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European colonialisminafrica (1)

European colonialisminafrica (1)






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    European colonialisminafrica (1) European colonialisminafrica (1) Presentation Transcript

    • Ms. Susan M. PojerHorace Greeley HS Chappaqua, NYMs. Susan M. PojerHorace Greeley HS Chappaqua, NY
    • African Trade [15c-17c]
    • Pre-19c European Trade with Africa
    • IndustrialRevolutionIndustrialRevolutionSource forRawMaterialsSource forRawMaterialsMarkets forFinishedGoodsMarkets forFinishedGoodsEuropeanNationalismEuropeanNationalismMissionaryActivityMissionaryActivityMilitary& NavalBasesMilitary& NavalBasesEuropeanMotivesFor ColonizationEuropeanMotivesFor ColonizationPlaces toDumpUnwanted/Excess Popul.Places toDumpUnwanted/Excess Popul.Soc. & Eco.OpportunitiesSoc. & Eco.OpportunitiesHumanitarianReasonsHumanitarianReasonsEuropeanRacismEuropeanRacism“WhiteMan’sBurden”“WhiteMan’sBurden”SocialDarwinismSocialDarwinism
    • European Explorers in Africa19c  Europeans Map the Interior of Africa
    • 1. Where Is Dr. Livingstone?Dr. David LivingstoneDoctorLivingstone,I Presume?Sir Henry MortonStanley
    • European Explorations in mid-19c:“The Scramble for Africa”
    • 2. What is the Source of the Nile?John SpekeSir Richard Burton
    • Africa1890
    • Africain1914
    • Social Darwinism
    • The “White Man’s Burden”Rudyard Kipling
    • The “White Man’s Burden”?
    • The Congo Free StateorThe Belgian Congo
    • King Leopold II:(r. 1865 – 1909)
    • Harvesting Rubber
    • Punishing “Lazy” Workers
    • 5-8 Million Victims! (50% of Popul.)It is blood-curdling to see them (thesoldiers) returning with the hands ofthe slain, and to find the hands ofyoung children amongst the biggerones evidencing their bravery...Therubber from this district has costhundreds of lives, and the scenes Ihave witnessed, while unable to helpthe oppressed, have been almostenough to make me wish I weredead... This rubber traffic is steepedin blood, and if the natives were torise and sweep every white person onthe Upper Congo into eternity, therewould still be left a fearful balance totheir credit. -- Belgian Official
    • Belgium’s Stranglehold on the Congo
    • Leopold’s Conscience??
    • Berlin Conference of 1884-1885Another point of view? 
    • BerlinConferenceof1884-1885
    • EuropeanColonization/Decolonization PatternsBerlin Conference of 1884-85
    • Leopold Defends Himself in Paris,1903King Leopold (to Loubert) :How about that!  JohnBull claims that Itortured, robbed andmurdered more than hedid. . .Loubert : No, your Majesty,thats impossible .
    • Dutch Landing in 1652
    • Shaka Zulu (1785 – 1828)
    • Boers Clash With the XhosaTribesBoer Farmer
    • The Great Trek, 1836-38Afrikaners
    • Diamond MinesRaw Diamonds
    • The Struggle for South Africa
    • Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902)“The Colossus of Rhodes”
    • Uncle Sam: “The Colossusof the Pacific” (A Parody)
    • Paul Kruger (1825-1904)
    • Boer-British Tensions Increase 1877 – Britain annexed the Transvaal. 1883 – Boers fought British in theTransvaal and regained itsindependence.- Paul Kruger becomes President. 1880s – Gold discovered in theTransvaal
    • The Boer War: 1899 - 1900The BoersThe British
    • A Future British Prime MinisterBritish Boer War Correspondent,Winston Churchill
    • The Struggle for South Africa