chile

    1. 2. Photos from airplane arriving in Chile
    2. 7. The main street near Harry’’s house.
    3. 8. Harry’shouse is at the end of the driveway
    4. 9. Harry and his dog. Abbie
    5. 10. Typical apartment building. The windows Are open because very few people have Air conditioning.
    6. 11. Harry’s kitchen. Chilean kitchens are very small.
    7. 12. Elizabeth (liza), Harry’s church secretary, housekeeper, cook, Grocery shopper, and all around assistant.
    8. 13. David Wardrup and Sebastian Solis, an Elder at Los Nogales Poblacion Santiago congregation. Lunch at Harry’s house.
    9. 14. Hugo Rojas Mitch Whittington Roberto Miranda Harry Sergio Plaza Helmer Rosaro
    10. 15. David Saul Hugo Sergio Liza ?? ?? Bible class at Harry’s at 3:30 pm Monday
    11. 16. Church building at the Domeyko Congregation In Santiago
    12. 17. Everett Picards First church of Christ missionary to Chile. Started the Domeyko Congregation in 1958. Served in Chile until 1969.
    13. 18. Saul (Ecuador), Minister at Domeyko congregation
    14. 19. Wednesday Bible class at Angel & Doris house Angel Doris Harry Belen Viviana Luis Pilar Israel Felo Liza
    15. 20. Thursday Bible Class At Harry’s house Harry Tonio Eleana Hector Patricia Eleana Roma Felo Liza
    16. 21. Equivalent of Home Depot Mountains every direction in Santiago
    17. 22. Bill and Ann Young at Santiago Airport
    18. 23. Filedelfo & Eleana Gonzales – I was Their guest for a Week.
    19. 24. Church of Christ at del Villa los Andes del sur In Santiago
    20. 25. Room where worship servce is held
    21. 26. Harry teaching class Sunday morning
    22. 27. Fruit orchard on Highway to Rancagua Rancagua is a one hour drive from Santiago
    23. 28. The church in Rancagua meets in the home of Eduardo and Rossura About 20 adults meet here. Rancagua is one hour from Santiago. Eduardo Felo
    24. 29. David Elizabeth Rossura
    25. 30. Some of the young people
    26. 31. Scenery at Allen & Marlen’s house Allen has a very good job.
    27. 36. Church building in Los Andes, Chile In front of Roberto and Fabelo’s House, an hour and a Half drive from Santiago.
    28. 37. Roberto (Preacher) Fabelo Harry Sergio Catalina Roberto’s Mother Roberto’s sister Fabelo’s sister
    29. 39. Harry Ann
    30. 40. Robertyo Bill Ann
    31. 41. Walking to the other side of the mountain
    32. 42. Views from Roberto’s back yard
    33. 44. Reberto’s family’s vineyard and farm.
    34. 45. Irrigation canal
    35. 46. Other side of the mountain
    36. 47. The big valley
    37. 48. Los Nogales Poblacion S. building Bill
    38. 49. Olga Ann Olga’s assistant Aprons and dish towels From H.V. Ladies class
    39. 51. Ladies preparing food for the children
    40. 52. Worship area
    41. 54. City streets
    42. 55. Election time
    43. 56. Mall Entrance
    44. 57. Inside the mall
    45. 60. Super Market in the Mall
    46. 61. Vendors on a corner
    47. 62. Street Market Many people buy almost everything they need at Markets Like this one.
    48. 63. Three wheel business
    49. 64. Selling Potato Chips and Candy
    50. 65. Elevated Metro (Subway) tracks and Station
    51. 66. A local Park. One of many in Santiago
    52. 67. Gasoline prices – 559.0 Pesos per liter.
    53. 68. Esso (Exxon) On The Run quick stop.
    54. 69. Pancho Villa Mexican Food truck
    55. 70. Chilean Presidential Palace Downtown Santiago
    56. 71. Palace Guards
    57. 72. Typical Downtown walkway
    58. 73. Entertaining at Downtown Park
    59. 74. Downtown scenes
    60. 75. Downtown Santiago Buildings
    61. 76. Catholic church building
    62. 77. Post Office