Chapter 5 Section 3
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Chapter 5 Section 3






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    Chapter 5 Section 3 Chapter 5 Section 3 Presentation Transcript

    • FROM PROTEST TO REBELLION Unit 2 – Chapter 5 – Section 3
    • A Dispute Over Tea
      • During the early 1770’s colonial protests against British Policies quieted down.
      • Most of the previous acts were repealed, but a tax on tea remained. (taxation without representation)
      • The Tea Act
        • This act was intended to help the British East India (BEI) Company.
        • The act lifted the restraint on the Navigation Act that required BEI Company ships to go to Britain B/4 going to the colonies.
        • This actually lowered the cost of tea in the colonies. ( So you would think that the colonists would be thankful)
    • A Dispute Over Tea Continued
      • The Tea Act enraged many colonists because many merchants were selling smuggled Dutch tea in the colonies for a lower price than BEI Company tea. The Tea Act lowered the price of BEI Company tea and undercut the smugglers profit margins.
      • The Boston Tea Party
        • Sons of Liberty work to stop BEI Company from unloading their tea from ships
          • Threats to ship captains
          • This stopped tea from unloading in NY, Philadelphia, and other ports.
    • A Dispute Over Tea Continued
      • In Boston, MA Governor Hutchinson made sure that all BEI Company tea was unloaded.
      • Hutchinson refused to grant them papers to return to England.
      • Tensions between Britain & Colonists boil up.
      • December 16, 1773 a large group of men throw 342 cases of tea into the harbor as a large crowd cheers them on.
    • Britain Responds
      • The Intolerable Acts
        • Closed the port of Boston
        • Increased the power of British Governor
        • Abolished the Upper house in Massachusetts and cut the power of town meetings.
        • Strengthened the Quartering Act of 1765
      • Passed the Quebec Act
        • Setup a British Government for Ohio River Valley and claimed land as part of Canada.
        • This took away the western lands and blocked colonists from moving west.
    • Colonial Response to Intolerable Acts
      • The colonists react by helping the people of Boston.
      • Committees of Correspondence organized a meeting (First Continental Congress).
      • Results of Continental Congress (1774)
        • Demanded the repeal of the Intolerable Acts
        • Give freedom to colonies to govern and tax as they see fit
        • Called the Militias to stand up to British Troops
        • New boycott of British Goods
        • Decided to meet again in 1775 if demands were not met.
    • The Shot Heard Round the World
      • British had no intentions of meeting demands and decided to use force to restore authority.
      • Colonists begin to arm and form new Minuteman militias.
      • British General Gage learns of weapons storage in Concord and sends 700 soldiers to seize the weapons and capture colonial leaders.
      • Paul Revere and William Dawes ride through the night to warn the Minutemen of coming British.
    • The Shot Heard Round the World
      • Five miles from Concord in Lexington Minute Men were waiting for British.
      • The commander orders the Minute Men to go home and they refused.
      • A shot is fired and the British open fire killing 8 colonists.
      • A large battle took place in Concord. 400 Minute men killed 3 British
      • Britain retreated to Boston and 4,000 Colonists fired at them from behind cover, killing or wounding almost 300 British soldiers.